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  1. @Neph how much more specific do you want it? . You dont take good enough care of your feet you should exfoliate them and clip those claws you call toenails more often. Is that specific enough for you?
  2. The dream state is a language that predates any language including hieroglyphs and is a method of communication between you and your bloodline it is also your potential realm of existence.
  3. Depending on the person and circumstance
  4. So you did a ritual and had a desire for an experience and then through effort/ ritual/ desire you got what you wanted. Nothing more nothing less.
  5. @remember you replied to a question that was directed towards Leo hence why there was a tag that said Leo . And me correcting your extremely inaccurate concept of the animal kingdom that you directed to be by replying with a direct quote is not the same as replying to a question for a person whose name you don't have. I may have been a little more open to it had you actually added to the discussion and not just the word salad you brought to the table.
  6. I cant stand the red strand it's to "dirty " feeling and sedative the white strands are uplifting and clean feeling
  7. I didn't ask you so please let the person I specifically asked answer for themselves . And I dont play that game your trying on me because it gets no one nowhere. Also you are wrong because regardless of my opinion or imagination the lion will still be hinting the gazelle and my opinion and imagination has no effect on that.
  8. The spiritual path is not about learning surrender it also is not about pure love or any other idea like that because the spiritual path is different for each person rather that be different by alot or a little but regardless of the level of differentiation it is still a path/ Journey /tech and so requires some level of attention/ effort/ desire/ will power/ tech in order to do it Now maybe on your Journey you had to surrender about something in order to understand it but that doesn't mean that it in any way applies to others . And you in no way answered my question as to how you know that it's not just your perspective and opinion I gave you examples to show the need to have a reference point that's demonstrable and also observable in life that shows how it's not just your opinion and is all you did was try to strawman my comment . I have had guns pulled on me I have been in real fights where losing means you may die and I have even died for a few minutes one time and I've seen men that thought they were ready to die and knew where they were going turn into weeping babies when confronted with real death so this is why your analogy of the gazelle getting caught is once again not anchored off of a demonstrable truth and shows ignorance. Now I don't know much about your past but i can tell you've never directly had your life threatened before and you especially haven't had it taken (obviously ).
  9. @Leo Gura but how do you know this is the demonstrable truth and not just your opinion? The reason I say that is because a person's opinion is fallible and without an external anchoring point for the reasonings one has for the particular metaphysical/epistemology/ beliefs Because I do not see you your Viewpoint echoed in life I do see it echoed as a disadvantage IE the abuser in a relationship or the lion eating the gazelle for the person being strangled by a boa constrictor in the Amazon But I do not see it it how you describe it IE the gazelle stops running and just before the lion takes it down the gazelle transcends the situation and like a hologram disappears in the clouds never to be eaten again
  10. @Javfly33 no because you dont wake up as a baby when you went to bed the night before as a 85yr old man . You were created by your parents and because of your bloodline you have a "torch to carry " so to speak but as far as the part of you that you call you will not be coming back here in a new body.
  11. @Leo Gura I believe that is called giving up and giving in? And is all you have done is just relabeled it and called it mindfulness and it appears to me that you think it's a good thing? Am I right in my assumption that you see it as good? If so why do you believe it to be ?
  12. One could easily argue the point in the opposite direction of this perspective.
  13. @remember I believe that is actually called "questioning things" not "self love "
  14. After years of intense contemplation and experience I have found (In my opinion ) that love as we understand it in today's spiritual and social groups is do to a childhood neurosis do to a lack of affection from there parents as well as false examples through Hollywood and the promotion of unrealistic desires through media and other outlets of advertisement and due to quantum entanglement ( or whatever you want to call it) and the unfortunate bad habit the human mind has where it creates false experiences for itself such as Cinderella syndrome / or false memory syndrome and so we have created an epidemic of misunderstandings catalyzed by good intentions that has created this concept that is of hardly any fundamental value at all this love movement witch had a strong starting with Juliana of Norwich a Christian woman (which is known in some occult circles as the witch of Norwich) was not the main source of the movement but is a influential player in starting this belief nonetheless and because of all this it has caused a great confusion in the spiritual community and many others. Now I'm not saying we never had or showed affection beforehand because parents still cared for their children and their significant other's but it was not like this impractical Hollywood understanding we have today. So don't worry about loving everybody you love who you need to love and you won't love who you don't need to love.
  15. Yes I had a OBE like experience when I was 23 where I was dead at 33yr old