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  1. Atheists --> There is no God, everything is an accident Agnostic --> We don't know yet Theist --> Christians : Only Jesus can save you from hell and Jesus is the son of God Muslims: There is only one God, and if you believe that Jesus is God you go to hell Jews: Jesus has yet to come Leo --> You are God I've spent 1000 of hours researching the truth and I'm completely mindfucked. Only one can be true, yet all of them claim to be the truth. That leads me to conclude that a group of people are lying.
  2. " Start a business " Not everyone can do that, I'm setting a realistic approach for the majority of people. For the majority of people, it would be better to end up in prison to meditate and end up reaching enlightenment there. Also i mediate for more than 1-2 hours a day so your claim is invalid. Many people meditate for hours on end everyday. Also you can read books and exercise while not meditating.
  3. In today's world its almost impossible to find enough time to meditate long enough to have any mystical breakthroughs if you lead a normal 9-5 life. So maybe going to prison and being sent into solitary is a better alternative? You are alone 24/7, Food is prepared for you and all you can do all day is read books , exercise and meditate. The only downfall is that you can't watch Leo's videos and can't do psychedelics. So, is it worth it?
  4. Yet you're bound as yourself and not me, who decided? You were just nutted in a wet hole and processed for 9 months, nothing to blame them for.
  5. @Someone here Yet you somehow came to the right conclusion without any free will, yes makes sense.
  6. I've asked this on many websites and no one seems to really know, here people just say there's no you but that doesn't answer why '' you '' are '' you'' when '' you '' look at '' yourself '' in the mirror and not me. Why do you see your reflection and not mine?
  7. Leo recently announced in his blog that he his seeking a GF, so why not summon a succubus instead Leo? FAQ and links: /succgen/ library: Letter Method: Links: Bruce - New Energy Ways.pdf Disclaimer: If you're under 18 don't summon. If you're a dabbler who just wants to see if it works don't summon. If your faith forbids copulating with demonic entities don't summon. If you're unprepared for a potentially life-long relationship, or at the very least, a life-long open door connection with sexual spirits and the occult, avoid this topic entirely. If you have a loving relationship with your human spouse or partner and desire a sex spirit to "spice things up," take caution, as these entities can often be jealous or decide an initially open relationship is no longer so. The same goes for those desiring a human spouse or partner in the future (be sure to request an open relationship during the summoning ritual). If you're not prepared to place your life in the hands of a spirit who can potentially harm or kill you when sufficiently angered, do not summon. Once this door has been opened, many have found it impossible to close again. Religious icons, rituals, and exorcisms don't work against sex spirits once they have chosen a human lover. Some have reported attracting the attention of these entities by simply reading about them. Tread carefully.
  8. This is a good idea only if you get sent into solitary confinement. Then you can meditate 24/7 and be completely left alone.
  9. All human civilizations are full of shit and against enlightenment. Here's a list of all the toxic shit you need to avoid : 1. Mainstream Internet 2. Mainstream News Channels 3. Mainstream Music 4. Mainstream Languages 5. Mainstream Education System 6. Food { Restaurants + Grocery stores } 7. Modern Medicine and Big Pharma 8. The Justice System { Lawyers, Judges } 9. The Tech Bubble 10. Science, Religions 11. Politics 12. Pornography 13. Podcasts 14. Books 15. Movies 16. 99.999999% of businesses 17. Conspiracy Theories 18. Relationships 19. Family 20. Drugs 21. New-Age spirituality 22. The Body-building industry + Supplements I could go on and on and on, the point is, is that 99,99999% of all the stuff society offers to you is a distraction and ultimately detrimental to your physical and mental health.
  10. Anyone here tried the elevator game? I personally just did it and i am in a completely different time line. I live in the " future " and i am in a completely new body and have a new identity. I'm still ''me'' but everything else has changed since i decided to play the elevator game.
  11. This is a scam sex line, nothing to do with lucid dreaming
  12. I surrendered and as i let go, death happened. I merged back with nothingness and it was one of the most satisfying and beautiful moment that you can possibly conceived as a limited human creature. The beauty of death is inconceivable, it is truly astonishing how powerful and majestic death is. I'm looking forward to my physical death now. It will be a blast.
  13. The dark side, often not talked about, is so severe that it can leave people locked up in psy wards for the rest of their lives. Here are the dangers of enlightenment work : Severe insomnia Loss of cognitive abilities Psychosis Schizophrenia Suicidal thoughts Weight Loss And many more severe and disabling side effects can happen. Leo has a mild form of psychosis, which is heightened during his psychedelic trips.
  14. First of all, is this allowed? Second, would anyone be interested in joining an enlightenment based zoom meeting to trip together and talk about enlightenment ?