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  1. Exactly. That’s the most valuable skill but also the hardest to master. Many people think sociology is just theories and ideas. The truth is you have to put all that into practice, if for example, you want to develop a social program, a city program, a corporate charity program or a new governmental policy.
  2. Sociology is a very complex and layered subject... For me it’s like a mind fuck. First you start at the tip of the iceberg and then you start learning about the whole layers. After you “learned” (you’re actually never done learning) you need to applied it to real life scenarios. That’s how sociologists develop theories and government policies. People who dismissed the subject is because they don’t understand it... because it’s hard to understand. I would consider it “applied philosophy” you don’t only think, you have to look for clear ways to apply and explain your thoughts and theories into real life scenarios.
  3. All this problems are the consequence of racism and slavery. Let’s not forget that Jim Crow was alive and well just a few decades ago. But I would say that there is also a big problem with jealousy and envy in the black community. But the problem with jealousy and envy is very common in any poor community because when you have NO HOPE, it is very easy to get frustrated and jealous when you see someone else from the same community prospering. But once again this is a result of the severe lack of opportunity and resources. @Preety_India if you want to go deep into the subject of violence in black communities, I recommend the book “On the Run” by Alice Goffman. She moved to a very dangerous neighborhood in Philadelphia to study urban crime. The book is full of aha moments and would give you a complete picture of what is really going on inside violent neighborhoods in America. Here is a link to a excerpt of the book, quick and informative read.
  4. Out current society is fundamentally racist, patriarchal and capitalist. This is not hyperbole or opinion but a fact. To understand this we have to go back to the beginning of agriculture, when people started to acquire property such as land, slaves and eventually women (because their children became workers). And up until this day we are still dealing with the consequences of this. Once most people become aware that the roots of society are rotten, these “black on black violence” talking points will become moot points. But awareness needs to come first. It’s not easy because these systems have been in place for thousands of years.
  5. Conservatives say that democrats get offended by everything, but I think the opposite is true. this is not the first time an artist talks/portraits satan and the devil, but they’re acting like Jesus just died yesterday. Remember the 60s and the 70s?? Even the 90s??. All these satan s* has been done before. When did society became so puritan?? Besides, this is just a marketing tactic. Is WAP 2.0
  6. For medical reasons, I did a 5 weeks all-liquid fast. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything solid or I will potentially die during surgery. So I had I huge reason not to break my liquid fast and that’s the only reason why I was able to complete such an intense task. i didn’t find it spiritual at all. I thought I was going to die. My mind was going crazy. I was extremely upset and annoyed for the whole 5 weeks. Maybe if I would have prayed and meditated 24/7 it would have make a difference, I don’t know.... But a fast is mentally exhausting because if your not eating your not socializing, you’re not learning, you’re not on top of your game at work, etc. IMO a fast for spiritual reasons can only work if you can dedicate all those days just to spiritually alone. If you have to dedicate your mental energy to something else you’re going to feel like shit.
  7. At the beginning of the video, they mentioned how El Salvador has deep catholic roots. This is an example of blue going too far.
  8. White fragility is 100% real. Most races created and supported white supremacy for 100s of years, not only white people. That’s why we see people from other races also pushing against the concept of white supremacy and white fragility. Your master and savior, your leader is been dethrone. the status quo is been broken. The world as you know it is changing. And even if you’re not white it still affects you because so many changes make you dizzy and upset. Even if you’re not white you might still have white fragility.
  9. This experience can be good for you. Now you know there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help someone like that. you can literally lay yourself on the floor so she can step on top of you, or carry her forever so she never has to walk, and that still won’t be enough. Nothing is ever going to be enough. You can kill your self trying to do good by her and it still won’t work. look at everything you have done? Did she get better? No. but YOU got worst, you suffered a lot. And it wasn’t worth it and it’s never going to be worth it. don’t kill your self trying to save someone else. You would die and the next day they will forget about it and move on and look for someone else. the only one you’re responsible for is you. What do you have to say to you about how responsible you’ve been about you? Love YOU protect YOU, that’s your job and your responsibility. If someone wants you to sacrifice your well being and happiness for them, that person doesn’t love you. They might as well hate you and be your worst enemy. And you know, many people are raised with self-esteem. But others like us, have to go through shit like this first to know that we deserve so much better, because nobody deserves to be treated like that. NOBODY, not you not me NOBODY. if they have issues they should be responsible and deal with their issues first before they start dating and hurting people. I bet from now on you will run for the hills as soon as you see all those red flags.
  10. Regardless of the size of the humanitarian crisis, republicans will still call you lazy. It could be a once-in-100years global pandemic. Or a first-time-in-history winter storm that’s leaving you without electricity and water, and they would still say, “you’re on your own and figure it out yourself.” Cruel, cruel people.
  11. @trenton catcalling is when a man is desperate for attention so in the middle of the street, he starts saying nonsense to a woman many times in a very loud voice. The nonsense might quickly escalate into profanities and insults and they become, like Leo said, cringe as fuck. Shapiro was gross and insulting in his way to try to get AOCs attention. That’s why she used the catcalling analogy.
  12. What about dogecoin? It is cheaper. Bitcoin is close 50k already. But I would think there must be at least a 2 strong cryptocurrencies. Elon (who is not your friend) was talking a big deal about dogecoin and then went ahead and invested I think it was a billion dollars on Bitcoin.
  13. Interesting. I’ll check it out
  14. Haha a glitch in the matrix
  15. 100%... the message republicans are sending right now is triggering for me because it reminds me of an abusive husband saying “don’t call the cops think about the children”. That’s republicans saying “no trial.. let’s move on and heal”. It’s all lies and manipulation. They don’t care about healing because they were the ones perpetrating the wound.