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  1. you can say the only absolute there is is that there are infinite levels of absolute, ultimate strange loop
  2. @molosku i do try to stay mindful and sometimes also label, but the point is because of the still sitting i get very very still and calm and my mind naturally becomes sleepy so i thought maybe i should make myself a little less comfortable so the pain will keep me awake. and don't get me wrong, its one of the best techniques I've experimented with but i feel i just don't get the full effect of the suffering and being mindful through that
  3. ive been meditating for over a year now and started to do strong determination sits lately, so the thing is that i make myself comfortable with cushions (sitting almost straight and half cross legged kinda) and do my 1 hr sit, and i stay mindful but i almost feel no pain and the sit is pretty easy you could say (mostly feel sleepy and drowsy), so my question is should i make myself a little uncomfortable to harden the sit or to make it longer or something, just need some tips for that
  4. @GreenWoods yes exactly, i don't feel any vibrations so i just drift away into thoughts and kind of hypnotic state. and thanks man ill sure try those tips!!
  5. @AudibleLocket yes absolutly, thanks man. I thought about maditating more and another powerful trick i found is puttibg sticky notes or colorful book marks around the place, if that helps you too
  6. @SunnyNewDay thanks ill try it, and not that its boring its just kind of hypnotizes me 😂😂
  7. so i came back from a little retreat and my consciousness and mindfulness level jumped higher than before and i thought how can i keep such mindfulness, i have a couple that i thought about but i wanted to hear if you guys have any suggestions and tips? peace
  8. so i am doing the breathing for quite some time now (once a week), and my muscles would always get tense and i would stay very awake and aware to what s going on. but about a month ago i had a really big emotional baggage release and i stopped getting the tense feelings and just breath without feeling any bodily sensation and after about 15 minutes into the breathing i just disconnect and it feels like im in a dream like state and my breath becomes normal when im like that and it ruins the whole session. so bottom line, do you have any tips for staying awake and aware during the breathing? (I've added beeps every minute and also trying to do that with eyes open but nothing seems to help)
  9. @TheAvatarState thank you very much brother, you sorted a lot of stuff for me. ill sure follow it as best as i can
  10. @iTommy i understand, thank you very much it was very helpful😁
  11. @iTommy i personally like this guided meditation a lot, and practice it every week, but i heard that its not recommended to hear videos or songs with words, thats why i was asking. Also i wandred if i could concentrate on the video while having all those thoughts while tripping? And thanks a lot
  12. @TheAvatarState and by that i should also have an intention, something to contemplate about, do you have any suggestions?
  13. I thought it would be a good idea to listen to leo's neti neti guided meditation video while tripping. I dont have much experience and wanted to ask if you guys have tried it or know something about listening to it or any such things. Or should i just meditate with some music on and take it easy Thanks in advance✌️
  14. i want to buy the booklist and leo says that you don't have to open a PayPal account yet the only way to pay is through PayPal and only by registering first so should i open an account? or am i missing something here?
  15. can someone with experience in kris yoga (more than 6 months lets say) tell me about the benefits you are getting from it? do you feel growth? are you connecting more to the devine energy? im thinking about getting into it but wanted to hear some feedback