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  1. DR E braverman is excellent. I enjoyed the book. Younger thinner you diet. Aims at holistic nutrition.
  2. Hello Anna1 mate, I found the best route is not buying the following snacks or junk food when grocery shopping. A buddy carries little zip lockbbag with nuts in it. He's on a ketosis diet. He looks great. Its something that you can consider. Have you ever tried keto? Don't worry about the twenty pounds. Its a symptom not the cause. It can be stress eating at work. It could be a relationship thing or possibly just getting over the holiday season and hibernation. Do you meal prep? thanks for the vid links. I'll have a look. I am gaining size in the gym before deloading. I can't wait for Spring, outdoor weather, workout outdoors, calisthenics, gymnastic rings, running outdoors, and looking fantastic in a bathing suit. Luck on your healthy goals.
  3. Maybe but four more years. Brexit got down played. Its here. You can women march. You can do a impeachment hoax. You can do more fake news. Winners focus on winning. For all his rhetoric, trolling, and rants, the man has many faults but he knows how to win. Its something the dems could learn a thing or two about.
  4. And yet, he keeps winning. He impeachment was a stupid move. It failed. More moderate voters see the nonsense and will surely vote his way. More importantly, people are inherently selfish. The economy is good and unemployment has been the best in a century. There's no chance people who even hate Trump risk incompetence taking office. Four more years.
  5. Be cautious. Dating coaches want money. Many are frauds. A dozen girls gave their number and it was mid day. I didn't do anything but flirt and accuse them of hitting on me. Its pretty common that, if she's interested, you just make the slightest suggestion, then Netflix and chill. I am doing nothing and leading girls back to my gingerbread house. You are some girls 10. You might be short and funny looking but a random girl thinks you are a 10. Proceed as follows. What if you we're a 15/10? Its life on easy mode. Similar in football when scoring with no goalkeeper. Just be awesome. I let girls naturally recognize my genius and good looks. Flirt and tease (playfully).
  6. I am getting deezed. Beach bod. No staypuft marshmallow man bod for me.
  7. LFC mate, are you a Liverpool fan or is that another reference? I won't moralize. While I am conservative, traditional, Christian, I am not exactly the best candidate. I wont dare to moralize. Its hypocritical and people tend to be hypocritical. I heard of the phenomenon we hate in others what we hate in ourselves. My father gave me a Tony Robbins book at 19. I never cared to read before. Afterwards, I went down the rabbit hole. There's so much to explore. We are in transition ATM with Brexit. Its taken so long because of corruption and those in power reluctant to relinquish it. Whether or not its better, I embrace the change.
  8. Its superb. There's a resurgence of God and conservatism. Its much needed. Way over due. It took so long but cause its not a democracy and you see the corruption of the ones in power.
  9. Why would he leave? He already won. It reminds me of Schwarzenegger in pumping iron telling Lou and his father that, he told his mom he already won. its game over. Like Brexit here in the UK. Its done.
  10. Let? The democrats sealed it by the impeachment hoax. There's Russia hoax and before that, the mueller report. Here in the UK, brexit finally took. There's a resurgence of conservatism. I think people are getting annoyed with gender politics, race baiting, and utter disrray by incompetent parties. Trump already won.
  11. There's something referred to as confirmation bias in business. You essentially confirm whatever perspective you have. As in, unattractive is your self-concept and all experiences confirm your belief. My favorite movie is Fight Club. It shows a maniac and a neurotic narrator on a quest. The movie portrays the importance of mindset and perspective when in fact, they are one and the same. Chumbimba mate, multiple girls gave me their number today. Despite my Christian beliefs and traditional values, all I could honestly think about was how great sex is going to feel as each girl typed her number into my phone. We had a flirt. Its fun. I don't have time to think I'm ugly or something not useful. You don't have that luxury either. Life is far too short. What can you do this begin setting up a confirmation bias in a productive fashion? For example, i'm awesome so, obviously girls give me their number and want to have sex. There's obviously girls who aren't interested. My minds interpretation is that they failed to recognize my genius. It barely registers. I don't care. I am too busy being awesome either way. I am living a great life. I am going to travel the world. Real talk, women can come along or get left behind. The best thing You or I can do is continue being awesome, extend invitations and carry on. BTW everything and anything women say I mistake for a invitation or her hitting on me. I suggest you do the same. Post back results. I recently met a girl at church.
  12. I am not following. Elaborate! You don't see promiscuity and the tinder apps? Its hookup barrage. Its not long term. Its flings. The concept of a app is merely sex appeal. You don't value personality on a app. Maybe you don't use apps. I prefer meeting naturally. My point is its a fling. Its not common people use apps for serious relationship. I value traditionalism. I am a conservative. My parents are married still. I believe in God. I need to go to confessional. I am definitely not the best Christian. A bunch of girls gave their number today. Hair and nails done up. Leggings like every girl in the UK. We're having a flirt. The entire time she's typing her number in my phone, I am honestly thinking about how great sex is going to feel when. I don't necessarily agree with the video. I am just saying, there was no being vulnerable or telling any of the girls about my feelings. If anything, I was cocky. Anything they said was interpreted as her hitting on me or a sexual advance. Another I accused of dropping candy trying to lure me back to her gingerbread house. Another girl invited me in after the bar for "coffee." It was 3am. There's actual analytics on the following. Particularly, patterns on which way men and women vote. There's analytics on your social media and they can nearly guarantee which way you vote. Simply, age, gender, and the content of your social media (likes, posting, content ETC). I don't doubt that for dating and a number of things. Be bold. Be blunt. Take risks. Take your shot. Yolo! All better alternative advice then the present talking point's to men. I am sure better videos exist.
  13. Who gives a damn? All desire is ego. I disagree. Maybe her wanting kids, family, a dog, and white picket fence is her truth. Its rare to see this especially when young. Its not common IME especially now a days. If she's legit, proper, traditional, loyal, would be a great mom, and wife, I would entertain such possibilities. I meet mostly party girls. Bar stars. Lots of ONS. FWB or Netflix and chill. Entertainment of the following. Its hard for me to imagine anything serious on a long enough timeline. If you can't offer her what she's looking for, cut her loose. End it. There's a significant amount of autism and childhood delay. Its been common knowledge on fertility and egg quality. Its OK to be afraid. I've heard pro fighters discuss the fear of fatherhood. Its not a joke. Its real. I would do some soul searching. You sound mostly scared. If you aren't ready, that's OK. I am not either. I do want to be a father one day but the prerequisite I haven't ever found. The prerequisites are non-negotiable. If you found that, You might want to think about it longer.
  14. I am from the nuclear family. Its almost a relic in this day and age. I still Netflix and chill. Its the time we live in. I still value traditionalism.
  15. There's a risk in creeping people out. Its more promising to just talk to girls and set the pace. You started it. Bring fun. Be lively. Hold eye contact after you made contact. Breathe. Shallow breathing indicates tension. Recognition is the first step to relinquish tension. Breathe deeper. Ground yourself. Recognize that tension exists still but breathing deeper helps subside the tension. Its still there but, the frequency is lowered. You are safe. Its OK. I suspect that trauma starts with, "don't talk to strangers."
  16. I started doing meditation. I returned back to church. I alway believed in God. I have traditional conservative values in a time where its highly unpopular. Its part in keeping with one's truth. If you are a liberal, its ideal to expose oneself to alternative routes and beliefs. There's value in walking the walk. There's nothing to be said of not exposing oneself to alternative routes and beliefs. Its why I think safe spaces are ridiculous. There's value in exploring other ideas and beliefs systems opposite to my own. What brought you here? I first seen Leo on a tagged video. I don't recall who. I subscribed. Here I am.
  17. There's a problem in the shitty advice parrots in group think and real life. Eg "be yourself. " followed by being the forty year old virgin. It's not useful nor practical. I got a bunch of numbers today ages 18-25. They looked good. Hair and nails done. Cute. I will Netflix and chill. If they are cool after, I'll let it ride but, bachelor life is too much fun. There's shitty advice parrots out there. I don't know what advice is given to women. I know what advice is given to men is a one way ticket to pornhub. There's globalism in the job market. Its similar with dating. Anybody can msg anybody over IG. I actually value traditionalism but its the wild west dating now a days.
  18. Winners focus on winning. I am a huge Schwarzenegger fan. I read his memoir. He deemed everything in life comes down to reps. There's a significant amount of ego and obsession required to achieve but it is a requirement for success. There's a quote in the memoir discussing the run for governor of cali. "In my mind, I already won." #fire I don't see bodybuilding as functional. I still aporeciate it and value it. Personally, I prefer calisthenics and body weight excuses. I like kettlebell training, bar work, muscle ups, gymnastic rings, martial arts, and yoga. My father taught me not to admire the physique but the mindset that achieved.
  19. You want to aim for something. It's not ideal to spin your wheels. Have a goal. Choose a smart goal. Be specific measurable. Accurate. Reliable. Timely. Lose weight or a goal PR.
  20. Sleep. Read why we sleep by Matt Walker. Boost immunity with sleep, rest, meditation, nutrition, and exercise.
  21. Checkout a holistic nutrition store. I bought a holistic conditioner. I have a predisposition to dandruff. I have head and shoulders but, I only use it sparingly. Dandruff kills hair. Poor scalp health kills hair. The conditioner I use has essential oils like rosemary. I also have a rosemary scalp massage. I eat well. I choose leafy greens. I do shakes. I lift. Note, too much shampoo and chemicals will ruin scalp health.
  22. Chum mate, you're this deezed black dude who has a lot going on. There's a significant amount of entitlement in the dating world. There's a significant amount of delusion from social media and photoshop. I see it differently. I think saying out of pocket is ideal. Conventional wisdom and group think recommends play nice. Walk on egg shells. Don't offend. Avoid hot topics like politics, religion, and anything that could trigger. I highly disagree. I am conservative. I have traditional values. I believe in God. I am pro life. I am out of pocket. I am abrupt. I am forward. I reap the benefits especially in a time where everyone is afraid to keep it real. A girl asked for my ig in a grocery store. I called a girl Dwayne Johnson at the gym and told her to relax. She wrote her number down and told me to call her sometime. It's too easy these days if you got swag. She's going to hookup with someone. I may as well be that guy. When I was a kid, I got a commission sales job. You get a lot of NO(s). I was top seller in the country before 19. The commissions were unreal especially as a college student. I got use to no and not reacting to it. I learned to be a hard closer. It made for a epic college experience and dating life.
  23. Pickup is manipulative but a lot of things are. Personally, I lift heavy, I like to party, and I just chat girls everywhere. I had a girl ask for my ig in a grocery store. I had a girl gimme her number at the gym. I called her Dwayne Johnson and told her to relax. The more cocky, abrupt, carefree, and free spirited, the better. Typically, what works with one girl, works with lots of girls. It's why the guy who gets no play, continues to get none. The guy who hooks up, hooks up lot. Reward favors the bold.
  24. I chuckled too. I don't ever remember hooking up with a girl who I had apologized to. Apologizing is anti-seduction.