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  1. Hey guys , do you have access or any experience with this particular course , I'm really curious to get into this program - - ?
  2. Lorax , is the great example of stage orange traits and it's limitations + Transformational event from Onarge into Green.
  3. @bazera Yeah that's the problem in Tbilisi ,I am Georgian by the way. , I took this as an excuse , I've tried to pick some girls but non of them is The "Right" one . You should beg her to sex with her. I don't think that you will enjoy a night with stage blue Georgian Girl. But now I know , There are some stage orange Chicks in clubs : Bassiani , Gallery and etc .
  4. Guys What do you think about new epidemy ? I think It will impact World economy , like 2008. I think something bad is coming.
  5. 24.02.2020 I am struggling with my PTSD , a week ago i realized that "I" was not a problem , I've tried Very Strong marijuana for the first time of my life and was very Fearful . after that i was blaming myself that i was too weak and cant handled the grass and got me crazy. after that accident i had mental health issues ; fears anxiety and etc. And now i realized that It is not my fault. Its was how i Grown up with difficult family , my father always shouted at me , there was always stressful situation in my family and still is . The only way escape this hard situation is to become Financially independent. And i know fuck everyone and everything i will do it . only thing will stop me is death . so I've set up Plan. 1. Firstly i need to take care of my health issues , Mental and Physical ones . I've set up My own Therapy in my commonplace book . I don't have enough Budget to get therapy or any other support all i can do is me and me . Cure myself. 2. Secondly , I've Set up Guide to Financial Freedom So yesterday , I pushed mt comfort zone . I took my Saving 41.21 Gel = 12 $ , And go outside. Then i go cheap store and Bought two Water mugs for sports people . and one marvel cup. Then i moved to gym and tried to sell my product it was Challenging . i had fears and other bullshit in my mind but i pushed through anyways. It didnt work . I spent 5 hours every gym to sell one of these but uggh. Anyways it was good experience . I've Talked to many strangers and overcome some Excuses. So today i will sell it on its like Local . 3. I need to cut all my shitty friends . I have 4 Best friends Since Childhood. but i cant Understand them anymore . They become sarcastic the work i do They are Wasting times and Playing cards hanging and bitching around. It will be hard but i need to cut them. The easy way is to move another county i think USA is the Best. I need to win Green Card. I am aware that i am just 19 , Little Confused but its ok . I know I can Fight for my vision : Its a bit complicated and Personal . I gotta go for a running now .
  6. 21.02.2020 Today I realized , That I don't Give a shit. that's all I won't Take life too seriously anymore "Ultimately Nothing Really Matters" - Napoleon Hill . Reality Will be Reality Nothing will change except my perception.
  7. I am Learning Arabic , It is not that hard as it seems , If you are learning Japanese it will be easier For you. Plus it is very interesting , you will discover so much eastern traditions and so on. if you decide to go with it Firstly you Should start with alphabet I recommend This dude. I am here if u have any other questions. UDACHI
  8. 13.02.2020 / Over View / *Different Style of English* First of all i am so grateful that i am tapping this keyboard. Past 4-5 Month was so Life changing for me. 2019.9.13 - 8:00 Am *Agnostic Shako" " Arrogant Shako" "Judgmental Shako" , "Masturbating 24/7 Shako " "Eating Junk food Shako" "Macho Shako" is at work , I am working for a building up company , it's a summer 39 c hot , holiday time , i am free from university and decided to Get a Job. The last day of the job 2019.9.13, i've always had fears about not to fail at the end of smth , And of course Boom *Anxiety* ( Last Anxiety Period 2018.08 - 2019.02) Hits , that was Shocked to me After all my struggles and Pain , It starts Again.... I took my money after 27 days of Working hard 1000 gel = 310$ 2019.9.13 7:00 PM and go home with my Old friends --> Anxiety , Fear , And the Other Bullshit 2019.9.13 - 22:00 - *Bad Time* *Listening to music* *my thoughts : Nah man am not gonna my Health issues to Ruin my life* , * Shit this starts again* ] *What am i doing wrong* *Why again* *Yeah absolutely man You were doing good* *Maybe i missed something ?* * Okey its time man it is timee , I am gonna change everything right now* *But its ok because i know i can embrace it* *But it is also so sad , And Hard * - 2019.9.14 - *Waking up* * Fuck my life* *How many times Should i Let go anxiety and Again it comes Even bigger* *At this time I did not know shit about me , or why i had anxiety* *Ok* *Lets Just live*'' *Or maybe i can Find some solutions? What if i Find a better way of Healing my Self ?* * BTW i am from Stage Blue environment , "My Friends" "My family" " My city , The USSR Society Georgia,Tbilisi* * Time pases* 2019.9.15 - 13.02.2020 *Started Running* *Taste of Success , and joy* *anxiety reduces* ** * Oh this dude is taking real shit , It would be nice to watch this dude every day* *Oh yeah it would be better to Download mp3 and listen to fre time * *Okey damnn* *Started Reading books* *First book : meditations* *Amor Fati* *First Life Crisis* *Mannnn ive wasted m life doing shit *Okey Look man i've accomplished so much , We reduced Anxiety and Fear" "RIGHT" *We can Do better* *We can change My Whole Life* *Stop being Macho* *Quit Watching Porn* *Quit Social Media* *Quit Making Memes* *Quit Masturbating* *Quit Sugar* *Started Drinking Water Consistently" *George Leonard - Mastery* *Alchemist* * Realized How much i can do* *Mistakes : I was running , running , until i realized that i had life crisis * Man wait, i should slow down* * I am moving to fast* *Mistakes : Misunderstanding Spirituality , God And Advanced Teachings. *Confusion and Mindfucks* * Started demonizing Leo* *Realized that i was Agnostic but there is something more into life But my psyche and my understanding and that Views of my world Maybe it is false* *Okey i am confues right now but , I know something will save me " *Oh okey fisrt i need to go lower stages of maslows hierarchy and then go to find deepest Truth , Other wise my understanding is So poor , i Don't know shit about this stuuf* *Ahaa i know now "And those who were seen dancing thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" Yeah i cant hear music , Thats right , my understanding is so poor , I am not ready for this yet * Lets Drop sptirituality , And Absoulte Truth kinda stuff and Focus on Lower stages of pyramid *Fears, Anxiety, About Advanced stuff* * okey now i can let go all of my needs to know and later i will do better* *Shit wtf u are talking about man you cant even buy a Bread for your money , you are depended on your parents, I dont even have my own house food , girlfirend , True friend* *Shit i was deceiving myself whole time , I fall into trap of Reality & appearance" * I thought i was on the TOP of the GROWTH and SUCCESS* *Realized it was only just the beginning OF the Journey* *Created Commonplace book* *Started Going Library* *Set up Project and Step by step guide how to become financialy free* *We Back To Game * 12.12.2019 Daily Routine 12.2.2020 Daily routine 2019.9.13 2019.9.14 10.12.2019 1.01.2020