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  1. This is the point where I would hit block and report. But you’re the head admin. Needless to say I’m out. ✌? This is inexcusable, no one should tolerate this. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/bb1yab/male_rape_victims_of_reddit_what_is_the_worst/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1jwuuw/serious_male_victims_of_sexual_assault_harassment/
  2. Because its fun and I like to listen to people I disagree with. Maybe Ill stumble across an argument thats actually convincing. Slightly confused, because you replied to the “if not” part. so are you saying you are or are not open to changing your mind?
  3. As an olive branch, I can resonate with this. “Thats true, however I have seen many many more examples of left wing politicians and left wing media being blatantly dishonest. Not even just having bias but knowingly lying and smearing to take someone down personally. Accusing people of horrible things that they havent done” Alright, I appreciate you having what appears to be an open mind. Are you open to changing your mind if there is contrary evidence to this statement? I propose an experiment. Show me the worst of the worst on the progressive left. And I’ll show you the worst of the worst of Trump. If I’m wrong, that Trump is less trustworthy, and has done more of this blatant lying and smearing, I’ll change my mind. I think you’ve been conned, by a con-man. And I’m willing to prove it—in fact I believe it to be quite easy to prove. And if I’m wrong, and the radical left is the worse enemy, I would like to know.
  4. And what are the pros and cons of this ideology in your view? Curious to see what people say. It’s hard to place for me.
  5. Oof. It’s really sad to see someone minimize male rape victims. And that this is regarded as even remotely socially acceptable. I’ve read some pretty brutal stories. And regardless, rape is rape. The fact I even have to point this out is insane. Besides, lots of women struggling with having found parts of their experience pleasurable, from what I’ve heard. Doesn’t make it any less rape. Or any less traumatic. Or something described by an “enjoyable experience.” Maybe it was a joke or something; I don’t think it’s worth joking about. Maybe by saying “woman” you have pictured women you wouldn’t mind having sex with. Try picturing a 67 year old, mildly obese person in a position of power over you. Sound enjoyable? Regardless, rape is rape.
  6. @GroovyGuru No problem, I’m glad you liked it. They seem to cover things very broadly which I like. The one on the new age of Great Power Competition was really enlightening. As far as I can tell, the Atlantic seems like a pretty authoritative #1 for me as far as forward thinking, political, somewhat centrist (american “left”), what’s on thinking minds. You got me interested in the Economist as well for a more right wing perspective. Didn’t realize how broad it was. A good thread, thanks to you as well.
  7. Yes. If only we could make some kind of curriculum for alerting those people that they've been exploited by a fascist who has you voting against your interests. Like the way you would try to extract someone from a pyramid scheme or a cult. I guess it's harder when the cult wants to take over my government and hurt people I know. More personal for the de-programmer. But, that's how I try to look at it. Don't engage or take seriously any of their arguments, just kindly explain they've been duped. (Unless of course they're trolling or antagonizing, then you just have to draw a line).
  8. As far as subscriptions, I've been thinking about subscribing to a couple: The Atlantic. They have some of the best long form articles I've read recently and tend to focus on what's important and be forwarding thinking. Foreign Affairs as well. I didn't find out about them until recently, and it's really nice to have an in depth foreign policy source. There's another one called Foreign Policy too. Other than that maybe the New Yorker or Mother Jones. Oh and I love The Independent enough to support them. It's really important to chip in to a good investigative news org that doesn't take money from corporate interests. I know the Independent and Mother Jones are reader supported; Foreign Affairs is a non-profit. Much higher quality information that way. Not 100% sure about the funding of the others.
  9. @bejapuskas Yea he definitely seems worth listening to. I consider it highly immoral to dodge taxes through offshore accounts. The only people with that option are rich enough to not be paying their fair share of taxes anyway. A way to take from society without giving back or participating in the programs society has elected for themselves. You shouldn't benefit from democracy if you're not going to play by the rules imo. And that's just a job helping people break the rules.
  10. Replacement with something healthy. Cast out 1 demon, 7 more will take its place. But if you become an angel, that's a different story. Rats in rat-park with all sorts of positive rat things to do, ignore cocaine. If you focus on anything, positive or negative, you will move towards it. Focus on quitting, you'll obsess and beat yourself up over it, reinforcing it. Focus on love, a life mission, and you find yourself forgetting about old things that no longer serve you effortlessly. Mindfulness eradicates addiction. That's the only way I've quit anything. Just agree that if you're going to do it, do it utterly and totally present. choose to do it. Non-judgement. Just do it consciously. And observe the feeling in your body. That's it. Sounds crazy I know. Edit: this is for non life-endangering addictions I've had. Heroine and stuff you probably need rehab, detox regimin, etc. etc. Oh and another thing that often helps is: mobilize yourself fully. Use every resource at your disposal to become free. Combination of those has done it for me.
  11. @Robi Steel Thought you made a big dramatic post and left the forum. This is unilaterally false. Donald Trump is already actively becoming a fascist. If there were mountains of evidence that the statement above was false, would you be willing to change your mind? If not then why are you here?
  12. Where would you guys put the Black Panthers as an sd stage?
  13. Exactly, that's what I'm getting at at the end. Not the enemy but someone who is engaging in bad faith, or is enabling fascism/abuse. Or whose unwieldy ego is way up in everyone else's boundaries and requires defending against.