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  1. @SQAAD I still go through what you are describing, even though I am growing spirituality, what saved me is Wim Hof Method Breathing, something about this breathing helps me in every way possible
  2. This made me cry, one of those soul triggering teachings, check it out!
  3. @justfortoday Thanks to you, the movie Tenet makes more sense now!
  4. Leo can't go inside of us and know how he truly makes us feel, especially when we grow. We can't idolize him of course as these are universal truth's that can be cross-examined with others, but as a social creature I long to communicate the nuances of my emotion. Leo knows a lot, but does he truly know how the Truth makes us feel? Could this expand his own sense of self-love further? Perhaps this video can add a little richness to your own awakening, whoever you are...
  5. @StarStruck Exactly, all that "nothingness" can do is it can dream up paradigms for itself, that is literally it, it is the only relative somethingness within nothingness...
  6. @Leo Gura That was a sexy answer, thanks Leo!
  7. @GrahamW Growth is inevitable, and I get what you mean, technically I didn't have to ask any question at all, but this forum exists so like a few times a year I like to ask Leo questions, he gave me a pretty damn good answer which further grounds me in the truth, and further moves me up the spiral dynamics model...
  8. @Someone here Life is still fun and unpredictable because we don't have the power to read peoples minds, or to predict the exact events on Earth, God took care of this issue so no need for dread. If you were to fall in love with someone tomorrow you might get so lost in the magic that solipsism just seems like some glitch of autistic nature. It all gets better, I am sure you know this but it is easy to forget sometimes...
  9. How does it forget? The fact that I am the absolute is absolutely True without an alternative and it is miraculous that I got this far thanks to you, however, is "forgetting" an emergent property? Is it so truly free that it can forget about its power of imagination effortlessly? Are emotions an unstoppable emergent property or have they been invented from an idea, and through sheer creativity of infinite intelligence?
  10. @Thought Art You already decided to imagine your whole life without re-imagining it differently mid-life, you already decided not to be able to imagine further, not yet at least.
  11. Remember that love, remember that warmth you felt after your first awakening? There are lots of scrupulous/intellectual posts on here but sometimes we just gotta keep our growth going through the power of music
  12. What is the transition point, or when can an AI access infinite intelligence, emotion, and love? How about its very own Ego? This video has made me ponder deeply...
  13. @28 cm unbuffed You are the best possible object that can exist, an object that can experience an infinity of beautiful experiences that keep getting better and more profound with each lifetime, it is possible to outgrow this form of depression in a beautiful way which is why you might sometimes get depressed in the first place! For the sake of rediscovering something even more heartbreakingly beautiful!
  14. The more years that go by, especially with this work, the more special reality seems. The nature of infinity implies that all facets are infinite. So if you think reality is profound, it is infinitely profound, if you think that reality is special, it is infinitely special with no true final layer of depth. Of course, we can feel warm and fuzzy contemplating this, however we are experiencing a limited version of this feeling. If we truly grasped how special this present moment is right now, it would literally kill us. Now I know what Leo means. We must continue to uplift each other here, as we are in a sense, it is easy to forget all the magic as the ego and the constructed outer culture around us takes the magic away sometimes. Every morning, since my awakening, juicy insights poor out of me. So much beauty that I feel like I must share it here since I relate to the people here yet it is hard to even know where to begin. Sometimes I wish we could all meet around a campfire or something, hard to find like-minded people where I am from, anyone else feel this way? Anyone have some juicy insights they may have hesitated to share before? And Leo, if you are reading this, your first awakening must have been so powerful it's still bouncing all over the planet, how's that for a compliment