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  1. Alternatively, how to use/excert power responsibly. I've just realised that I have shadows in this area, and I think it's causing problems in my life. When I was young and stage red, I would experiment with how to excert my will over people, which I was kinda successful at in some cases, with some people. Later I realised how selfish it was, and discarded that part of myself. I'd love to see a video about power, how it manifests in different spiral dynamics stages, how to use power responsibly, the pitfalls, Absolute Power etc. I'm gonna contemplate on my own relationship with power, but I feel a video from you would be helpful. I think many people create a shadow of the concept of power, especially when trasitioning into stage green. Thanks Leo!
  2. The camera icon, top right corner
  3. I'm doing music production myself, and what I've found is this. Follow your inspiration. Find ways to be really productive, crazy productive, practicing instruments, reading notes, studying different styles of music, but do it in a way that you find attractive and fun. When the going gets tough just switch things up. It doesn't really matter if you're jumping between different things when you're doing music if you're playing the long game. Having breadth of experience is seriously powerful, and smooths things out when you're working with other people. Go with the flow, experiment, try different things, or stick to one thing if that's your style. Mastery of music can mean a million different things. It's ok to get crazy with it, and you'll surely find a really unique niche and sound. Music is infinite. Best of luck to you!
  4. I'd heard it a million times, but the Ego still had the driver's seat for so damn long. I fell into the solipsism trap, and stayed there after my first Enlightenment experience 2 years ago. I'm finally starting to grasp the depth of self deception, and spiritual bypassing. There must be a thousand things that I'm still self decieved about, but I'm finally serious about having my Ego sacrifice itself for the greater good of the world, and the greater good of the Universe. Even with a dedicated meditation practice, the ego decided that other people don't exist, while my ego claimed to be the energy that generates Everything. I've been really egotistical, and have been neglecting the larger Holons. I want to create something beautiful in my LP, not for recognition, but to serve. I'm finally starting to get it. I thought I was so Enlightened, haha. But I need to double down. Thanks for working so hard on letting me realise this. Leo, I fuckin love you, you've given me so much. It's always beautiful to have a real paradigm shift. I hope it sticks this time. Peace
  5. I think people watching streams is also about outsourcing passion. Stuck people trying to fill their cup elsewhere. Why people stream, and why people watch is obviously really complex. If you're trying to build a brand, streaming is marketing and content creation in one attack. It's fucking efficient. Personally I watch them to have something in the background while I practice guitar.
  6. @Leo Gura Stage blue is rough to look at sometimes
  7. @Yarco interesting take, quite the mindbender for me actually, seeing as I tend to lean more towards@Thestarguitarist14 's style.. thanks for the responses! For the sake of conversation, my current routine is - waking up, make green tea (do some cleaning while the water is heating up), meditate until i finish my tea - takes about 25 minutes, warm up my voice and guitar, then work for about 2-3 hours on my music, work out, shower, healthy breakfast after a long fast. After that I tend to trail off a bit, but I try to at least get some music practice in. I find that if I'm lacking sleep, I'll need to use drugs (coffee, nicotine and alcohol) to get any work done. I try to avoid lack of sleep as much as possible.
  8. Hi. I'm working to actualize my life purpose at the moment, currently working for home. I like the idea of going directly from my morning routine to working, but it's hard for me to fully commit to the transition. I'm wondering - what are your morning routines, and what are your rituals to transition to work mode, what are your hours, and do you take weekends?
  9. Hey! I'm intending to build a bussiness, so I want to read a good, high quality bussiness magazine to get into the right mindset. Suggestions?
  10. @Nahm Is fluctuation an absolute?
  11. @JosephKnecht Doesn't The Absolute have the power to create Absolute limits upon itself?
  12. @JosephKnecht Nice concise take on paradigms
  13. @Fadl So you believe it's possible to reach a stage where you never regress into lower stages? or are you just pointing out non duality
  14. Hey! In regards to the latest video. I've recently experienced regressions in ego stages, and can remeber more than a handful of other times where this has happened. I believe it can happen often in differing stages of consciousness, for example, you should plunge deeper into it the more hungry you feel, and a million other huge or minor problems your ego percieves at one time. Is there a realistic limit to how deeply a person can temporarily regress?
  15. @flume looks really amazing! Hoping to someday get into this myself