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  1. As far as I can tell, it's almost never a good idea to try to distract yourself or suppress negative emotions. They're always trying to teach you something. If you want a root solution, it'll likely have something to do with Parts Work, where you actually face your feelings and talk to the parts of you that feel them and try to understand what they really need. The most helpful processes that I've found for this are: IFS by Robert Schwartz and The Completion Process by Teal Swan.
  2. Really wish he goes deep into lucid dreaming at some point. But for the less-distant topics, definitely Shadow Work or Parts Work. I think Teal Swan really excels at teaching it from her prespective and I'm curious as to how Leo would go about it.
  3. Yea I this might possibly be the most important concept actually (relative to humans) because we wouldn't be able to have this convo if we couldn't connect the dots on how to create language, create a society, create technology, etc. I think the types of Intelligence that @Danioover9000listed actually illustrate my point. If you look at the underlying mechanism under all of those, it is "dot connecting" and "pattern recognition". Though I've come to consider pattern recognition a part of dot connecting. I honestly can't find anything deeper. It feels like rock bottom. So I'm interested in any other perspectives. "Infinte Intelligence = God" is also something that started to make sense. If you can connect an infinite amount of dots, it becomes so dense that it just becomes The One Dot itself.
  4. All his videos on psychedelics in general can be applied to mushrooms. Not sure what u mean by "what mushrooms". It's all the ones that have psilocybin in them, which is basically all of them. Including the legal magic truffles in the Netherlands.
  5. I really resonated with his super open-minded and non-dogmatic approach to things. His epistemic foundation, you could call it. Questioning everything, including his own questioning.
  6. Well it sounds to me like an act of unity. If more people engage with every form of spirituality (rather than getting paradigm-locked) and extract whatever truth can be found in each paradigm, then the world becomes more harmonious, I guess. It seems like Perennialism.
  7. I contemplated Intelligence as well, and what I fundamentally got down to is that it's "connecting dots". The more dots you can connect, the more intelligent you are. That's one perspective. For me "beauty" never came to mind though. That's interesting. How do you find that intelligence relates to beauty?
  8. @Leo Gura I think that's an over-generalization. Even if it's not a serious show most of the time, it has its fair share of serious episodes with scientists and researchers and truth seekers. And in the comments of those episodes you can see how much people appreciate to hear these people talk and articulate their ideas in a long-form format, when usually the only time they get exposure is on short news clips or articles that can easily get taken out of context. If 3 million people watch the Rogan episode with you, and even if only 50k new people resonate with what you say, isn't that worth it?