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  1. I took J&J. I had to lay on my bed for four days because it made me so weak I was barely able to even sit. Huge waste of time. Probably I would be better off getting 'natural vaccine'
  2. Your post is quite long, I don't have time to read it properly. Possible reasons why nose is plugged: dry air / air conditioning. I use air humidifiers when heaters are on allergy inflammation (I recommend supplementing antioxidants, they are also helpful if you have an allergy) displaced nasal septum / enlarged turbinates
  3. This is true. I just hate how people look at me at the grocery.
  4. Now it's as dangerous as flu.
  5. Yesterday evening I vaped 5 MeO, today I took half of Armodafinil. I'm almost tripping all day long
  6. With 75 ug alone it's not likely - however I never did 'real' LSD. You would rather need to use other techniques like breathwork or yoga. I would recommend using 100 ugh, it's going to be much more effective. You can do some yoga or breathwork during tripping.
  7. @OBEler I tried several times and it didn't work for me, even with high dose. I suspect that I put the syringe too deep. Another issue with plugging is that you have to go to toilet before tripping. I usually do it soon after I finish eating and it's bad idea to use 5 MeO after a metal. If I don't eat my toilet timing becomes very unpredictable.
  8. I had my third breakthrough with 15 mg vaped. Previous one was two days ago. I didn't want to wait to long because I know I would postpone it again. I see that first experience with 5 MeO is going to be extremly shocking. The most difficult part is finding courage to do it again. During third trip I had much less resistance. I wouldn't call it pleasant but it wasn't a worst nightmare like my first one. I suppose that vaping isn't best method. All of my trips were pleasant close to the end. The issue is that when you vape it hits really fast and HARD! You can't dissolve your resistance because you are COMPLETELY GONE within few seconds. Oh. I did a lot of breathwork and some kriya postures before tripping. This one was especially helpful just before vaping:
  9. LOL. I took me almost a year to convince myself to do 5 Meo DMT. Do you know what is harder to do than vaporizing 5 Meo for the first time? Doing it again Today I finally did it again. It wasn't that bad at all. I lowered my dose this time. It felt like 30 seconds at most, in reality it was rather 5 to 7 minutes. Just do not start with high dose because you will be traumatized like I was.
  10. I had similar experience with 5 HTP taken ~3 hours before tripping. Interesting thing is that it doesn't really work on low doses. 100 ug of 1P LSD (rectal) was extremly strong (still not close to 5 Meo) but 30 ug was barely noticeable. I expected that I can lower the dose because plugging is more effective and 5 HTP will also do it's job. It seems that doesn't work in a linear fashion. I doubt that you can 'save tabs'.
  11. Females might care about height as a number. In reality you can't really tell how tall someone is unless you stand close to them. If you are taller than the girl she will be unable to properly guess your height.
  12. Decaf is a great thing for us addicts! It doesn't have as rich taste as normal coffee has so I add small amount of caffeinated coffee to the mix. It's good enough I also noticed that I drink it much slower (probably because I don't feel I'm getting caffeine), so I lasts longer.
  13. @Striving for more For video editing you might need good graphics card so small, portable laptop might not be a good idea. It depends on the specific app. I would choose Lenovo W series or a desktop computer. I have a laptop which is connected to the docking station 100% of the time. I do not experience any portability benefits because of having a laptop.
  14. @Striving for more Why do you think you not touch screen? I heard it's rather quite useless. You don't need to spend that much. You can get used one with good specs. I bought few years ago and it still up to date. It has 32 GB of RAM and i7 processor which is maybe 10-15% slower that than modern i7 - the only bigger difference is power efficiency. I depends on what you are doing. I think that working on a large 4K screen (>=32) is going to be more productive than using small laptop. I would rather kill myself if I had to use 13" screen I definitely wouldn't buy Surface because you can't even easily change thermal paste or replace SSD if you need.