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  1. This is what I believe, thanks for remembering me op.
  2. Hey OP, you might like this too: https://www.reddit.com/r/NevilleGoddard/comments/er3iwt/im_sharing_all_my_success_reports_about_height/
  3. I already had experience with it. It's not so hard to learn you can start with a psi wheel which is basically a piece of paper upon a needle.
  4. A concentrated mind will pierce a rock.
  5. Hey OP, take a look for Serial Experiments Lain, I think you will also like.
  6. Watch all the 5 parts, have a lot of testimonials here: This doctor also comments about some testimonials:
  7. I've seen tons of "miracle healings" through Silva Method, people even regenerated fingers.
  8. Thanks. Theres a book Teaching of Immortals, that teaches a way similar this to be a immortal, it also create a double but to teach you how to be a immortal. They also have a forum: http://www.immortalis-animus.com/forum/index.php