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  1. 1. Memento (2000) - Taught me a lot about "forgetfulness" 2. The Matrix (1999) - No explanation needed. 3. Gangs Of New York (2002) - The style. The time period. And Daniel Day Lewis's acting. 4. Synecdoche New York (2008) - Life in the arts. 5. The Prestige (2006) - You haven't watched it once unless you've watched it twice. The re watch is the first time.
  2. I recently played it a couple years ago. It's a very profound thing to stick in an action RPG. I remember being so confused by that codec conversation when I played it as a young teen and playing it over and over again trying to understand it. Hideo was a seriously amazing story teller to be able to slip that in. Snake telling Raiden that he has the power to create and live out whatever he wants at the very end after you beat Solidus is even more amazing to me 😁 Also the cut scene between raiden and president Johnson was pretty profound as well. He clearly knew what was up, but it was nowhere near as paradigm shattering as that final call from that AI but still. "The GW system is the Patriots TRUMP card." - President Johnson
  3. A russian named Konstantin Stanislavski created it in the late 1800's, early 1900's. Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg learned it from him, lee opened a school on the west coast, Stella opened one on the east and they alone are responsible for method acting being a part of american acting. they began teaching it in the early 1940's. Marlon Brando was the first method actor to be in a movie with streetcar named desire (1951). American acting up until that point didn't have much to do with being in the present moment or getting in touch with the "now" so to speak. Getting to the point where you can give your ego fully away to the character takes years of method acting work/training depending on your level of awareness with your own body/mind. its a rough road like any self actualization path. They have their own versions of various psychotherapy. Method acting training communities and circles are very stage green on the SD spectrum. Every great american actor since the 1960's has had some degree of method acting exposure. Literally half of the acting community in my own town outright thinks that method acting schools/training cause serious psychological harm. The other half like it to varying degrees. I think Jim is an exception in my humble opinion. Most devoted method actors have a heightened awareness of "awareness" in contrast to the average person, especially if they have learned to play a variety of different people and embody different perspectives/characters. It also helps understand, and empathize with others. But I think self actualization for a method actor is pretty rare. Most method acting circles simply teach that what your ego is telling you about the present moment at any given time is the highest and truest meaning of the word "truth". Most if not all method acting circles embody a lot of the negative/unhealthy manifestations of stage green on the SD spec. Self indulgence gets rewarded as a method actor. This can lead to a lot of out of control devilry, a lot of method actors get this self indulgent, difficult to deal with reputation as a result of it, and they get addicted to drugs and alcohol. That being said I've met some highly conscious, self actualized actors but its rare.
  4. A Timeless Gem. I think the lyrics of this refer to something more than just Mufasa watching over Simba's pride at the beginning of lion king 2 Another maiden song!! The entire Album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son could probably be posted on here, but this is the most direct song on the album.