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  1. What I would like to add is, What is a principle? A principle is a value that has formed into a rule, or belief to direct one's life in a certain way. Fulfillment is very general, but doing deep work is a principle that serves to fulfillment specifically.
  2. @LoneWonderer Spirituality to me, thinking about enlightenment lucid dreaming and other mystic stuff, these are all subjective. I totally like all of these, but the way you complain about not having these thought is through the society which is mainly in the materialistic paradigm that is objective. I think it is better to be accepted for a self actualizing person that society is not that much developed.
  3. Is there anyone who accomplishes high growth results while studying in college? I mean for example doing meditation in a serious way, or shadow work, or allocating much time general reading self help books and doing other self help stuff. I have a hard time peacemaking my endavours of self help and the purpose of finishing university education. Sometimes it is hard even to look at the conflict between these motivations.
  4. Can you give an example to this?
  5. I think you might want to add something pattionate to your life. This may or may not take time. Try to start a hobby. This is a good way. Playing guitar was a good way for me to have a secondary purpose throughout my first year in college. I sat in the studio for hours working. First started with other people's songs as every other beginner, but then worked my way up to an authentic improviser. With/out that hobby you can add a self help book. Bookauthority.org is a good collection of books. I trust there. If you have time do both of these, but if you are not decent enough at your lessons, you might want to go for only one, since what you already have(and have to have:)) in life is more fundamental and prior. These are the two main advices I can give that are self tested. However I can add a bit more than that: 1. Positive Self talk is something I see very often but have not tried that much and can be benefitial for everyone. 2. Listen to podcasts. Reccomends: Huberman Lab, The one you feed(spotifty) etc... One can list many here but these are what came up to my mind for you. Have a good day my friend
  6. I think the only option for you is cold showers.
  7. Nice experience. Thank you for sharing. This is great to keep in mind as having someone who has already discovered their life purpose.
  8. Nice thougths on emphaty. You have one more post on empathy that I read. Empathy was something I did not care to longly contemplate on before. Now you pushed me a bit into that:)
  9. Yesterday, I was doing this, which is a bit more extended form of WHB. For weeks, and during the 15 secs take breath - hold breath phase, I sometimes got intense sensations that spreaded all over my body. I cant really give detail but what I can objectively say is intense heat arised and else is only understandable from someone who also experienced the same thing as me. Yesterday I almost collapsed during the 15 secs(which I usually extend to 30). Today, I stayed more cautious and held the breath less. During holotropic breathing I had cramps on my hand which made them look like claws but I guess everybody has intense experiences during holotropic breathing like that. So for you guys who experienced such phenomena during WHB, holotropic breathwork (or other types of breathwork) what can you say about causes and especially meaning of these intensifications? Although physically induced, how can we look at this from a psychological point of view?
  10. Yes, especially when you are mindful of what you put on those categories.
  11. I think that from that video, Principle 54: Master your basic survival and livelihood is a good one. I am trying to work on ths principle from time to time.
  12. Leos self deception -the first video was the one I learned self deception from. I think that was a good start, although I got a little bit obsessive about catching my deceptions which might be personal.
  13. Lets not say all, but "many" would also be enough.