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  1. @What Am I
  2. @Breakingthewall Exactly, still nothing comes close
  3. I am 30 now and have been watching Leo since High School, a lot of us here have had absent fathers, might be weird to say but Actualized has been supplemental parenting essentially, Leo makes videos about exciting stuff but he also takes the time to break down nuanced things that other people simply don't have the patience to break down, his raw effort converts to raw help, if that is not Love I really don't know what is...Consider the beauty of infinity, that this form of love is just one of the endless facets that it can appear as, and one of those facets is you too, whoever is reading this.
  4. @thierry Keep letting the mushrooms heal you, try healing in any way you can first, just to know you have tried everything, I am bipolar and I only recently found a balance, it is worth it, mark my words... You have no idea how ridiculously good life can still get, why be conservative by drawing conclusions way too early? I have been in your spot just listen!
  5. @r0ckyreed Do the work and you will be amazed.
  6. @Gadasaa It is a simple question, a simple curiosity, who am I? And the answer sounds too good to be true, the fact that more people aren't this existential baffles me, we are spinning on a ball around a space furnace...
  7. @Inliytened1 But it keeps evolving to be gooder lol, I know what you mean though...
  8. It seems the older that I get, (30 now) the more that the pieces are starting to come together. I could talk on and on about how good God is, how good infinity is, how good you are, but I want to keep this brief. The truth IS good, it is not neutral, it is not empty, it is not complacent, it is good. Just love yourself with the same depth that infinity loves you with. It is both real and unreal, your pain and experience is real, but only out of love, so that you and me can be real for a short while, until you disassemble yourself. I love you. Stay strong and the universe will send you a lifeline. I promise.
  9. @Soul Flight They would make dick jokes, it is fun to visit the delights of the ego from a higher peaceful state, but consider that the result of this experiment could be something unexpected...
  10. @Hello from Russia Navalny is my role model and I am Ukrainian
  11. @Someone here A family is willing to kick a man out of their home in the name of Islam for being gay, even if it is their son, Islam is very far away from the Truth and I will not sugar coat that. All religions have a core of Truth though I will give you that...
  12. @Theplay I see your point, yes
  13. @Someone here In Islam they cover women head to toe, this is a crime against humanity, women should be able to express themselves however they choose and not be covered in a beekeeper outfit...
  14. @Theplay Suffering is a kind teacher who just wants you to be happy already...
  15. @Princess Arabia You are right there is no "you" or free-will it is so freaking obvious..... This is just an example but it really helps me so perhaps this may help others. If the Big Bang created this universe but had occurred in a different way let's say, that would obviously lead you to make different choices right? So if you follow the breadcrumb trail of your current thoughts backwards through time, in a sense you can say that the Big Bang had absolute will or more free will than you as it pushed the dominos to influence your will right now. If your thoughts right now are just the result of this domino effect, that means your thoughts and actions simply cannot be independent of this process. Even the moment you sit down to meditate, that is a process pre-ordained by the universe billions of years ago (there is no time but let's think in terms of causality). Not having free will does not mean that each thought and action won't evolve for the better, your thoughts and actions will evolve for the better I personally guarantee this. which is why we must trust the process and trust the universe. (You)niverse. You cannot actually intervene here, if you reach your hand out and try to change something here, that too has been preordained. In a sense you have never even done anything as you are not the "doer" or the original pusher of the dominoes. Imagine a self aware movie or a virtual reality mask but without anyone actually wearing the mask! You are just left to surrender and observe while you are free-falling, even while you are reading this post. As God you have absolute will but right now you are not reading. Reading is simply happening! So trust. trust. trust. Of course the big bang is just a backstory and there is no time, however this is just an analogy that helps me. So sit in silence a little each day, trip a little, and enjoy the show! Nobody is watching it. The show itself is the body, the show itself is the self, without a self. The chair is empty. Does this make sense?