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  1. @PsiloPutty Interesting thing is that even when you are not reacting to something with your mind, your body may react. Sometimes it's really mind-blowing, it seems like a body has its own life. But it also changes, it becomes more flexible and feels lighter. I guess that's because all the emotions and blocks it had once are being released. I think some physical exercises are also important, they help your body to adjust quicker. At least that's how it feels to me. So yeah... good luck with your practice
  2. Watching figure skating works perfect for me. (I know that sounds ridiculous, but you are just staring intensely at the people on ice, so why not? since I like figure skating... it works even better than a regular meditation for me) Reading also works great. I guess anything will work if you really dive into it. Maybe that's why concentrating on something you like works so well.
  3. @PsiloPutty An insight happened that I wasn't ready for and all that turned into a terrible panic attack. Even when I understood everything and the mind calmed down, the body itself was in the panic mode for months. But after that my life changed completely, so I have no regrets, even though that felt like hell. The insight was so potent that I felt that the process will go on anyways even without me meditating or doing some special techniques. In these two years I used beats maybe twice.
  4. Making a breakthrough with binaural beats create a lasting effect. After that happened to me I found that I, on the contrary, didn't use them for a very long time, because they are quite powerful. Never found myself addicted to them. I would recommend to use what resonates with you the most at the time.
  5. @Neo I guess you just have to be ready for any weird stuff that may appear in your field of vision.
  6. @Neo I don`t know. A few times I noticed that pavement or things with ornaments on them tremble, when I don`t look at them directly. Also once when I looked at the floor with dots of different shape and size I had a feeling like if that floor is some kind of an endless tunnel and I am moving forward or when I stare closely at the yoga mat I also see some lines or waves, which are constantly moving above its surface as if there is something, but I can`t see it. All of this is quite interesting. Also with time they became more noticeable or there are times, when they aren`t or I just don`t pay attention.
  7. @Barna Sorry, I don`t have the link. The title was something like Third Eye Opening... and the channel was NuMeditationMusic. I didn`t do any special exercise, I just sat still with my eyes closed trying not to think about anything. That insight happened during the third time I was meditating using that music, but I had some progress with self-analysis and using beats before trying 936, so you may need more or less time listening to it. Be careful and good luck.
  8. I noticed some changes in the way how I feel my body. For exemple, I don`t feel my heartbeat as I felt it before, especially when the pulse rate is over 80. Once I accidentally discovered that it was over 80, it didn`t feel any different from 60. Also the way how I react to tickles. The feeling of it is present, but it`s not as unbearable as it was before, etc. I would be very grateful if you would share some information about the changes in perception, if you can say so. And also I am interested in sensations that can arise (like of those which occur, when the charkas are opening, etc). I would be thankful for any information provided.
  9. I used them in the past. And they really produce a lasting effect. But I would recommend not to use high frequences as they can accelarate experience that you may not be ready for and thus if you will have a major insight during such meditation your experience can result in a strong ego resistance, which can be very challenging. In my case that was a panic attack and that was hell. You need to surrender, but even when I started to surrender those strong panic symptoms continued for weeks. When mind calmed, the body still was in panic. Be careful. Personally for me ambient music is a good substitute, since I couldn`t meditate without any music due to low blood pressure that can easily make me asleep, even if I am sitting. I didn`t use any binaural beats since that time.
  10. @JevinR Awareness helps you to notice the root cause of all those neurosis and by noticing that you are becoming more free. Any of that comes from identity. Understanding that you are not just your mind and your body makes those identity-fears irrelevant. But it won`t give you all the answers you seek for.
  11. @Raphael Astral projection requires a specific technique and you were just meditating. I guess you experienced expansion. The thing is that you are getting closer to the truth and that`s why your mind tortures you with this immense fear. I had a similar experience, however mine was so intense that I fell off only for three days, then the true self made its thing and a lot of fear came out resulting in a huge panic. I don`t meditate right now, but changes are happening to me gradually. I also had two more panic attacks, but they weren`t so intense as the first one. It`s like the fear of death is gradually fades out. Crying helps a lot. Your ego is crying accepting its own time limits. You need to accept that you will eventually die (your personality and the body). Actually I think it is okay to slow down, you need to trust your intuition (but not to abandon everything) and take the pace you need to gradually conquer that fear. Also watching topic-related videos may help a lot. I posted a link to the topic I created during my panic attack, maybe it will help you somehow. There are also some helpful videos or you can search for more yourself. And this guide is also very helpful. At least it helped me a lot.
  12. @Mal Wow, really)) Thanks, I didn`t notice) I guess his words just caused some kind of resistance in me)
  13. @Mal If that `shadow` is the collective image of fears (and he said something like that, that the shadow makes you scared), then all of them will be neutralized after awakening. But it is a gradual process. Basically they are the products of ego, so when your ego will be shaken, all of them will gradually fade. In fact I had a feeling that by using this word he is trying to sell on his technique, as if that shadow is such a big deal that you need somebody to guide you. There is also one more thing. Ken Wilber wasn`t able to sit still even for a moment. Well, I don`t know, maybe his technique is helpful, but his words are full of gaps. At least personally for me. @Heart of Space I think that the less you know about all those studies the better for you. You need to question everything, but to keep the balance at the same time and not to become too judgemental or critical. That means you have to throw yourself in a lake of numerous doubts, where nothing is clear. When you will become so open that you will be able to assume that nonsense can have a sense, you will have much more chances to have an insight.