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  1. Again, i still deem "free love" as naive. Its marketed as the following but, its absolute nonsense. Its a example of the left and destroying the nuclear family. There's more broken homes, families, and crap sense burning away from religion and God. You dont throw the baby out with the bath water. You can want for a better life and way of being without destroying the past. You can't elevate the present by trashing the past. Its why modern movies are terrible today. Its one of the most off putting elements of the new age. It is the moral superiority of present ideas and free love in contrast to say our grandparents who didn't behave as reckless. There's a reason why our grandparents married for fifty years instead of Netflix and chill. There's nothing free about love. Respectfully, i highly disagree. I think pickup and free love is absolute nonsense. Its people wanting their cake and wanting to eat it too. I don't understand how you can defend one and not the other. Both are foolish and shortsighted imo. i can agree with you on the flings and short term. To sin is to miss the mark. It doesn't mean that we are evil or inherently bad. We're all flawed and prone to selfishness. Pickup, men are trying to get women they can't. Free love women are trying get men they can't. Similarly, Netflix and chill, people are implying its casual bit everyone had an agenda. It is never free. There's always a cost. There's a price yo be paid. Anybody else telling you otherwise is selling you nonsense.
  2. DR E braverman is excellent. I enjoyed the book. Younger thinner you diet. Aims at holistic nutrition.
  3. Hello Anna1 mate, I found the best route is not buying the following snacks or junk food when grocery shopping. A buddy carries little zip lockbbag with nuts in it. He's on a ketosis diet. He looks great. Its something that you can consider. Have you ever tried keto? Don't worry about the twenty pounds. Its a symptom not the cause. It can be stress eating at work. It could be a relationship thing or possibly just getting over the holiday season and hibernation. Do you meal prep? thanks for the vid links. I'll have a look. I am gaining size in the gym before deloading. I can't wait for Spring, outdoor weather, workout outdoors, calisthenics, gymnastic rings, running outdoors, and looking fantastic in a bathing suit. Luck on your healthy goals.
  4. Maybe but four more years. Brexit got down played. Its here. You can women march. You can do a impeachment hoax. You can do more fake news. Winners focus on winning. For all his rhetoric, trolling, and rants, the man has many faults but he knows how to win. Its something the dems could learn a thing or two about.
  5. And yet, he keeps winning. He impeachment was a stupid move. It failed. More moderate voters see the nonsense and will surely vote his way. More importantly, people are inherently selfish. The economy is good and unemployment has been the best in a century. There's no chance people who even hate Trump risk incompetence taking office. Four more years.
  6. I don't understand that wall of text.
  7. Be cautious. Dating coaches want money. Many are frauds. A dozen girls gave their number and it was mid day. I didn't do anything but flirt and accuse them of hitting on me. Its pretty common that, if she's interested, you just make the slightest suggestion, then Netflix and chill. I am doing nothing and leading girls back to my gingerbread house. You are some girls 10. You might be short and funny looking but a random girl thinks you are a 10. Proceed as follows. What if you we're a 15/10? Its life on easy mode. Similar in football when scoring with no goalkeeper. Just be awesome. I let girls naturally recognize my genius and good looks. Flirt and tease (playfully).
  8. I am getting deezed. Beach bod. No staypuft marshmallow man bod for me.
  9. Its done. I think Americans call it monkey branching. People are inherently selfish. I see it in church. I see it myself. I haven't had communion in weeks because of my extracurricular activities. I have my virtues and my vices. After Netflix and chill, I blame the girl for taking advantage of my good nature and not being able to get communion now. Cheeky innit?
  10. Its a money grab. Guys will throw money at gurus. There's probably some real ones but its a money grab. There's a huge difference in not doing it and being incapable of doing it. I had a incident in London once where I tossed a goof for coming after my cousin who has a disability. I am a good guy until I am not. I can run around humping everything but I choose to be selective. There's a difference. For you, it can be a conscious choice. Far too often, guys excuse inaction with moral superiority. I am All-In on bachelor life. I assure you, there's never bern a better time to be a bachelor. Any suggestion is more then enough in this day and age.
  11. You couldn't be more naive. Nothing in life is free.
  12. LFC mate, are you a Liverpool fan or is that another reference? I won't moralize. While I am conservative, traditional, Christian, I am not exactly the best candidate. I wont dare to moralize. Its hypocritical and people tend to be hypocritical. I heard of the phenomenon we hate in others what we hate in ourselves. My father gave me a Tony Robbins book at 19. I never cared to read before. Afterwards, I went down the rabbit hole. There's so much to explore. We are in transition ATM with Brexit. Its taken so long because of corruption and those in power reluctant to relinquish it. Whether or not its better, I embrace the change.
  13. Its superb. There's a resurgence of God and conservatism. Its much needed. Way over due. It took so long but cause its not a democracy and you see the corruption of the ones in power.
  14. A swing away from race baiting, victimhood, and gender politics and its right wing nationalism? There's a time when nationalism was the norm along with the nuclear family and traditional values. Conservatism is making a comeback along with God. I see more young people in church.
  15. Why would he leave? He already won. It reminds me of Schwarzenegger in pumping iron telling Lou and his father that, he told his mom he already won. its game over. Like Brexit here in the UK. Its done.