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  1. I couldn't make it shorter, I wanted to say many things. 😎
  2. He will never stab you dude he's your brother, she's your sister, he's your best friend etc. I mean you guys have so much history together, you're so close, you have common sensibilities and you share so many values, they will never du such thing. okay killing it's a radical thing to do,not so much,people suprisingly are capable and willing to do this if you push the right button.In general if you have a diffrent idea or behave in a manner that they percieve as weird most people will not take it lightly. They start to argue with you, to debate you, to mock you, to keep grudges, they want to get back at you at some point if they can"t then and there, they hate you etc. But killing can happen too, and it's not so farfetched, not soo out there. I don't know why to most people it's seems almost impossible. I mean it's on tv,social media they have had in their neighbouhood.Probably that's because in a weird way everyone are desensitized and live in a bubble and cannot even phantom this as a possibility.Even though they know it happens "But they're siblings".So? They say this too until you say something that makes them so uncomfortable, you behave in such way that shifts theyr paradigme to such a degree that they forget you we're a sibling,relataed to them, they don't even know what that meeans or care for that matter in those moments they ,they don't put any value on that. You do,we always did even if we didn't have had a great connection with our sibling , or spouse or best friend. Peple just put people on a pedestal and they never dare to bring them down,because that's moraly wrong I can never fimd friends like them,What's my neighbours going to say, what's my mom and dad going to say. You never escape your parents.Lol. But often times we meet some people that we have an amazing connection,some strangers, and often times we keep viewing them as strangers, just some people, because " they're not blood bro". The're just people, but we refuse to see it this way, we don't even know that we could look at it from this perspective. And why someone would lower themselsves to such petty behaviour or act of violence.Why they manipulate and lie.So that their ego meet it's needs. An the ego encapsulates many things, we need many things, but the main thing is survival. Because that idea that they hold on so dear it's their identity, not agreeing with that with them, it's like you are stabbing that idea/them. And I do this survival thing too we all do, but I try my best not to push my ideas onto them not even to see that there are other things that they can take in consideration and make the situation better."You have it your own way dude,don't really care.", it's safer. I'm cautious even when i'm reckless. Since childhood I always tought that most people are unreliable,never telling the truth, lying without caring,indecisive, never truly honest. So I told myself that I should expect everything form everyone. I could see this survival of ego at play in people who go to college, teachers, to get a phd.I personally don't think having a diploma makes you an expert in any domain, it depends on the person. Undergoing mecanichally years of school does not equal wisdom and deep understanding. Even if you study your ass off you study in a certain manner , certain subjects,certain people,ideas overlooking others and refusing to acknowledge them as viable and resourcefull and ultimately judging them...hating them. Why? "Because they're not useful, they're wrong,ugly,bad, evil." But do you know it? Have you studied that topic to see it for what it is and if it's worthwhile your time, you're simply going to reject it? Oh, okay. We have to go beyond such labels and see them for what they are, and what role they play. Of course you can't learn everything and know everything. But that's not an excuse for you to be lazy and not do the research and studying so you can have a deeper and broader understanding of reality. Even someone really smart learns something and dismisses other things that don't fit his/hers agenda that they don't understand, without even thinking twice, you ask yourself "what's missing". I mean so much brain power and you say things like "The fact that people keep publishing books about counciousness it's the evidence that we don't know anything about it.There's no such thing as counciousness at all." or "Science is limited and cannot understand reality fully but science it's the only way we can investigate reality." I think it's many things lack of self love, love, low counciousness, not approaching life holisticaly. Holistic understanding, I think it's the best way too look at things.Any other way abstract,concrete,critical, analytical etc.it's limiting. They're good at their time and place, but why should you stop at them or just one of them and identify yourself with them when you can be much more.You literally are creating an illusory boundary that in reality doesn't exist between you and what you reject,the other,the one that's not you, or true, good bad etc. And I know people have different brains,bodies,values, but having an holistic approach on lie has the potential to to lessen the fear of people, of life, hatred of oter's opinions, and differences. Because that's it in real life, differences. That's what bothers people,differences, and they never ask themselves why. And they label them as good,bad,pleasant, unpleasant, boring fun. Have the same haircut and then decide to chnge it, people will wonder if something's wrong with you.Now imagine you're in a position of power and decide to make people more so guys understand and have different opinion about women, a more positive one. To stop viewing them like some witches that are not capable of love and caring, and don't have ulterior motives, not just some object that you add to your "body count". They will throw rocks at you. You can change if you want.And like I said, people are different they might have some sort of shortcoming, might be prone to deppresion, haveing a mental illness. This things can be corrected if you really want,with self love, acceptance, action, honesty etc. But what am I talking about, most people are sneaky, they will never admit negative trait about themselves to anyone let alone to themselves, the'll just add layers and layers of of ignorance, and they likely will never get out of it their whole life. Unless something radical happens in their life, or someone, that triggers in them a "rough awakening" that tells them "you dumb and closed mindeed, change,something!!".Probably not even then. If they do, if they become more self honest,open minded chances are the'll be nicer people. Just now I saw a video of a dude speculating waht reality is what spirituality is and mocking it and people that practice it and you shouldn't do it. And on the other hand there's people who just buy into it whitout experience it and use words carelessly like enlightment,spiritual,awakended,reality it's an illusion, time is irrelevant, and think of the as an absolute, even that word. And this is from a tv show "Dr Manhattan could never shapeshift into a person.I mean he can do those other things, he's omnipotent,omnipresent and he's basically a God, but he can't do that." If I didn't see it or experience it it's not real, not possible, and if I experience it and I don't like it it's not real. Time is irellevant, reality it's a simulation bro. Well I am going to be late at work from now on and also i'm going to sleep with your wife. No dude you'll come to work as you did until now, and Wtf? Well you said time does not exists, and reality it's basically a dream. Not like that only when it fits me, and i'm just saying it because it's trending on social media. If you didn't see it experience it just think it this way: " I haven't had an direct experience of that, but let's just say there's a possibility that's real, I mean I haven't seen and experienced everything. Existence is very very big maybe even infinite.Who knows, I don't know it yest.. What's the point of arguing, debating, showing them? It's an exhauting endeavour and only leads to division , hate etc.Those few examples that I gave, in my opinion, are selfish, narrow minded, lazy, thinking, and leaves no room for understanding the other person or an idea. People say and think that we are evolved, we are at our peak, we are the apex predator ( and confusingly they also think at the same time that we are the worst) only because we can kill everything, because we have and we know language (very poorly really most of us even people who use academic and flowery words, I dont think they have a deep understanding of reality, they just know things intuitively ), or because our technology which I don't think it's very advanced. We need to see the aliens that the Goverment and the elite hide from us.Why? Even if they are real, and on earth, who are you to know them? I mean you judge people for being gay,or wearing a purse,or believing in God or not beileving, you might even kill them. What will you do if you were to meet an alien, an entity that's soo different from you. Would you be able to stand your ground and not freak out and not kill that, are you competent to comunicate with them, can you accept them as they are if they are peaceful? Could you love them? Question that I am asking myself, can people change, I mean really cahnge at a large scale?? Most likely not. But we're going to evolve wether people like it or not, evolution does not care about people's pessimistic view of life and of other people, it just does it's thing,evolves.Even if there's another big war or an asteroid destroys Earth, I still think that's part of a bigger plan that goes beyond me,it has to be how can I know if it's good or bad, in such matters I only have to have faith, really, I mean i'm just a guy. People have to die literally, generations have to die and be "reprogramed" in a way, so the people that came after them have a better understanding and are more loving, and they're not stuck into ideologies etc. And population will be decreased significantly, we will probably live longer,and there will be no need for goverments(at least not the ones that are now) and police there will be no need because there will be no need for murder, and our relationships will be truer,more romantic,pasionate and they will last longer than 3 months because we will really care about each other and we truly love one another. With this work iI suspect you might even come to appreciate and love others even if it's not that utopian world,even if you still live among nasty people,scared,hateful. You take them as they are, accept reality as it is and find some peace and happiness in this, you will probably will not even care about happiness, when there's truth. I don't think the truth makes everyone happy, people will rather stay in denial and dull suffering than accepting truth. You might love them without any context at all. "No such thing, not possible. I have to have a reason. And to like them, and to satisfy my ego needs." I mean most of the time you hate without reason, and that too to satisfy your need and justify your thinking and behaviour.And you find your reasons. There was even a meme "hate at first sight", that's lazy and selfish. I think the basic thing you can do is to try to love more and be more accepting of things and open minded. I want to talk about other subjects but I find it hard to compartmentalize them, they keep overlapping and it's very frustrating.
  3. Thank you for the answer. I was thinking the same thing about those experiences, but I really don't care to play with them......to enhance them. I mean they are cool and it's okay if they become more amplified I can't stop them and I got used to them.And I start to think that if i'm like this maybe they are beneficial. My only issue is was if they will cause any trouble in my day to day life or my path of expanding my consciousness and understanding reality as much as I can. I was worried because I noticed that those thing appeared when I really started to do the practice.
  4. From my understanding a good meditator is someone who meditated everyday for at least few years and really got good at it . I want to take more because I want to experience the substance full power. I've read so many trip reports and saw so many videos of people who talk about them and how amazing are they and how it can potentially change your life, or rather push you in that direction.
  5. Hello. A few days ago I received some truffles.But i'm reluctant to take them. I took half of microdose and my heart started to palpitate and I got lightheaded for almost 4 minutes.It's this normal? I'm too sensitive to them? Also, last winter I started doing kriya yoga meditation.It was all going well but some weird thing started to happen during that month. I started to feel touches on my body. On one night it felt like someone was licking behind ear, and it wasn't a dream.It usually occurred during sleep paralysis, but those things happened when I was already awake. At the end of the month (this is why I stopped) an entity jumped on me. That was it for me. Now, last week I started doing the practice again, and after few days I was woke up by an energy entering my body going up and down. It felt bad and very,very intrusive.I never had experiences like this. I mean i've experienced sleep paralysis, premonitions,lucid dreaming,synchronicities, on two occasions I spontaneously astral projected for brief moments,deja vu,a weird thing that happens lately is that I suddenly wake up few seconds sometimes minutes before someone calls me or enters my room and probably other minor things that I don't remember or I didn't notice.But that's all, nothing like those two experiences. I'm super confused, should I take these things in consideration if I decide to take the truffles? Will they interfere with my trip? Should I worry even if I don't take the truffles? And lastly few questions :-It's okay to listen to music as the trip works itself up? -I saw that Leo took 5 meo everyday for 13 days, I don't think it's wise for me since I never took any substance. -How much to take really, everyone everywhere has different opinions about truffle dosage. -I cleaned my room, nothing that I can harm myself with if something goes south, still should I worry if something unbearable? -I never meditated more than a month, so i'm not a good meditator , but I can enter in a meditative state easy and I feel the energy going trough my spine.I'm saying this because i've noticed that is hard for people to feel these. It's a good sign, does it even matter? well that's it, i've told everything that I experienced. Sorry if it's lengthy or if the questions don't fit the forum criteria. But I don't know where to go, people on this forum are knowledgeable and serious. Thank you for your time and understanding.