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  1. Today I am starting my 60 day challenge of eliminating some stupid stuff from my life. I always feel that I haven't enough time, but nevertheless I am wasting my time and energy for pure bullshit, like masturbation, eating too much (both things to comfort me, cause life's so hard), playing games on PC and reading shit on net (both just to avoid doing proper stuff, cause again, life's hard and doing proper stuff is even harder, but playing games is oh, so easy and I can forget about all my troubles, etc, etc, etc) I have done recording of exact time consumption for every activity and results was terrifying. After that I tried to reduce time waste, bet not for long. I know, I can do that. I have quit smoking (long ago) and alcohol consumption (not so long ago). Smoking was harder. But I need some sort of motivation and I hope this journal will help me. I swear, I'll be totally honest. To avoid the shame of telling you that: "I fapped for 2 hours today and then played 8-ball pool for 3 hours and then read news for an hour and when there was nothing left to read, turned back to pool", I will find a motivation. OK, 60DC starts today and continues till (my birthday, ha, ha, ha, what a coincidence, another trick from my subconscious mind I suppose) Wish me good luck !