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  1. I use belife everyday @SOUL just not for the process of enlightenment. Good luck on your path. Your welcome @star ark since I was answering the question for you anyway.
  2. I never said any such thing .... and I am done with this conversation that once again has shifted to a spiritual dick measuring contest instead of helping someone understand.
  3. @Leo Gura Here we go so now I have define absolutely everything to have a discussion down to to an iota. How exhausting. I understand nonduality as well duality. I also understand the stream of thought there is no death there is no birth. Ultimately there is just now when you get right down to it. So now we are playing word games where I have to be so specific as not to be misunderstood. I guess I will say biological death vs self identification. Biological death is when your heart stops and your body begins the process of decay or to put it another way , this meat-bag you call a physical, biological , chemical , and electrical process ceases to exist. Self identification on the other hand is the idea of a separate consciousness apart for everything else. Most people confuse the two by combining them I would agree. If you said that enlightenment was negation of self-identification I would completely agree leo. but you said death I equate death like the definition : the act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism. The problem comes in when one person uses a term like death and has one understanding and the other person has a different understanding and both people are using the term differently just as our case it seems. I have no problem of ego identification or I should say the illusory mask of individuality. To me it is just a mode of existence to be understood and used just like concepts and thoughts. Understand the nature of a thing and you will understand its function. The egos function allows us to act as independent while still being part of everything. There is no difference from one cell in my body doing its job so that the whole of can survive. It is merely one part of the whole. The entire process of separation when we are talking about such things is to render them palatable to the mind so that we may talk specifically. In fact there is no separation. The fact of the matter is we all live individual lives with individual talents and we all wear an ego. I guess the real question is do you at your core identify with that ? or do you see it for what it is a mask of your infinite nature. Ultimately conversations like this are pointless and it is not helping anyone more so I do not need a spiritual measuring stick nor do I need to prove anything. Only thing I have learnd is that I have to be rediculasly specific get a point across.
  4. @Leo Gura He is talking about physical death not some metaphorical symbolic death or ego death . You are alive and well as far as I can see Leo so you must not be enlightened ? because enlightenment is death. You bounce back and forth from symbolic to actual and wonder why these people are so confused. You need to try to see where people are at and try to explain things at their level otherwise you are just adding to their confusion. I get it you are at the tenth tier of the absolute infinity's colon. You seem to have a problem relating or bringing down certain concepts to peoples level.
  5. @star ark To address your thread there are several factors that misunderstanding in general may come from. Interpretation everyone here will have a different interpretation of how they describe their experience and this description may not jive with your current understanding or experience or it might completely be in contrast and you might no agree at all. You have to remember that our conscious mind uses language to make stories to make sense of our reality. The story , Point of view and the terms people use to describe their reality and experiences are just the best they can do at this point. Don't always take them so literally. Grade of initiation this is a huge one it basically states that you can not understand things that are above your understanding or even understand the context until you are close to having that experience yourself. Mystical experiences goes beyond our ability to use language to describe it . Language at best is a approximation or indicator of an experience not the experience itself. This is why many zen masters say and do what looks absurd as an answer. What they in fact are trying to do is tailor fit a answer for the person asking it and trying stimulate the seeker to have a direct experience. Direct transmission of spiritual experience and the internal understandings that come with it can not be directly given only pointed at. Thought is just a extension of the language problem. All thoughts are symbolic representations of a thing and not the thing itself. That does not even take into account incorrect concepts, fallacy's and a whole shit storm of bias and unconscious resistance or things like ego. Belief is the bane of enlightenment work. Belief is the exact opposite of open awareness , assertions based of faith have nothing to do with enlightenment. Actually you will find that enlightenment process will subtract knowledge and information you assumed to be true based on faith or conditioning. Context: which one of these say grape ? виноград Traube uva druiwe Grape Answer they all do the problem is in context they are all in different languages thus the only one you recognize is grape in English Context is much more nuanced than this but the moral is the same. We cling to what we know and what is familiar and ignore or push off that which is not. A person could understand the same thing you do but just be explaining it in a different context that you can not understand or reconcile with your own. Social religious and cultural conditioning make it very difficult to understand some of these concepts unless you edit and confront them and drop what is not useful. People here are nothing but fingers pointing in a direction at best an indicator at worst a distraction. Never take someones word for anything experience it yourself and draw your own conclusions if you are not doing that you are doing a great disservice to yourself. Awareness is the key to the process of enlightenment , not ideas , not theory's , not rules and not a consensus among a group. Awareness alone. It is amazing that we communicate successfully at all in my opinion.
  6. I do not look to destroy my ego but manage it. It is your connection to individuality and personal power that being said there are times when you want to dissolve the ego and experience states of union with the all. Look at your ego as one mask in many that you use to experience reality. The key is not to completely destroy ego but train and discipline it. It is a tool. Learn to use it and train it instead of trying to destroy something that you will always have to some extent anyway. There is no "without ego." This concept you all have of ego death/permanent eradication is a fallacy. The ego is a function of your being. The most you will achieve is subtracting negative conditioning ,immature actions and motivations , and extreme selfishness. Then it is a matter of discipline. Following that you can get to states that totally disassociate with individual self aka the ego and associates with a collective consciousness or a absoluteness. or however you want to describe it. Ego is your identification with an individual self apart from everything else "I am the one piece of the puzzle " Union is an identification with connection of the all , or to put it another way collective consciousness with the absolute. "We are the entire puzzle. " except that is not even entirely accurate since at this level there is not even a subject or a object to contrast or compare everything to. You can lengthen your amount of time in these states of union and you can build up a more of a tolerance for this type of consciousness but you always have to come back to a individual awareness. Until the day you die you will have an aspect of ego. The point is not to destroy it. The point is to use train it ,discipline it and use it for what It is good for. I see the ego as a tool not the enemy. Just as I see union as a tool. These are both tools to achieve different levels of consciousness awareness and states of being. To answer your question No ego is not synonymous with duality
  7. Birth and death are in fact are the same process as all things are one united. Nonduality is Oneness, unity knowing and understanding on all levels that everything is essentially one thing. If it helps you to understand think of it like this life is a infinite process of birth , struggle, growth, death. but the problem is that everyone sees these stages as separate and individual when in fact Birth --->flows into struggle ------->instigates growth-----> comes to a end and death is the natural by product. Stop looking at things as separate close isolated processes. Instead look at them as one force that flows into and is transformed but still the same force. Once you can see the unified processes of everything nonduality will become a fluent understanding. That includes you, you are the all, you are the infinite. So in fact there is no death. Death is a mirror transition one step in the process. You can not see the other steps above it because you are not there yet. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”― Albert Einstein From non-duelist perspective death one step in the infinite process it is a transition point from one thing to the next there is noting to fear. Even knowing that you may still have fear because you are fearing the unknown and you can not know what the next step is. I'll let you in on a secret "none of us know ether ."
  8. @BobbyLowell This is a confidence issue first But even this can be a gift if used correctly , let me explain. When you have a experience or you feel like you have gotten a understanding but then that doubt creeps up and you start questioning it do not look at this in a negative light. It is a gift go back and attack the doubt by collecting more data find a new way to test your understanding yourself. If you still doubt find another angle to explore it from keep pushing though keep exploring your assumptions until you feel confident and sure of the answer. what will happen is one two things one your assumption is correct and you prove that thought repeated experience Or two though your repeated experiences you find that your assumption was untrue. More experience and more data will resolve this naturally as the answer will become more and more apparent until you can not ignore the truth of it. This will improve your confidence it will improve you sureness and it will improve you understanding of everything on a deeper level than most even put forth. good luck
  9. @zazed I practce active mindfulness, mantra and positive affirmations using mala beads. Gratudde meditation Reverse mindfulness Moving meditation Visulation But this is only a spit in the bucket I view meditation as a exploration using awarness I do not view it as ridged pracice. I change my meditation pracice to addess and explore what I need at the time. For me awarness is the key that opens reality. The only question I have is: what is the next focus of my awarness ? what will I explore next ?
  10. My experience has shown me that individual consciousness is networked into collective consciousness. Why this has to be perceived as an illusion? It is just the state of existence now it is the way reality expresses itself. This may not always be so, but it is how it is now. You have several modes open to experience consciousness. Individual mode (self) , shared mode (self and other) and a third completely immersive mode (as the all) with no distinction other than unity. All the rest of this mind-fuckery about god deceiving himself and god splinting consciousness and such is pointless. God as a term should not even come into play as everyone defines this differently enlightenment is not about belief it is about awareness. Though awareness you can experience these three modes and open yourself to becoming all. All you should care about is experiencing awareness and moving forward. Focusing on theory and belief is pointless just keep gaining awareness go deeper and you will experience the answer. That is what you are really after anyway direct experience though awareness now. Stop asking questions about the infinite and go become the infinite.
  11. @Sahil Pandit Read Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy by Eric Yudelove, (Foreword by)Mantak Chia Best book on Taoist internal alchemy I have read and the only one I recommend It is not just about becoming celibate it is about directing that energy. Good luck
  12. Belief is a bane and handicap to enlightenment work. You should be eradicating them. Belief is not a tool of enlightenment work.
  13. This is not a fair question because it is asking you to choose and I can not I will explain why. Radicalism is a function of balance so I can not be against it or for it it just is. A lot of times people get into a polarized extreme state and to get away from that they choose the exact opposite then after they see the error of both extremes they come to a balanced perspective or understanding. Understand the order and process of inter-relatedness and you will come to understand oneness Anytime you separate something and do not see the process of interconnection you are creating a illusion of separation instead of a understanding that everything is ONE
  14. @Faceless reality is --------------------------------------------> .
  15. What is reality? Answer ------------------------------------------> .