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  1. What people here need is less new conceptional toys and more pratical understandings and practices that make a real impact. More knowledge does not enlighten you it only entangles you deeper into a trap you will never escape. Focus on awareness focus on pratical tequiniqus. Enlightenment is about less not more it is about the quality of being not the quantity of knowledge you hold.
  2. I use malla beads and practice affirmations or mantras and this is a fantastic video describing this practice and what it can do for you.
  3. A great place to start in understanding your subconscious and what role it plays in your life.
  4. I got distracted from finishing this book when I posted this ...I am currntly reading this book and again I was reminded how it could really help those here,As it is me right now yet again. It speaks to me in a very personal way. It is not an easy read so be ready for a bit of a ordeal if you do take the challnge to read it.
  5. I am not really back, I just saw this and thought it could help some people here. 😊 My spiritual path has diviraged greatly from the model that this forum upholds. I do not say this from ego or judgment. I have just found a path that resonates with me on very deep and personal level. My concern is not on helping others right now nor teaching it is only to be receptive and introspective and sweep my own porch ,deal with my own baggage , heal and learn what I am being taught. If I see somehing that might help those here. I will post that from time to time. Outside of that you will not see me much as I am actively working on several things. There are infinite paths that all coverage on the same truth. Seek the one that resonates with you on the deepest most intimate level. When you find that affinity follow it. I hope all of you are well and finding all the tools you need to progress in the most meaingingful way that directly impacts your life.
  7. Well I guess I will adress what has been posted and then take my leave. @Faceless @egoless @Joseph Maynor @WildeChilde and so many others I have met and had great conversations, disccusions and even at times heated arguments that I have learned a great deal from. You will be missed. @Eudaimonia I do not blame Leo for others actions but he does have some responceablity to uphold a reasonable example and currently I feel that responceablity is lacking. @Hsinav it really is not about me being right. At the core what this was about the fact that Leo and others could not just do some research and and admit that this pracice is and effects are due to oxygen deprevation. That was my main problem. They could not look at that very verifiable fact and just accept that because it weakened there case for holotropic/shamanic breathing. All I wanted was that single fact researched and affermed by Leo since he is the one everyone here seems to follow. That was all I truly wanted, awarness that the effects are caused by oxogen deprevation. Then with at least with that basic knowledge everyone here could make an informed decision themselfs. When that could not happen it set off a series of alarms for me about Leo and his followers. I am not here to control anyone or tell them what to do. That being said a person should be atacked for bringing verifiable facts into a disccusion. @Truth I was not talking about you spicificaly it was a general statement that encompassed everyone that was saying things like "gross projection" or" your projecting"or sidelining what I was saying. Instead of adressing it directly. It was decided it was a far better strategy to distract and attack. Defending there own position at all cost. Instead of having a actual conversation. @Leo Gura I know you love holotropic/shamanic breathing. All I wanted was for you to be at the very least transparent with you community that the mechinism was oxygen deprevation. So they could make up there own minds. Every place and websight I went to nothing was discussed about what was causing the effect it really looks like that fact is hidden from the holotropic community. I am not good with people hiding information. I am sure you test your drugs to make sure you know what you are taking in the same vain people at the very least should know what this tequinique is being caused by. I can tell you from my many decades of meditaton and researching anything remotely religious, spiritual,magickal, or mystical that almost anything can be done though meditation or active awareness. It is not always easy but it gets results. I can guarantee that no physical damage is done to the meditater. Now there are meditation tequiniques that I am aware of that if one is not ready to face their trama can cause psychological damage. For those tequinques I believe the person finds them or finds a person that can guide them though those safely or disovers them themselfs when they are ready. When you climb it is not about speed it is about getting a firm grip and footing then even that is not enough sometimes and you may fall anyway but that is what the rope and harness is for. See, it is not that I refuse to take risks I just midigate them with common sense. I also acess wheather the risk to reward ratio is even worth it. It this case and from my prospective and experance the small gains do not justify the possible damage done. Especilly when other techniques thst exist that deal with processing trama better healthier and with no physical risk. Furthermore my path has been directed into a shamanic focus and the thought of you talking or teaching about shamanism or shamanic pratices is a bit horrfying. It reminds me when my world religions professor had a heart attck and while he was in recovery he got replaced with bible and divinity professor. The bias showed though in every lesion. The course from that point on was a complete waste. I can not see shamanism being transmitted in a authentic way with your curent bias. Totem animals , vision quest , alles, spirit ancestoral guides , omens, journeying , walking the boundary between this world and the next, nateral magick. I truly do not think that these things can be authenicaly transmitted by you. But I hope I am wrong as shamanism has great ways to help us all heal , communicate more efficiently with ourselfs , others and beyond. It also has fantastic ways explore enhanced and alterstates of conscious and the connections to Dreams. Dreams are often overlooked in enlightenment and aculization work and I feel that that is a grave mistake. I wish everyone here well on their individual path I hope you find ways to deal with your trama safety and find all the tools you need to become a fully a actualized beings. Farwell and good luck P.s. directly after I wrote this your sight went down which from a stand point of synchronicty and omens confirms indeed my time here is over as I was just now alowed to post it.
  8. I once respected Leo for his tenacity dedication and nonbias oppinion bit those days are long gone. In showing the mechnisem of holotropic/shamanic breathing is in fact oxygen deprevation causing the effect. The resistance to this simple fact by Leo his followers as well as a large percentage of this community has shown me the true nature of this place and what it has become. When I came across I saw it as a catalyst for positive change a place where people could come togeather and share information on how their path was progressing and give insight and help to others. That may very well be what it was, but that is not what curently. Today is a cult of Leo. Where facts are dawrfed by his charisma and influence. People spend more time defending him and his pratices than researching them and coming to there own conclusions. This sight has become the status quo of Leo and his point of view which is seen beyond reproach by his followers, that wish to be nothing more than a Leo clone. The only reason I have been as pasionate and relentless in the facts of holotropic/shamanic breathing is I feel based on the very real facts it is dangerious especially if done for extended times or on a regular basses. What I have goten in return is personal atack and hostility, while people completely ignore the facts. So be it. Ignore the facts and let Leo direct your path instead of you being responsible for it yourself. That is the mentally of a cult follower. So this is in fact my last post I have shut off all notifications and will have nothing to do with this sight directly anymore. If any of you that I have helped with meditation or I have befriended would like to keep on contact send me a message with your email in mail system here. I will come back and review it in a weeks time. After that I will no longer associate or participate with in anyway. Even though I do not agree with all that goes on here, I still wish all of you well even Leo. I truly hope you all find what you are looking for. GOODBYE AND FAREWELL
  9. Lol facts for me ....... Facts do not work that way test do not work that way ..... Facts are the same for everyone no matter what. You do not get to choose. I am not the one creating alternative facts Leo is rather omiting the truth and replacing it with his own personal naritive. Nor will he reasearch test or even acknowledge the facts of the matter. He chooses willed ignorance instead and as a leader that is dangerous. Leo,s stateents on his video that it is says "your brain is getting so much oxygen" this is false ... It is a fallacy he is wrong further more it is the exact opposite the brain is getting a lack of oxygen so much of a lack it is shutting down and not functioning properly. I did not choose this fact! It is true mechanism that is causing the effects. I think people should have that information before starting this pracice. The fact is you are starving your brain for oxygen untill it can no longer function as long as you are doing this tequinique. Furthermore this fact is hidden so that people will use this. As for the rest those are Leo,s short comings and if he can not face them well I guess he is not enlightened as everyone here thought. This has nothing to do with dogma or morality it is not even really about Leo it is about telling people the truth what a breathing tequinique is and not misrepresenting it. But I have come to terms that Leo will not admit that he is wrong or correct his behavior. If he wants to call induced hypoxia excess oxygen saturation so be it. I show the proof of what I have said and warned people that this could very well be dangerious espicaly if used for long periods of time or many sessions. I have gone so far as to quote experts with medical expertise far greater than mine To show and prove what I am saying. I have seen no due diligence or valid counter argument .... as a matter of fact most of people here choose Leo's opinion over facts and that is dangerous. Because he misrepresents holotropic/shamanic breathing completely. I am sure Leo test his drugs to make sure what he has gotten is what he intends to take. You should know at the very least what is causing the effects. But please follow chrisma instead of facts ..... by all means let people create alternative facts which is just another term for a lie. Actual facts are verifiable testable and able to be reproduced. Do your own reasearch do not trust others to do the work for you as So Many here have done. Also when debating the appropriate Responce is to research the topic and make a counter argument not atack the person personaly or deflect.... go do the work and comeback with a actual Responce. 99% of the people here can't or won't do that they are too busy agreeing with Leo. I have realized that at this point this is a complete waste of my time that I could be doing other things ..... If people will not do their own research so be it. I would rather think that most of the people here would make educated decisions based on facts. But it seems this place is just an extension of the world ...... The followers will follow and the leaders try to forge a better way. Followers do not question. The problem is when leaders abuse there power and start rewriting facts to suit there own agenda. I would rather you would think for yourself but sheep will be sheep.
  10. Everyone is free to do what the want including Leo ..... as he is right now. He has the right to make bias polarized decisions backed up by nothing but his willed ingnoance ( deliberate lack of knowledge). He is free to talk one way and do another thing .... That is called a hypocrite. He has the right to ignore knowledge and facts when it serves him and his agenda. He has the right to error lie and create , confusion as well as fallacy and falsehood. He has the right to avoid me the truth and responcability of his actions. THEN AGAIN....I also have the right to point out all these things and show people what Leo is by his actions when he does. All I asked for is honnesty and transparency about this pracice. I wanted it explained using facts so people can make a well informed decision. Instead of this new age bullshit that is not even admittng what it is ? Leo can not even say that this pracice is causing lack of oxygen as its mechanism that is causing the effects. That is what is dangerious he does not show you what this practice acualy is. He shows you an illusion.
  11. Nope , I will be here untill Leo corrects his errors and understands the mechanism that is causing the effect. Then tells his community this information untill that happens. Here I sit on the side of truth and transparency. If he can not do that then he is showing everyone here that he makes choices based on willed ignorance ( deliberate lack of knowledge ) If that is the case no one should follow him as he is a hypocrite. Avoidance is not an answer ether it is nearly a cowards crutch.
  12. @Leo Gura I was unaware that you had taken any corrective action. What and how did you correct the previous errors ? Your video on the subject has not changed ? Have you researched the topic? Have you been honest with your community that it is oxygen deprevation causing the effcts? How has this been resolved exactly ? I am not being hysterical that would be a projection of your mind. I just want you to eather research the pracice yourself and tell you commnity what is the mechinism aka reason the experance is happening OR I want you to tell people you are too lazy to do the reasearch and that it is ok to make decisions based on ignorance and bias instead knowledge and wisdom I expect you to live up to your own standards ..... Or I guess you can just avoid this post like all the others that seems to be your new path. Enlightenment though avoidance and deflection. What I am asking is simple concede that the effects are from lack of oxygen And that the reason the effects are happing are that through his technique you are starving your brain of the oxygen it needs untill it basically can not function. This is the truth so why is it so hard for you to admit ?
  13. @Leo Gura So are you going to correct your errors and stop spreading misinformation and be transparent and nonbias or are you going to hide behind a shroud of willed ingnoance and avoidance. This technique causes extended oxygen deprevation. That is lack of oxygen to your brain body and organs for the entire duration you pracice it.