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  1. I am talking a break from computers the internet including this forum so that I can focus on self actualization and enlightenment work more. The one thing I can not make more of is time but I can mange and prioritize it better. Good luck to you all.
  2. E4 Today felt a bit different my mind was not racing from thought to thought. I sat and waited and waited nothing no real stray thoughts to even focus on or pull to me so I waited in the darkness of my mind. Then my father stepped forward in His palm tree aloha shirt and sat down. "How ya doing Kid" "I have been better" "I am sorry was not a better father to you and your brother. I was not their to tech you things that a man should know. You are a smart kid but I can not take credit for that you were your mothers child. "She did not have much of a choice in that you did not leave her any other option." I lived my life for a job and a profession that did not give a shit about me. It just used me up and I let it happen. I did what I could but I could have done more. Don't be like me and the everyday asshole walking the street. Do what you need to do now because dead it is too late. Find you happiness and purpose live for that not out obligation, not for some useless cog in a fucken wheel job. I know you are smarter than that you have always gone your own way so keep doing that kid. Be careful" (He use to always say that that was his way of saying I love you.") No much else of consequence was said. My father died less than a year after my son but when when he died there was nothing I felt that needed to be resolved I graved him and it was that. So no flowing emotions to be dealt with just a brief talk. I was nice to see the old man.
  3. I think most tanks are plastic because they do not conduct ambient heat. Which probably makes temperature relegation more consistent and better insulated. Just a guess though.
  4. @cetus56Do you know the origin of this statement ?
  5. Holotropic Breathing looks like you are having a seizure. How long do you have to breath like that to get the effect and how long does it last ? Does anyone have direct experience with this technique ? What the hell is a darkness retreat is it what is sounds like being locked in a room for a extended amount of time no sound no visual stimulus. solitary confinement the new enlightenment Available in bookstores now @Leo Gura Which of these do you have personal experience with ? I would rather talk to people that have direct experiences with the methods they are speaking about. I will assume the first four you are doing if not we are in trouble.
  6. I am just spit balling ideas here. If I was you I be looking in a scrap yard for the main body I be looking for a some kind of tank I could cut with a torch and hinge. If you could scrap a old large propane tank or oil tank something similar cut it in half use a liner and a water bed heaters maybe . Not sure about the filtration system . But does it have to be Epsom salt I am betting there is a cheaper option somewhere. Agriculture stores sell salt in bulk that might be a option depending where you are. All the filtration pumps maybe check a aquarium store that sells salt water tanks I am sure they have salt water filtration and basically it is just a really big tank of water.
  7. I know is for responsible use hallucinogenic of drugs for breakthrough experiences I have no problem with that. I wanted to focus this post on methods of inducing hallucinogenic effects with out drugs. I would like to see how far a non-drug hallucinogenic experience can take you. Secondly I would like like to see how the combination of methods together (non drug method + drug ) would effect or enhance the experience. So does any one have any such experience inducing hallucinations or a altered state that is constructive or could augment or enhance a hallucinogen ?
  8. Let me know how much it ends up costing you when you are done. I have been interested in Sensory Deprivation Tanks for as long as I can remember. I have never have gotten a chance to try one. I would be interested in a simple design did not cost a absurd amount of money.
  9. @Arman This one only cost 495 to a 1000$ I am sure you can be enlightened in 2 weeks and in 4 weeks you can be levitating and sustaining yourself on nothing but air But seriously I would go for one is a decent thickness but does not break the bank can probably get one for 40 - 100 Bucks online. The closer you get to the $100 mark the thickness will get a bit better. It is not a magic carpet it is just a mat.
  10. Bongo drums ,Tibetan singing bowls, Didgeridoo. Any musical interment really. The didgeridoo can be made out of bee's wax and white pvc in like less than 15 minuets and for less than 15 bucks . All of them effect your consciousness and can be great tools and aids. In this I am a bit of a old school traditionalist I like things that I can do and engage me in the process. Tip if you do make and learn how to play a Didge. Go to a park an put the end into a tube slide it. This amplifies the sound. Plastic tube slides will work ok but steal or metal tube slides are clearer and louder.
  11. E3 Again after about 15 minuets my mind started flowing as sat in the darkness waiting . A doorway appareled I walked though it and I was in my childhood house looking out the kitchen window watching There was a sense of excitement and awe at watched the ominous gray clouds and lightning spread out across the sky in green and violet. My mother was doing the dishes but she stooped and came over to the window to share this moment with me. "I asked her why the lightning was so many colors?" "She told me it was a electrical storm and she really did not know why that made the lightning colored." This event dragged me into various other good memory's of my mother I remember her nick name among the other parents was the "kool-ade mom". because we used to make kool-ade and sandwiches snacks for everyone and walk to scout park with all the kids around the neighborhood. I also remembered her driving a hour to the beach with me and my brother and staying there all day. Then I missed her deeply and it brought me back to a place of grief. Tears flowed and I started hearing the old Indian man chanting again. He did not come close or speak to me he just chanted loudly in the background. My mother was my best friend and I miss her immensely she was the first person in my life that died. I think what this was showing me was that my first response to her death was devastation then I just shut down. Just like when my son died. It seems to be showing me a pattern that I must overcome as emotions that I must face and accept and release. As emotions come up during this process I just feel them freely them and let them come and go. I will be implementing mindfulness again today seems that by giving myself space for the mind to process whatever it wants is leaving me space for other practices without distraction or interruption.
  12. Well you have two options watch news from left ,right, and center, perspectives then concentrate on the facts that they all agree on. Then draw your own conclusions from the facts not the spin. I urge you to look into Mass Media and the very few Corporations that control it. Even the method I stated above will not give you a totally objective look at any event it will only help you sift thought the majority of the quagmire and get a more realistic understanding. Everyone says we are in the information age I would disagree we have descended into a disinformation age. It is easier to distract you with non-information or news story's that do not even mater. While behind the curtain shady shit is going on that is not even being talked about. We live in a age where if you really want information you can find it the problem as I see it is there is more garbage to sift thought and the individual needs better critical thinking skills to get to the truth. Tv ,internet and technology in general is making us lazy and we are being spoon fed perspectives that influence the masses to have a certain emotional response to bait us to take a side. News focuses on negative perspectives almost always this is another reason to limit consumption of it. So how do you fight this ? find credible sources , Increase critical thinking skills. You will still not be 100% correct in all your conclusions but you will be much closer to 90% at least. Your second choice is to see this for what it is. Read a news paper once a week and take everything with a grain of salt and put your energy into something more productive like self actualization or enlightenment.
  13. Rest is important for a lot of reasons. It is when you body drops growth hormones responsible for healing. It is also the playground of the subconscious where it organizes experience and solves problems to make sense of as well as resolve daily experiences. Sleep is a fundamental foundation then diet finally actual practice. If you are not rested and feel like shit because of your diet it will make everything harder. I am not saying it can not be done but it will make you work twice as hard for half or less of the results.
  14. @Nadosa I marked up all the problems you stated not to judge you but to show you that your body and mind are screaming that there is something very wrong. I do not know if it was a trauma of some sort or the onset of a mental illness. Ether way it is not your fault. Secondly trusting people here as qualified professionals is a mistake. We can encourage and help you find options but that is about it. My experience with suicide is such that I have known two people that attempted it and one of them succeeded. I also worked at a shelter and crisis line for people like yourself. Even with that experience I am not qualified. People stop seeing options and feel trapped then they only see one option. Suicide is not the answer. This way you are feeling is not a permanent state. I get you feel trapped frustrated depressed anxious and fearful. I completely understand you want instant change to make the pain stop. The fact that you even posted here is a good thing it means you are still looking for options and you are asking for help. People break when put under undue stress and when they do they all break in different ways you are human. Every person goes thought a emotional break of some kind in their life we all break differently But there is a way back. You need to seek out help if you are dissatisfied with the people that are trying to help you. Find others call a suicide prevention help line talk to someone that can get you the resources you need. Meditation is not meant to deal with this kind of crisis. You have options , maybe they are options you have not thought of but I assure you they are there. If you can not see them then get other people involved to help you find other alternatives that you can not see. Please call someone Immediately.
  15. Xyz

    @arberor Glad I could help @Nahm With me it is Vis-a-vis wet erase markers. I almost always have a full white board or large mirror to spill out my mind.