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  1. Over my life I have consumed a great amount of media content (films, TV, music), however, the one medium I have no experience of is video games. My family never got into them and I couldn't be bothered to ask my parents for an XBox or whatever for Christmas. I know that video games are a major part of people's childhood and teenage years, so I'd like to ask all the gamers on this forum: am I missing much?
  2. Don't trust this BS source, The Daily Mail is basically the UK's version of Fox News.
  3. @Leo Gura How could morons run a country (sounds like an oxymoron). Your fear is overblown.
  4. Here's a great example of business siding with fascism (allegedly)
  5. I bet it's probably 4hrs long then.
  6. @Leo Gura If people are not mature enough to handle solipsism, then why upload a video about the subject in the first place? (and then remove it at the last minute).
  7. Perfect encapsulation of Trump's Stage Red dispositions.