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  1. I'm rewatching Leo's videos about dualities. In part 1 he gives some nice examples of how some dualities collapses to something of higher order, and it becomes Absolute. Like Absolute Love, Absolute Beauty, Absolute Should etc. And now I'm a little confused, cannot solve the next thing: those Absolute things seems to be dualities too, right? Like Absolute Love is distinguishable from Absolute Should, and it is a duality. So, it seems like in this logic, an Absolute becomes a duality. Dual Absolute, how come? @Leo Gura thanks for an answer man and all your work, it changes my life.
  2. Well but it seems to become circular logic. So we say there is nothing to prevent Nothing to transform to something. And then we say that there is also nothing to push Nothing to transform to something. But again, why it transforms then? So we got to the first question: why Nothing becomes something? On the one hand there is nothing to limit it but there is also nothing to push it. Well, I don't even pretend to be fully conscious of Nothingness of the reality, not my level yet, really. But I just want to understand your logic here, Leo. Since this is the first video where I kind of doesn't agree with your logic (and your logic is perfect in all other videos from my point of view). And I really want to understand it
  3. Leo has an amazing video called "Why there is something rather than Nothing": I got a brain orgasm from his inside - when there is Nothing it means that there is also nothing to stop or prevent Nothing to become something. But then I got a second thought that doesn't allow me to sleep since the video was released. And my thought is: what would push Nothing to become something? So according to Leo logic, when there is Nothing, what would push Nothing to transfrom into something? Why wouldn't Nothing remain Nothing?
  4. I live in Kyiv. I tried to order from Poland, they said they can't send it as Ukraine won't allow to import it.
  5. Hi guys. I live in Ukraine and there is a problem with psychedelics testing. The problem is: there are no test kits on the market. Moreover, it's prohibited to import reagents such as Ehrlich, Hofmann, Mecke, Marquis etc so I can't even buy them. So maybe someone knows other ways to handle psychedelic testing? I now consume only mushrooms and there is no need to test them. But I also wanna try LSD and DMT.
  6. His book are good but you have an amazing skill do describe all things very simple. Reading his books is very hard and having read 3 books I'm still struggling with understanding. I'm gathering friends together to move further in understanding and we are moving on but it would be just amazing to have a video from you, Leo. It would be last point in understanding
  7. @Leo Gura the integral theory is huge. Could you please describe the most important part of it? For me the most important part is 4 quadrants. I'd like to hear of how to use those quadrants to approach problems solving. How to predict an impact of something on all fields of my life (using quadrants). Maybe you could also explain it from Spiral Dynamics point of view(sorry for image on Russian)