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  1. For some people an abortion can be just a medical procedure. For others, they can feel like it’s God Who is inside their uterus. That’s why each individual deserves the privacy to make their own choice based on their own moral code, values and life circumstances. For the rest of us is non of our business
  2. It's not me. It's roe v. Wade. when we decided on the separation of church and estate, all types of spirituality and religious dogma are not supposed to influence politics and science. they know this debate can go on for years, that’s why it gave people the PRIVACY to make their own choice.
  3. Selective abortions are mostly due to patriarchy, cultural traditions and money, very common in China and India. In India parents need to pay the dowry (money) when their daughters marry. This can become a heavy financial toll for the family. this documentary is excellent for understanding this phenomenon
  4. Having an abortion is a medical procedure. Women seeking abortion need the help of a medical team. If you don’t trust women at lest you would trust the medical team. These are not wild monsters digging up children’s corpses As I said, abortion is a medical procedure, an each case is different. Each woman inserts their individual values and take their decision based on that. We will never agree because each person has a different set of values and those are the ones you should used when and if you’re in need of an abortion. Most people are not murderers or baby corpses eaters, the courts, in their wisdom, understood this and the complexity of each case and with Roe v. Wade they declared abortion a medical procedure and gave women the privacy to make their own decisions. With this law the united stated have avoided horror cases like the one that happen not too long ago in Argentina when a raped 12 year old girl couldn't get an abortion because of their strict abortion laws. What if by being a child she noticed it too late and now she can't have a late-term abortion. let’s ask ourselves why we want to impose our own views an values on other people, when each individual case is unbelievably complex and nuanced, and everyone has a different story.
  5. When asked about abortions everyone should say “it’s none of my business.” Roe v. Wade said women have the right to PRIVACY, which means it’s an individual decision that should be taken amongst the woman and her doctors on a case by case basis. Or do you also need to have opinions about every other medical treatment. Stop it.
  6. This is exactly the point I was going to make. Not everything is for everyone. Thinking that everyone needs to accommodate you it's entitlement mentality very common in privilege groups. Not everything is for you and you're not for everything, and that’s ok.
  7. I won’t call it playing coy but that women should know they are the prize. Men work on themselves and are in this forums because they want women. So, a woman realizes her worth and takes her time to think if that man is “worth it” and if that’s the one she’s going to choose. But in order to do that, she needs to center herself and think logically if that man matches what she wants for herself. many of us women sometimes forget to do that but we follow our emotions or our yoni, instead of taking our time (playing coy) and see if that man is going to be worthy of us. Also, many men have worked their whole lives to acquired assets, treats, strategies, and building things and projects, etc. Let’s give them time to show it to us and to spread his wings like a peacock. (Let him pursue you, it’s called being nice )
  8. @Preety_India try the Sedona method to release and let go. It works for me. You will see that most of our frustrations come from a need of either security, separation, control or approval. The book is better but this is the movie ❤️❤️❤️
  9. @ertopolice i would say no more to the intelectual conversations. Next time you talk to him take him out of his head and into his body by just relaxing and being playful. For example don’t ask “what do you do for a living” but “ what are you most passionate about”. And just relax and try to enjoy everything around you, enjoy the smell of the coffee, the ambiance of the coffee shop, whatever you find enjoyable, just try to bring pleasure to yourself, put your energy in your womb instead of your head. That’s how you get into your feminine energy. Then surrender the outcome. Your feminine energy is very valuable and if he doesn’t appreciate that’s ok. Anyone else would love to be next to that goddess energy ❤️
  10. He’s giving off predatory energy IMO. Dishonest
  11. The shadow side of the masculine provider and protector is the predator, how else are they supposed to hunt and protect.
  12. Exactly. That’s the most valuable skill but also the hardest to master. Many people think sociology is just theories and ideas. The truth is you have to put all that into practice, if for example, you want to develop a social program, a city program, a corporate charity program or a new governmental policy.
  13. Sociology is a very complex and layered subject... For me it’s like a mind fuck. First you start at the tip of the iceberg and then you start learning about the whole layers. After you “learned” (you’re actually never done learning) you need to applied it to real life scenarios. That’s how sociologists develop theories and government policies. People who dismissed the subject is because they don’t understand it... because it’s hard to understand. I would consider it “applied philosophy” you don’t only think, you have to look for clear ways to apply and explain your thoughts and theories into real life scenarios.
  14. All this problems are the consequence of racism and slavery. Let’s not forget that Jim Crow was alive and well just a few decades ago. But I would say that there is also a big problem with jealousy and envy in the black community. But the problem with jealousy and envy is very common in any poor community because when you have NO HOPE, it is very easy to get frustrated and jealous when you see someone else from the same community prospering. But once again this is a result of the severe lack of opportunity and resources. @Preety_India if you want to go deep into the subject of violence in black communities, I recommend the book “On the Run” by Alice Goffman. She moved to a very dangerous neighborhood in Philadelphia to study urban crime. The book is full of aha moments and would give you a complete picture of what is really going on inside violent neighborhoods in America. Here is a link to a excerpt of the book, quick and informative read.
  15. Out current society is fundamentally racist, patriarchal and capitalist. This is not hyperbole or opinion but a fact. To understand this we have to go back to the beginning of agriculture, when people started to acquire property such as land, slaves and eventually women (because their children became workers). And up until this day we are still dealing with the consequences of this. Once most people become aware that the roots of society are rotten, these “black on black violence” talking points will become moot points. But awareness needs to come first. It’s not easy because these systems have been in place for thousands of years.