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  1. @lardplanet I want to know. Tell me pls...... Wdym
  2. Sounds like me. When I express that trait people do not like it.
  3. Thanks. I've been through things that requires me to be mature.
  4. Romantic is ok. But divine love has a higher vibration. Some romantic love can be wanting to possess/control the other person. If romantic relationships are integrated with divine love( the recognition that the other person is part of itself), people would wish good things for the other person, want to see the other person fulfilled, able to let go, etc. can make a healthy nurturing relationship.
  5. Hello everybody! This is my second post here in Actualized.org. I like to go silent unless it's sth. really important so here we go. I have a really childish dream: I want our world to be bathed in the delight of love and understanding. (divine love not romantic). I know this sounds impractical since people are struggling with survival and having their needs met. And as Leo once said good and evil are complementary sth. like that and you can't eliminate evil. But I also think that our world has reached a point of too much selfishness and segragations between self and others and many abuses. People are tired, people are awakening, we want change. I want a kind of world where people Truly love everything and everyone else, not some fake diplomacy, not just love for their family. People would not trade off other people's benefit for their own. People no longer distinguish who's closer to them personally and who's not. People genuinely love someone that is totally unrelated to themselves. People love the all the quality of others that's completely not their own. People are not so obsessed with power struggle and seek internally. I want this to happen here on Earth. I think for this to happen a lot of things in our society need to change, the first and primary thing I can think of is the education. When children of our society grow up, we are taught things that are opposite to our inner knowing of oneness. We are taught that we came to being as a fertilized egg, we are made up of particles and so do everything else. And then we are put to schools designed to mass produce simply people that work as nuts and bolts of our modern society. We get repressed, we get confined. And then we are put to a 9to5 job and work shit long years off of our life. And especially to think about how many people treat each other. As for me, I got treated really bad and feel a generally very cold vibe from the world around me. I got really depressed and feel trapped. The only thing that hold me to survive is the hope and belief that the world will change one day. I am willing to do anything(that doesn't do harm to others) Imagine if such change take place here, people no longer feel rejected, unloved, disrespected, play the power game, the need to be someone else etc. And the happiness and joy of being in such a world where you are loved for who you are and you are emitting that love and joy onto everything else is exhilarating. I once tapped into it so I know. In order for such a world happening, we need people to awaken to the loving oneness. We need people to seek internally the long forgotten happiness and love. And we need a society where people are free, free to be themselves. Right now we are only talking on paper, there are many practical aspects to look after. Especially on how we can have a society that functions with having people freed. If you are genuinely interested and have insights and/or willing to work for it you are welcome to discuss it in this thread that I post. A little about myself:I just turned 17. I am determined and love challenges. Foolhardiness. Feminine(empathetic, love everyone else exclude people trying to hurt me, peaceful, accept vulnerability)Long distance runner. Play soccer along the side. Do good at school. But mostly someone who seek internally, is naturally mentally stabled if no social influence and past hurts and love learning.
  6. Hi, everybody that knows! I have to go to China recently.I wonder if I can visit actualized.org in China without a vpn?