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  1. @Questioner Are you afraid of tripping deeply?
  2. @Someone here You forced yourself to exist, the fact that you don't remember anything means that your idea while being God worked It is simple
  3. @hoodrow trillson I claim it. Thank you friend.
  4. He is fine. He is prepared. He has access to molotov cocktails. This is a bigger spiritual test for me than any psychedelic. In a way Leo strengthened me over the years. Thank you Leo. Thank you everyone here who have been so supportive of Ukraine. (Leo send me the solipsism video just kidding not kidding) Maybe it will help me in this wartime...I don't post often go easy on me moderators.
  5. @spiritual memes "The You in You is the same as the You in me" goosebumps... thank you for the video. Sometimes the simple stuff that we already know here on the forum can still resonate all over again as if for the first time. Sometimes the "importance" of life creeps back in so these reminders genuinely help, like a mini-trip and re-cap!
  6. @BenG Explore new ways to give and realize that's all that you've ever wanted, to enrich others with love, it takes time, you will grow into being more selfless with time
  7. @thenondualtankie I agree, life is essentially God 101 training, it gets more and more beautiful as you realize that you've wanted to be selfless in the first place and didn't even know it
  8. @Zedman I think there is some weird stuff in there too, like whole new categories of experience, there could be something sort of like "Humor" but a more extreme form. I also imagine geometry exchanging novel forms of pleasure, no subject and object, just a mess of perceptions and states of infinite enjoyment.
  9. @Zedman This is my exact thinking process on the matter. Especially if I have to go through all of infinity several times, not looking forward to being some bitter and miserable human if it's truly unavoidable. Also how can it truly be infinite? It can't contain a baby being tortured for a thousand years as there needs to be growth into love not just meaningless suffering, so not everything I can imagine now exists somewhere, do you think it is an infinity WITH parameters? Leo did say it is biased towards love. I've only done shrooms I'm sure I will laugh at my silly questions once I go deeper with ayahuasca.
  10. @Mason Riggle Yeah I don't disagree with that. All I know, it is beautiful nonmatter how you slice it.
  11. @Tyler Durden Yeah I was thinking along those lines, finding new ways of explaining it in my head really helps, you are supposed to "not-think" but certain insights can help a lot
  12. @Someone here Yeah, like Leo said, you become Love when you don't see differences anymore, something like that, differences don't actually exist
  13. Notice right now...every appearance is so illusory and fleeting that ultimately nothing at all is occurring, its like "non-existence" is a good salesman trying to sell you "existence". Duality doesn't even exist, only the momentary "appearance" of duality. Now fast-forward all of time super-fast, and look, nothing gets achieved! It is like a VHS tape going a million miles per hour so ultimately the movie can never arrive and permanently stay, so it doesn't achieve a particular movie or even existence itself. Let this naturally resonate with no analysis, it is shockingly obvious once it is obvious. There is no finish-line, you've already crossed the finish-line when you were born, you've achieved creation already. You are fully infinite even if it feels like you are seeking, ultimately you don't have to seek since you are infinite, but you want to so you pretend to. You are only fully home when self-deception ends.
  14. @OneIntoOne The dream within actual "nothing" is a dream of the infinite, non-existence itself dreaming about existence, that's how I look at it, but as you know language is very inaccurate...