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  1. i was JW until my late twenties. you don't want to mess with cults. they are the most retarded people due to chronic abuse and brainwashing. they love THEIR god, they are not loving people. but they seem so in order to convert you. there are two type of girls in the cults. one type are the girls with a bunch of psychological issues because of fear and abstinence from sex which makes them dysfunctional in a relationship if they ever dare to have one. the second type are the girls who they live a 'worldly' life undercover but they stay in the cult because of their relatives or family. so searching for p*ssy in a cult is a really stupid idea.
  2. there is zero evidence on the so-called attack to the hospital. 15 burnt cars in a parking lot and zero damage to the near-by buildings. even the trees are in place. all photos are uploaded by Palestinians. war propaganda at its finest.
  3. if someone while sober cannot understand that being Christian is a bias; one trip won't help him at all
  4. i see you didn't said a word about the core of what i said. instead you reacted on the word 'psychedelics'. clearly don't ever touch them again. your problem is your belief system. you believe that there is something out there to make you happy, name it as you like. there isn't. every time you will get disappointed. don't present your narrow perspective as absolute truth. learn to take responsibility for your actions. you create your reality. don't blame others.
  5. so you wanted to escape reality and then you called the police to help you return to reality. you made a mistake to believe your concept of 'truth' as the truth. you are so attached to your concept that you keep trying to justify it. forget 'truth'. psychedelics are about exploring the depths of what you are, not to serve any concept. happiness is right here right now, it is your senses, your breath.
  6. this is true. i cannot find it anywhere except two sites who sell 10g and more. the site i had bought it from is down permanently. i guess the demand will force labs to create it again
  7. 30$/g is expensive compared to 70$/kg from china
  8. i really like Angelo Dilullo
  9. the fighting is hilarious. i agree on the rest. but my point is that you cannot prove anything to anyone in this work. each person has to see for himself. i don't like the blame game which is more present from the zen school side. ps. i even know which exact time Brendan Lee will pop up saying hi in Ralston's videos. I appreciate every teaching but i'm in this forum because i feel there is something more.
  10. the 'you' was ironic but i'd really like to know who is speaking here without having a pure ego.
  11. shouldn't be a contest. but i see egos fighting over the way to achieve it. which is hilarious because aspect of awakening is accepting that everything is god.
  12. funny, Ralston has too. the reality here is that awakening has become a dick contest. but that is also 'god'. meditation is imaginary, psychedelics are imaginary. why all this endless debates? practice whatever you like but at the end of the day you can't prove anything to anyone. it's all about 'you'
  13. this is exactly my feeling for the 'sonia' type of speakers. something is missing. it looks like a disorder along with the autistic language.
  14. Youtube has become full of people talking neo-advaitan stuff. There is nobody, there is no person, nothing to do blah blah. They all use a fixated language and the majority of them tying to sell no-thing in order to survive. While awakening is not a personal story, i don't see why denying what's apparently happening (life). This makes me wonder if they have depersonalization/derealization disorder mistaking it for awakening. On the other hand in which level depersonalization is awakening? There is a girl 'Sonia' who in many of her videos cries. 'everything is dying' 'losing my parents' 'losing my dog' 'no goals' 'no career'. When in reality nothing has changed apart for her view on reality.
  15. I run an automotive group on facebook for turbocharging/supercharging a specific car chassis. I have huge experience (direct) on the subject so i don't want people spreading misinformation or promoting their beliefs about it. Therefore moderation is instant and very strict. Whenever a new member needs information can find it easily without being bombarded from clueless folks who probably killing their time. The way to deal with this people is instant ban whenever they break a rule because they don't have the time to form a sub-group. In contrast similar groups with little to no moderation are completely useless for gaining knowledge. People post whatever shit they like often recurring or they fight with each other and finally a noob cannot decide who is telling a fact or something he heard from some other guy in the internet.