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  1. With the heart flowering open, And the mind's deconstruction. With nowhere to hold. the groundless Abyss. God will stand still, Infinite chaos, Issness as is at ease. The I, Love, Perfection. What else can it be, if not just to Be. When you are the one you have walked through, You will know the one Self, You will know you are Free.
  2. @Breakingthewall i appreciate it, unfortunatly i am writing so little, but i do want to do so more, here is my new year resolution lol
  3. @Breakingthewall Well to start, i have had a few years where i was living in a city but pretty much in disciplined solitude, focusing most of my time on cultivating mindfulness, meditating, doing shadow work, breathwork and every other practice you can think of haha. I am also very big on the idea of solo retreats, no better place to come face to face with yourself than solo retreats. Now my life is less strict although much deeper ever since ive experienced a few awakenings, as well as on psychedelics and in a sober state, the silent lucidity which comes with meditation and mindfulness practice is immense. I dont believe in shortcuts as well as i dont dismiss trying out all things at least a few times, i appreciate the path for what it is, a path, cultivating it slowly and letting the ball roll will get you anywhere you can just imagine if you are sincere and humble enough to admit your wrongs and stay open minded and open hearted. I have experimented with psychedelics about a dozen times but Ayahuasca was very transformational for me, and it came after years on this path, the awakenings that i had there and the skills that ive earned with the courage to walk into the darkest parts of myself with an unconditional love gave me a few tools to keep working on my stuff and to understand things deeper, psychedelics are like the seed but to grow it to a tree you have to put immense work and patient practice, holding the paradoxes gently and trusting the principles you come to learn and trust along the way. ive had my own periods of existential meltdown, and all on this path will experinece, when you come to this point remember one thing, the only way out is through, embrace with courage and let it metamorphesise inside of you, resistance and putting stuff off wont solve anything. Some notable teachers that ive had the honor to listen to include Leo, bentinho massaro, joey lott, and lester levenson which i built a lot on his work. But for now im still just a young guy and the future is wide and long so lets see where it all takes us, one thing for sure though is that even suicide wont solve anything, you will still be tumbling across reincranations and consciousness, the only viable response is to embrace and go head first with trust and faith
  4. Cant seem to find it, a few days ago i have edited it but now i cant find the same button, i believe it was at the bottom, lets wait for a moderater, maybe he can help
  5. No it only gives one option which is 'hide'
  6. @Thought Art sure no problem, can you please point me to where I can edit it?
  7. @Jac067 @Princess Arabia @Breakingthewall appreciate your responses❤️
  8. This is a letter to the dreamers of the world, the visionaries, who have suffered through hell and have emerged through the other side to experience the love of god, the luminous Divine. To all the madmans out there who are centered in their will and vision to make a change. What can a person do in one life? What can one person spark in a lifetime? It is not the critic nor the masses which approve or deny the validity of a vision, but are the decades and millenias that follow. The chaotic butterfly effect spreads its fractal wings through the cosmos, awareness to its dangers and the harvest of its power should be weighed on the same scale. The sandbox of reality is much bigger than to be understood, everyone are clueless but are full of 'knowledge', we all stand on the same epistemological grounds, nothing stops you from experiementing where others havent, explore the uncharted territories of reality, creatively combine opposite fields in your work and self, the flower of creation blooms best by integration rather than specification. The next step appears as a single step is taken, it is with humble grace that the gates of heaven open, clarity will never be an option, confusion is not an enemy but clearly shows our inability to comprehend the workings of the abyss, trust builds by the flow which comes with the constitution of the being in Love. God drives the vessel of the being which is surrendered, when you become as clear as water, the wave merges into the ocean, and only selfless power reigns. Transcend your emotions, by dissolving them with acceptance. Transcend your thoughts, by seeing their nature to be a mirage. Be attentive to your intuition, and listen deeply to your heart, for the answers are already known. Learn the mechanics of your mind and spirit, know this machine and its points of leverage, boil down the principles and values in this abstract groundlesness, which only time and experience will distill, this is the beauty of the path. Openmindedness, honesty, truth, curiosity and humility are a good place to start, if you lack any of them, biased houses of cards will build themselves up. do not divert nor delude yourself, dont leave any rock unturned in your inquiry for wholeness. Dont rush for you will fumble, go slow and deep, the order is divine and cant be skipped, time will call for massive action and time will call for patient observation, the one is yin, the other yang, two parts of a full process, do not resist, and welcome both with hands wide open, this is the order of the cosmos, this is the workings of the tao. Transcend the mind, transcend the matter, be as clueless as an infant, clear as a blank slate, with an open heart there is nothing to defend, but strength to defend all, arrives. Mighty is the sword that strikes but even mightier the will, a single point, sharpened. yield to Love just as the grass bends with the wind. Drop the linearity, merge your concepts into nothingness, every paradox is reconcilable, every problem awaits its solution, to every tunnel there is a light, any course is changable, and nothing in this world is rigid. stuff will unfold naturally if you stop holding on so badly. it is trust and faith that guide the way, not the apparent duality that breaks the spirit. Hardships are merely tests of the spirit, do you really want the next step? Are you really centered in your SELF? You will be shivering with fear and doubt, but nothing will extinguish the fire of the heart. To end it all with a few words from William Ernest Henley: "It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." Be courageous, fearless, for the SELF is Immortal, Infinite, my friend.
  9. @Blackjack38 appreciate it, will take a look
  10. what do you mean to say in the last sentence? is one better than the other for humans?
  11. @Leo Gura I mean I do eat clean so I dont think I should have a problem with that but I prefer to check myself out before doing so. Are you currently taking any nootropics? other than ALA
  12. @destroyx6 awesome man, could you please point out the ones that are less researched and the ones that are more 'conventional'. I'm looking for more of a longer term health approach so would prefer to stick to the better researched supps and noots
  13. I can agree on some of those points but many of those nootropics are more like natural supplements, stuff which are already in out biological system, I try to stay away from chemicals and stimulators in the stack as well as modafinils and racetams, that's why they are not in my stack, but there is still a lot of room for exploration indeed.
  14. So recently ive started researching nootropics, and conveniently remembered leo shared his stack so took some from there as well, I researched each one and came to a stack which will suit my needs. Asking for your opinion if anybody has tried different combos in that list and how would you modify the list. still haven't bought or tried anything yet, cheers friends. Magnisium l-thrionite shilajit. L-theanine Huperzine A Alpha gpc Pterostilbene Sulbutiamine Vinpocetine Phosphatidyl serine Bacopa monnieri. Royal jelly PQQ Uridine Fish oil Maca Astaxanthin Athletic greens My community host defense