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  1. Can you name some Turquoise guys in their teens/20s/30s? I love guys like Stan Grof and Shinzen Young but I think I'd resonate more with someone who's closer to my age. Couldn't find a guy like that though. Thank you!
  2. This is so true. Leo man I love you and you know a lot more about the nature of reality than I do but it'd be nice to acknowledge that being rude does not help the viewers and people on this forum, it just makes them feel bad and less worthy of love. You can love yourself and become aware of this at the same time, it would make you a better human being. It is not your fault that you have health issues but it's not our fault either. If you are us then what if you were nice to us?
  3. Yeah, I think many of us on this forum feel this way. What's awesome about living in this era is that you can influence the situation in a positive way. Psychedelics are going through a renaissance and it's on us to make a change.
  4. Pleaaaaaase interview Matt Kahn and ask him about his daily routine and what he thinks of psychedelics. I would kill to see that episode.
  5. If consciousness was about brain chemistry and external chemicals were bad, we should also start eating, drinking and breathing because it changes our brain chemistry.
  6. This guy is starting to move from orange to green. I went through the same thing in the past where I was trying to hold on to orange by demonizing veganism. I feel like the way we can help him evolve is not by judging him and trying to argue with his opinions. His mind is made up right now and the best way to help him is with love. If I didn't become more loving, I'd never become a vegan. When I wasn't a vegan, most vegans were actually holding me back from becoming a vegan.
  7. This guy TripTips ( is a fantastic editor and I believe he would be best suited for your job. His videos are the most addictive things ever, I wouldn't be surprised if he had 75%+ average view duration. He probably watches your content and is definitely interested in the topics you're talking about. I'll message him about this because I think he'd be into it.
  8. What the fuck is wrong with vomiting on clients and touching their genitals if it helps them heal? Just because we find it nasty or inappropriate doesn't make it bad. It would be a different story if Martin's clients complained about him but he has done over 4000 sessions and there is not a single client who talked about the sessions negatively. Martin also never forced anyone to be his client. I don't have much personal experience with 5-MeO but it makes a lot of sense to me that he smokes 5-MeO with his clients and does bodywork on them. Martin said that they almost always tell him that the session was more healing than they could've imagined, even if they tried 5-MeO before. None of us has nearly as much experience with the substance as him so how can we judge him and say that what he's doing is wrong or ineffective?
  9. IMO shrimps and mussels are not worth it but oysters are awesome. There's also some evidence showing they don't feel pain much if at all. I'm a vegan right now but once I live somewhere where oysters are local and affordable, I will probably add 1 or 2 oysters a day into my diet.
  10. I used to meditate for couple of hours a day when the quarantine started but it didn't make me sleep any better and I had to sleep for just as many hours as usual. Maybe that's because I did challenging types of meditation, if it makes you relax it can definitely decrease your need for sleep. Either way, you will notice how your body reacts and you wanna listen to your body.
  11. Everyone's different but it's awesome to first work on things like sleep, nutrition and exercise. These are fundamental and they'll impact every other piece and skill you're about to learn and embody next. You can also start with psychedelics, they will also impact everything else and imo they're much easier to incorporate into your life then serious meditation or yoga.
  12. It's the most boring story I experienced ego death, surrendered to something extremely intense that I can't describe and then I only remember waking up. After that I felt terror so maybe the experience was unpleasant but I don't remember that What surprised me btw is that the onset was really fast, the death lasted for like 3 seconds. Yeaaah I'd get kicked out for sure Yes, exactly that way although it was 5-Meo acetate, not HCl. No meds except for herbs like turmeric and ashwagandha, these might play a role though. Zero health conditions but I'm going through something like kundalini pre-awakening if that counts.