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  1. I recomend this conversation I recently watched on that topic This guy presents how legalization drugs like heroin in Switzerland, Portugal affected people and economy
  2. This behaviours comes from consumerism wchich comes from negative treatment from the side of your environment, cuting you out of creating, out of your joi, happines when you were little. Don't do this, don't smile, don't be happy, don't do that, you are less then, you dont deserve, you have to do this like this and like that... The more pressure your environment putted on you, the more likely you are to find yourself coping with that pain by one of those behaviours. And it's not like it's their fault because they got the same suprise from their environment and they didn't know how to deal with that most likely their whole life. If you were born in oposite cirqumstances, where your expressions, passions was encouraged, etc. it is so much less likely that you will find yourself in those activities (maybe when something horrible hapens in your life and you dont know how to cope with that). You will be happy, satisfied, succesful individual who don't need those escapes. Bottom line is those behaviours are not really yours in the first place. You get them thrown on your face after you were born, it's not like you had much to say about it. So calling it something bad, a mistake, a sin simply comes from not understanding how it came about, what caused those behaviours in first place, little bit of ignorance and pride. It's basically like saying you have red hairs - that is wrong, you are black - you are worse then white. And instead of finding a way to help people with acceptence. Instead of delivering a tools how they can deal with those limitations, fears, disadventages, you come up with criticism towards it, a sin, wchich makes them feel even worse about themself, like they did something wrong, wchich turns a part of themself into something bad, unacceptable in society eyes so they cover it up even more, run away from it even more. They treat it more personal, more shame, more self blame comes to the picture.
  3. Not giving a f what people think is a scale let's say 0-100 same with confidence, self esteem, etc. Every action you take moves you up a notch on particular scales. You can take easier option and move 0.1 point or you can take lil harder and move 1 let's say. You start looking at what benefits, how much points certain actions offers. Then you notice that you can take actions on the edge of your comfort lvl that gives you the most growth in areas you care about with ease. Doesn't matter anymore if you perform 1/4 or full action in one go cuz you know you moving up anyway next time you will perform more. You start looking for the most beneficial actions for your scales. You start filtering situations from the angle of what scales can I develop here with what actions. You are starting to wilingly throw yourself in situations that offers you the most grow because you care about your life and you know what levels on what scales you need to have acces to your dream life. Focus shifts from performing actions to growing your stats. Because you know that when you reach this lvl you will be able to perform that action. Suddenly word "big step" jumps out of your vocabulary. You find yourself looking for shortcuts how to grow your stats directly. Pressure disapears when you notice that in past hours/days you grew few points on certain scale with no effort at all because now you know the target/ the 100 is just as easy to reach. Doesn't matter anymore if it will take you 200 actions to reach it or 20. You know you will get there in optimal for you peace anyway.
  4. My view on that - It's quite simple. If you feel like shit you gonna glue yourself to/ identify with ideologis, anything that makes you feel better like f.e. sports fans, people who identify themself with their nation/country/familly/politicall party/celebrity/genre of music, w/e. I've noticed that the less socially developed, the lower your self esteem, confidence - the more you depend on such groups, friends, other people in general. So question at hand is why do ppl feel like they don't matter,they are small, limited, unhappy in the first place (kid's doesn't right?) and how do you make them "feel like a boss" confident, strong, with high self esteem. You solve that you solve probably every? (certainly most of them) problem, issue we are currently dealing with in the world.
  5. Same opinions people had on internet, emails years ago when it was difficult to use. Or switch from paper to credit cards. Right now it is kind of difficult to get into but it is getting easier and easier. I like Andreas Antonopulos analogy on that ~ 20 years ago in order to send an email he had to spend like a day on it and only technical ppl were able to do so and now everybody is doing that with a swipe. He also has great point about criminals being in a profession where every adventage they can get matters a lot, so naturally they were first to use boots in order to outrun police, or cars, planes, emails, internet, crypto. Besides that young people through games and aplications are getting more familiar with concept of digital currencys so it's already natural for them. Why would you wait days or hours for bank transfers if you can do it with crypto in minutes, soon probably instantly. Why would you go to bank in order to open account, do some transactions, why would you care about anybody permission for you to have an account or do with your money whatever you please? And you know there are also fees, paper work. Sure it doesn't seem like huge benefits for most people in "civilized" regions but that changes if you are underaged, or an outlaw, or you live in regions that do not have acces to banking structures at all, but they got phones. There is also an issue of government ability to print as much money as they want beeing a house of cards awaitnig for a collapse and if such scenario would came about it would be nice to have some replacement ready so we don't have to trade with silver coins or pickle jars amongst each others. But that's a deep well in itself to understand and there are few posibilities of how that situation can play out. I saw there is already topic here about that so go there if you are interested. I think it's possible that with time what will happen to banks will be the same as what happened to post offices or printing houses or stables. People are still sending letters from time to time but email's are simply faster and more convenient. People still enjoy morning coffe and newspaper. People still like riding horses. And ofcourse post offices and printing houses and stable owners protested against innovation but world moves forward. Today nobody even remembers that.
  6. You are asking about BTC in particular or crypto phenomena in general? I think mechanism behind it it's like the internet and cryptos are like web pages so this invention is here to stay.