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  1. If you take this the right way it will change your life and improve your sex life: Toxic masculinity
  2. I think it was you or someone else who said that that we put to much “weight” on words. Yet you created a whole world an a mental diagnosis out of a stranger’s post. Maybe psychoanalyze yourself as to why this topic is annoying you.
  3. Because it’s not important for you, that doesn’t mean it’s not important to others. We can respect is neutral for you, as you should also respect other people’s experiences without dismissing them.
  4. Fascinating how you psychoanalyze me with just a few words in an online post.
  5. Is unconscious patronizing. It’s not even cute.
  6. Exactly, thank you for understanding. People here are saying things like “why does it bothers you?” Without even trying to understand. Also, they’re the ones who seem triggered by the suggestion, and implying that I have some type of trauma lol. Why does it bother them that I am a woman who wants to be refer as such? Where does that resistance comes from?
  7. Once you see it you can’t never unsee it
  8. From now on look at the threats. Men are always called men or guys. And women are always called girls.
  9. @Emotionalmosquito let’s just say woman when referring to females. It’s such an empowering and sexy word. Your woman is a woman. Not a girl
  10. That’s the post. She’s a WOMAN. Full blown and grown, most likely sexually active, full of wants and desires WOMAN Thank you ??
  11. Mmmm maybe the one with high expectations is the one you want