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  1. Thank you for the answer. I was thinking the same thing about those experiences, but I really don't care to play with them......to enhance them. I mean they are cool and it's okay if they become more amplified I can't stop them and I got used to them.And I start to think that if i'm like this maybe they are beneficial. My only issue is was if they will cause any trouble in my day to day life or my path of expanding my consciousness and understanding reality as much as I can. I was worried because I noticed that those thing appeared when I really started to do the practice.
  2. From my understanding a good meditator is someone who meditated everyday for at least few years and really got good at it . I want to take more because I want to experience the substance full power. I've read so many trip reports and saw so many videos of people who talk about them and how amazing are they and how it can potentially change your life, or rather push you in that direction.
  3. Hello. A few days ago I received some truffles.But i'm reluctant to take them. I took half of microdose and my heart started to palpitate and I got lightheaded for almost 4 minutes.It's this normal? I'm too sensitive to them? Also, last winter I started doing kriya yoga meditation.It was all going well but some weird thing started to happen during that month. I started to feel touches on my body. On one night it felt like someone was licking behind ear, and it wasn't a dream.It usually occurred during sleep paralysis, but those things happened when I was already awake. At the end of the month (this is why I stopped) an entity jumped on me. That was it for me. Now, last week I started doing the practice again, and after few days I was woke up by an energy entering my body going up and down. It felt bad and very,very intrusive.I never had experiences like this. I mean i've experienced sleep paralysis, premonitions,lucid dreaming,synchronicities, on two occasions I spontaneously astral projected for brief moments,deja vu,a weird thing that happens lately is that I suddenly wake up few seconds sometimes minutes before someone calls me or enters my room and probably other minor things that I don't remember or I didn't notice.But that's all, nothing like those two experiences. I'm super confused, should I take these things in consideration if I decide to take the truffles? Will they interfere with my trip? Should I worry even if I don't take the truffles? And lastly few questions :-It's okay to listen to music as the trip works itself up? -I saw that Leo took 5 meo everyday for 13 days, I don't think it's wise for me since I never took any substance. -How much to take really, everyone everywhere has different opinions about truffle dosage. -I cleaned my room, nothing that I can harm myself with if something goes south, still should I worry if something unbearable? -I never meditated more than a month, so i'm not a good meditator , but I can enter in a meditative state easy and I feel the energy going trough my spine.I'm saying this because i've noticed that is hard for people to feel these. It's a good sign, does it even matter? well that's it, i've told everything that I experienced. Sorry if it's lengthy or if the questions don't fit the forum criteria. But I don't know where to go, people on this forum are knowledgeable and serious. Thank you for your time and understanding.