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  1. @neutralempty I am talking about power not fear. By experiencing limit less power by being human you would realise how it feels to be GOD. Not by living in fear dreading about some pH level of water
  2. @Thought Art okay, here I am giving examples to show mental strength and there you are nit picking my examples. I deliberately gave little bit over the edge examplsr. Why people are lacking the implicit understanding here? Even I don't smoke packs of cigarettes neither I am planning to drink some. Fuckin poison I am just stating how soft we have become and self obsessed in current age.
  3. Firs of all most of the so called open minded folks here are just parrots parroting Leo (for whom I have respect). I posted in health forum that nutrition and contamination is quite over hyped and ultimately it is your beliefs that dictate reality. Otherwise you will be starting to ask what should be the proper temperature of your farts and should I pick my nose or not and become quite a bubble pussies. I said "I think even if a person drinks a poison and believes he will not die, and not give a fuck he will not die" because humans have survived in tremendous situations. And voila, because of this statement Michael ( I guess he is moderator) gave me warning and deleted my post. I mean WOW! What the actual fuck! So open-minded forum! Hell, even the replies I got were like WHY DONT YOU JUMP OFF A BUILDING AND BELIEVE YOU WILL NOT DIE, WHY DONT YOU SMOKE PACKS OF CIGARETTES AND SEE IF YOU GET LUNG CANCER ETC. Seriously guys? Instead of trying to implement this in your own life instead of wasting your time on little stupid shit ( playing with the content) instead of changing the structure and shift your paradigm you do this shit? You fuckin delete that post? Then why Leo does not delete his videos which are so radical that when he says a rapist is you, you are the god, love the murderer etc! WOW fuckin WoW!!
  4. @flowboy He is one of the most terrible speakers I have ever seen. I think he enjoys writing much more than speaking. Because reading his stuff, it feels more private talk and real. Listening to him is very dull.
  5. @At awe Yeah, we have impact of different teachers at different periods. Thats true. Even get bought into their paradigms time and time again. It's just when someone really gives us results we get excited!
  6. @At awe Then you wouldn't criticize him too harshly and have an implicit understanding about my intent of this post. I started it by saying how repetitive he is and we should not take his muscle tests seriously because having weak muscle is just one of the phenomenon but important one. It could be anything from can't look into the eyes, shake hands confidently, touching nose every second, can't utter a word above 2dB, sitting in the corner etc etc. Thats why I said this guy has amazing insights and will completely change your life because he saw things from STRUCTURAL level. I don't even want to argue about such obvious things. Clearly you are Mr. Perfect kind of guy. With all due respect brother.
  7. @At awe Thats why I said 'smartly'. If you will dissect every little thing then you will get lost in all the silly concepts. Here I am talking about Content vs Structure. Look at the structure. Following content without looking at structure is a big maze. From his self bias he has created the map of Consciousness. You should take help from that map, Spiral dynamics, Systems thinking etc etc and think independently. What I mostly took from his Healing and Recovery is our mind is quite a trickster and using its own tricks we can trick it back and not get stuck in apathy and societal ideology and dogmas.
  8. @At awe We don't need to embrace his complete idiology as no human being can be perfect. It is about how can you smartly apply it to your own life. First try it for yourself, who cares how accurate is it! We want those god damn results! ?
  9. @Consept only two books are sufficient. Power vs Force and Healing and Recovery.
  10. Even though his books are so fuckin repetitive about that The Map of Consciousness shit and calibration scale, this guy is a legend. He has got so many fuckin epic insights. The most important thing about his work is not muscle test etc, it is - living life without FEAR! He had 20 autoimmune diseases so at one point he could only eat a lettuce in a salad whenever he went to any restaurant. All our negative thinking and bad psychology converts into heart attack and million other diseases. I think he is massively underrated. Read his books if you want to self- actualize.
  11. Should a passionate doctor not become a doctor because there is a doctor around each corner?
  12. Life is such a complicated game, isn't it? I mean Brexit is actually harmful because Britain are being clearly selfish here to not want to pay the taxes to EU or help them in all those deals which were going on for all these years. Because of Brexit, Britain will also not get the perks of being in a big UNION. Now they are on there own. I guess give and take is better than this. You have to be dependent on so many things in this life. Complete autonomy is a myth.
  13. Can anyone please explain to me why is Brexit bad? It is about individuality. If you say Brexit is bad then does that mean we should not go individual and be other's slave and not have own freedom? I am from India thats why I don't understand why high conscious people are against it. Thank you.
  14. Two years ago, I did brain mapping after taking Leo's LP course. And they gave me bunch of results about my personality traits and my limitations. They told me to pursue career in logistics and not to pursue music as it is my passion. They claim to follow Dario Nardi- The guy who is preaching neuro profiling for years and even had a talk at Google. How legit do you think this neuro profiling is to understand your real strengths and weaknesses instead of other tests like Briggs- Meyer etc.? I think it is a load of BS and scam. Also what are YOUR thoughts Leo?
  15. How is Seth McFarlane atheist and still so creative in hi work in Family guy, American Dad, Ted etc. If he is not enlightened or is a complete atheist, how creativity comes easily to him? Inspite of not being one with universe and experiencing non duality, how has he got so successful in such an artistic field?