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  1. Just had the same thoughts recently , I encountered my classmate which I used to love in first grade, shes really shining. And I had this painful/Inspiring realization that i need to be more And do much work on myself, to offer myself as a high value man as you said. I guess it's useful feeling and point to Self-Reflect , to identify our flaws and work on them. This type of reflection ? is really a powerful one . Questions like I am Not enough for her don't ( which I had ) necessarily represent "Insecurity" , rather radical self honesty that this is true. Yeah so that inspired me to be better than I am now. ((( Although She won't wait. ?? This work can't be done in Hours , gotta get her any other way. At the same time I think 9/10 girls need much deep qualities than money and good physical appearance which you might have(,dp qualities). I'm sure ,as of now I have it ( for her ) , and you also have it for them... .. moments of inspiration , is pretty usual in my life, but it's not long lasting for me.. ( Let's see how this one gonna last )time passes some things are changed but some things stayed the same. You mentioned money and physical appearance for me these 2 qualities should be on point any other way. You:ll need money anyways, you need to live healthy and strong and nice physical appearance is part of it and must. So applying Self-discipline here with strong stark vision is must , inspiration will come and go and it's like a bonus... I wish your inspiration will make you to make bold changes and take actions which will turn you into high quality/value man. Act on inspiration - that's what I say to myself now. And I'll say that to you as well.
  2. Hello there , 2 years ago my father passed away, I'm left with mother and two (11-12) siblings, financial wise inherited almost nothing... I have very hard time ( from time to time ) accepting this , sometimes I think that I'm "father" ( I want to be father for my brother and sister because my father wasn't always there for me once I needed him , thus the love of my sister and brother is making me to adopt the role of father ) of my brother and sister and it's very challenging , can't really set aside time for them because I'm always "out there" to bring some resources from outside, or I'm just working on myself , struggling to give them attention that is required to grow healthy adults. ( My mother is working full time yet financialwise she doesn't bring much , I pay all the bills, rent etc .) I've got this question how to deal my internal turmoil of dualistic edge of complaining, moaning, why do I "have to", I should be focusing on myself more, my personal life , not being a "family provider guy", I didn't choose this way of living..... And When I just process this slowly I come to clear side that I'm doing this because I love my family, because no one will do this except me , beacz kids and my mother deserve to live life properly.... Basically this is what I'm going through as a 22 year old, at the same time I've got the answers how I should act but it's very challenging to put all the things together in a proper way Personal Life vs Family life.. ** ME and My brother on the phone. He's asking where are you, let's hang out? You always say "I don't have time" ). It would be pleasure to hear from you guys ?
  3. Hey guys , do you have access or any experience with this particular course , I'm really curious to get into this program - - ?
  4. Lorax , is the great example of stage orange traits and it's limitations + Transformational event from Onarge into Green.
  5. @bazera Yeah that's the problem in Tbilisi ,I am Georgian by the way. , I took this as an excuse , I've tried to pick some girls but non of them is The "Right" one . You should beg her to sex with her. I don't think that you will enjoy a night with stage blue Georgian Girl. But now I know , There are some stage orange Chicks in clubs : Bassiani , Gallery and etc .
  6. Guys What do you think about new epidemy ? I think It will impact World economy , like 2008. I think something bad is coming.
  7. 24.02.2020 I am struggling with my PTSD , a week ago i realized that "I" was not a problem , I've tried Very Strong marijuana for the first time of my life and was very Fearful . after that i was blaming myself that i was too weak and cant handled the grass and got me crazy. after that accident i had mental health issues ; fears anxiety and etc. And now i realized that It is not my fault. Its was how i Grown up with difficult family , my father always shouted at me , there was always stressful situation in my family and still is . The only way escape this hard situation is to become Financially independent. And i know fuck everyone and everything i will do it . only thing will stop me is death . so I've set up Plan. 1. Firstly i need to take care of my health issues , Mental and Physical ones . I've set up My own Therapy in my commonplace book . I don't have enough Budget to get therapy or any other support all i can do is me and me . Cure myself. 2. Secondly , I've Set up Guide to Financial Freedom So yesterday , I pushed mt comfort zone . I took my Saving 41.21 Gel = 12 $ , And go outside. Then i go cheap store and Bought two Water mugs for sports people . and one marvel cup. Then i moved to gym and tried to sell my product it was Challenging . i had fears and other bullshit in my mind but i pushed through anyways. It didnt work . I spent 5 hours every gym to sell one of these but uggh. Anyways it was good experience . I've Talked to many strangers and overcome some Excuses. So today i will sell it on its like Local . 3. I need to cut all my shitty friends . I have 4 Best friends Since Childhood. but i cant Understand them anymore . They become sarcastic the work i do They are Wasting times and Playing cards hanging and bitching around. It will be hard but i need to cut them. The easy way is to move another county i think USA is the Best. I need to win Green Card. I am aware that i am just 19 , Little Confused but its ok . I know I can Fight for my vision : Its a bit complicated and Personal . I gotta go for a running now .
  8. 21.02.2020 Today I realized , That I don't Give a shit. that's all I won't Take life too seriously anymore "Ultimately Nothing Really Matters" - Napoleon Hill . Reality Will be Reality Nothing will change except my perception.
  9. 13.02.2020 / Over View / *Different Style of English* First of all i am so grateful that i am tapping this keyboard. Past 4-5 Month was so Life changing for me. 2019.9.13 - 8:00 Am *Agnostic Shako" " Arrogant Shako" "Judgmental Shako" , "Masturbating 24/7 Shako " "Eating Junk food Shako" "Macho Shako" is at work , I am working for a building up company , it's a summer 39 c hot , holiday time , i am free from university and decided to Get a Job. The last day of the job 2019.9.13, i've always had fears about not to fail at the end of smth , And of course Boom *Anxiety* ( Last Anxiety Period 2018.08 - 2019.02) Hits , that was Shocked to me After all my struggles and Pain , It starts Again.... I took my money after 27 days of Working hard 1000 gel = 310$ 2019.9.13 7:00 PM and go home with my Old friends --> Anxiety , Fear , And the Other Bullshit 2019.9.13 - 22:00 - *Bad Time* *Listening to music* *my thoughts : Nah man am not gonna my Health issues to Ruin my life* , * Shit this starts again* ] *What am i doing wrong* *Why again* *Yeah absolutely man You were doing good* *Maybe i missed something ?* * Okey its time man it is timee , I am gonna change everything right now* *But its ok because i know i can embrace it* *But it is also so sad , And Hard * - 2019.9.14 - *Waking up* * Fuck my life* *How many times Should i Let go anxiety and Again it comes Even bigger* *At this time I did not know shit about me , or why i had anxiety* *Ok* *Lets Just live*'' *Or maybe i can Find some solutions? What if i Find a better way of Healing my Self ?* * BTW i am from Stage Blue environment , "My Friends" "My family" " My city , The USSR Society Georgia,Tbilisi* * Time pases* 2019.9.15 - 13.02.2020 *Started Running* *Taste of Success , and joy* *anxiety reduces* ** * Oh this dude is taking real shit , It would be nice to watch this dude every day* *Oh yeah it would be better to Download mp3 and listen to fre time * *Okey damnn* *Started Reading books* *First book : meditations* *Amor Fati* *First Life Crisis* *Mannnn ive wasted m life doing shit *Okey Look man i've accomplished so much , We reduced Anxiety and Fear" "RIGHT" *We can Do better* *We can change My Whole Life* *Stop being Macho* *Quit Watching Porn* *Quit Social Media* *Quit Making Memes* *Quit Masturbating* *Quit Sugar* *Started Drinking Water Consistently" *George Leonard - Mastery* *Alchemist* * Realized How much i can do* *Mistakes : I was running , running , until i realized that i had life crisis * Man wait, i should slow down* * I am moving to fast* *Mistakes : Misunderstanding Spirituality , God And Advanced Teachings. *Confusion and Mindfucks* * Started demonizing Leo* *Realized that i was Agnostic but there is something more into life But my psyche and my understanding and that Views of my world Maybe it is false* *Okey i am confues right now but , I know something will save me " *Oh okey fisrt i need to go lower stages of maslows hierarchy and then go to find deepest Truth , Other wise my understanding is So poor , i Don't know shit about this stuuf* *Ahaa i know now "And those who were seen dancing thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" Yeah i cant hear music , Thats right , my understanding is so poor , I am not ready for this yet * Lets Drop sptirituality , And Absoulte Truth kinda stuff and Focus on Lower stages of pyramid *Fears, Anxiety, About Advanced stuff* * okey now i can let go all of my needs to know and later i will do better* *Shit wtf u are talking about man you cant even buy a Bread for your money , you are depended on your parents, I dont even have my own house food , girlfirend , True friend* *Shit i was deceiving myself whole time , I fall into trap of Reality & appearance" * I thought i was on the TOP of the GROWTH and SUCCESS* *Realized it was only just the beginning OF the Journey* *Created Commonplace book* *Started Going Library* *Set up Project and Step by step guide how to become financialy free* *We Back To Game * 12.12.2019 Daily Routine 12.2.2020 Daily routine 2019.9.13 2019.9.14 10.12.2019 1.01.2020