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  1. What I would like to add is, What is a principle? A principle is a value that has formed into a rule, or belief to direct one's life in a certain way. Fulfillment is very general, but doing deep work is a principle that serves to fulfillment specifically.
  2. @LoneWonderer Spirituality to me, thinking about enlightenment lucid dreaming and other mystic stuff, these are all subjective. I totally like all of these, but the way you complain about not having these thought is through the society which is mainly in the materialistic paradigm that is objective. I think it is better to be accepted for a self actualizing person that society is not that much developed.
  3. Is there anyone who accomplishes high growth results while studying in college? I mean for example doing meditation in a serious way, or shadow work, or allocating much time general reading self help books and doing other self help stuff. I have a hard time peacemaking my endavours of self help and the purpose of finishing university education. Sometimes it is hard even to look at the conflict between these motivations.
  4. Can you give an example to this?
  5. I think you might want to add something pattionate to your life. This may or may not take time. Try to start a hobby. This is a good way. Playing guitar was a good way for me to have a secondary purpose throughout my first year in college. I sat in the studio for hours working. First started with other people's songs as every other beginner, but then worked my way up to an authentic improviser. With/out that hobby you can add a self help book. Bookauthority.org is a good collection of books. I trust there. If you have time do both of these, but if you are not decent enough at your lessons, you might want to go for only one, since what you already have(and have to have:)) in life is more fundamental and prior. These are the two main advices I can give that are self tested. However I can add a bit more than that: 1. Positive Self talk is something I see very often but have not tried that much and can be benefitial for everyone. 2. Listen to podcasts. Reccomends: Huberman Lab, The one you feed(spotifty) etc... One can list many here but these are what came up to my mind for you. Have a good day my friend
  6. I think the only option for you is cold showers.
  7. Nice experience. Thank you for sharing. This is great to keep in mind as having someone who has already discovered their life purpose.
  8. Nice thougths on emphaty. You have one more post on empathy that I read. Empathy was something I did not care to longly contemplate on before. Now you pushed me a bit into that:)
  9. Yesterday, I was doing this, which is a bit more extended form of WHB. For weeks, and during the 15 secs take breath - hold breath phase, I sometimes got intense sensations that spreaded all over my body. I cant really give detail but what I can objectively say is intense heat arised and else is only understandable from someone who also experienced the same thing as me. Yesterday I almost collapsed during the 15 secs(which I usually extend to 30). Today, I stayed more cautious and held the breath less. During holotropic breathing I had cramps on my hand which made them look like claws but I guess everybody has intense experiences during holotropic breathing like that. So for you guys who experienced such phenomena during WHB, holotropic breathwork (or other types of breathwork) what can you say about causes and especially meaning of these intensifications? Although physically induced, how can we look at this from a psychological point of view?
  10. Yes, especially when you are mindful of what you put on those categories.
  11. I think that from that video, Principle 54: Master your basic survival and livelihood is a good one. I am trying to work on ths principle from time to time.
  12. Leos self deception -the first video was the one I learned self deception from. I think that was a good start, although I got a little bit obsessive about catching my deceptions which might be personal.
  13. Lets not say all, but "many" would also be enough.
  14. In what way do you think dreams are a kind of self deception? Don't they give us all the opportunities to analyze oneself and maybe even discover our deceptions?:)
  15. This video is a great general look on self help, as it gave me a good view on self help and made me understood how detailed this stuff can get. I strongly recommend this video to other people especially for those who are new to self help. What do you think are the most favourite subfields?
  16. Hello, I tried to sent this, Hello, I just signed up for an account. No confirmation email was sent, and I waited for 15 minutes to resend. I did this twice. Checked all the spam and trash and couldnt find any mail. Can you please help? to technical support on contact page of this forum. I got an error message. Can somebody help?
  17. I don’t know where to start. This has been going for a very long time. I am 23(M). I am having bad time, depression, negative feelings for the past 3 years. I say 3 years, but I think it slowly started in 2018 fall, when I began university. Knowing that I don’t know where to start, I decided that I want to talk about my recent past(there is a lot in these 3 years). I am a Psychology student. I am always in pain, I even have problems when I am walking my dog. Lets dive into this a bit(as much as I can): There is always a problem …. (while writing this I needed to stop) Yesterday, I had the feelings of revenge to a lot of people I felt negativity and had bad experiences with in the past. I hardly controlled myself not to take revenge from them. I want to give more detail and tell more about my problems. Please ask me some questions so that some action can happen.
  18. I read this meditation book slowly, like 1 pg/7 minutes. I like to contemplate while reading and make conclusions, underline and take notes. For example, I think this conscious awareness dynamic is something to contemplate about and it is something I like to imagine about. "Think of consciousness as a limited power source. Both attention and awareness draw their energy from this shared source. With only a limited amount of energy available for both, there will always be a trade-off between the two. When attention focuses intensely on an object, the field of conscious awareness begins to contract, and peripheral awareness of the background fades. Intensify that focus enough, and the context and guidance provided by peripheral awareness disappears completely. In this state, awareness can no longer ensure that attention is directed to where it’s most necessary and beneficial. This is like wearing blinders or having tunnel vision. We simply don’t have enough conscious power to continue to be aware of our surroundings while focusing so intently on the object. (Page 63). " For the readers of TMI, how fast do you guys read? Sometimes I read it so slow that I get worried about the speed of my progress, but I dont want to miss the details.
  19. Hello everyone, I just purchased Holosync, did the intro lesson. Bill mentioned that some neurochemicals are releseased due to the sound technology. I use 40 mg prozac, 150 mg pregabalin and 1 mg of xanax per day. Has anyone heard anything about binaural beats interacting with psychiatric drugs? I searched within the Awakening prologue intro book and thresholds of the mind book for the interactions, but nothing is mentioned.
  20. You can check out robert plutchik's wheel of emotions.
  21. I live in Turkey and Paypal is banned here. How can I purchase the book list? There is almost no way of opening a paypal account. I don't know why in the pruchase notes it says "A Paypal account is NOT required," because it looks like it really does. Am I missing a point?
  22. I have been doing research about nootropics and want to try them to enhance my overall mental performance. However I use lithium 300 mg, lustral 50 mg, risperdal 1/2mg, valproic acid 500 mg and want to know if the nootropics I want to try will interact with these medicines. I tried online interaction checkers, but they gave warning even to my psyc meds which has not caused me interaction symptoms for months. The image is from webmd. This gave me a suspicion about the reliability of the information from such sites. And also, aside from the suspicion, how trustable are these checkers? How should one use these checkers? What reliable sources can I use in order to decide with utmost certainty if there is an interaction or not between my nootropics and psyc meds. My aim here is to have more than one source to decide what is true so that my decisions are smarter, and there is less risk of interactions. Another thing is, if a nootropic is naturally found in the body(for ex. creatine) might that mean that nootropic has a lower chance to interact with psyc meds?
  23. I was sitting and doing my breath meditation and it was going well. Suddenly a painless lower ab flexion arised that was out of my control. As I continued to breathe, it got stronger with every single breath. What can be a reason for this? It happened to me for the first time.