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  1. @Leo Gura of course I have and it in fact most definitely invalidates the core of your teaching in pretty much every way you could imagine. I just dont share my findings with others for reasons that I cant share (and there's several reasons) But also I won't share partly out of respect for you and your forum because I wouldn't like someone pooping on my parade so likewise I won't poop on theirs granted I I voice my opinion here and there on various topics and usually in favor of the not so popular view point but that's still not getting into the information (for lack of a better term ) that you have yet to scratch the surface of and I hate saying it like that because it sounds so arrogant and competition like but that's the downside to language is it wasn't really made for talking about the thing that made the language lol it's just to simple for the job much like a fork trying to eat all the food off the plate its impossible because it just a tool for the hungry man holding it.
  2. Death is a choice just like ageing and unfortunately the majority belief will always be the reality as a whole and as a whole the world believes in ageing and dieing.
  3. @Leo GuraYou probably dont think its possible for someone to have experienced a angle of awakening that transcends your personal level or as you say a "higher level " do you? But you have to realise that your opinion (fundamentally) is no more accurate/important then the rest of humanity's concepts and opinions and that your not infallible just like the rest of us and that it is very passable for you to occasionally get something wrong/ misunderstan a experience.
  4. @King Merk that's technically not sober seeing as how you were on your 6th day of a fast the body goes through crazy changes the first 2 weeks of a fast and definitely was the Catalyst for an experience. Please dont take it the wrong way I mean it purely in a informational/ insight kind of way and dont want you to think I'm being a dick or something like that.
  5. @electroBeam A job is a job is a job . People are real jobs are never more important then people especially the people in your realm/life A job will stab you and leave you in a ditch to die just to save 20$ . It sounds like you and all the people in your life are living in separate worlds and destroying each other by doing so. My advice to you is 2 stop take a deep breath and open your eyes and see what's actually real search yourself and find what you really want and drop all the concepts and expectations everybody else has piled on you and only take what's yours
  6. I would of killed myself years ago if I hadn't of leg go of everything and today I live with no regrets and I also had a simular childhood to yours so my suggestion to you is what I did and it works and what it is is very simple You tell him all that you've said in this thread and then some You tell him everything no sugar coating worrying about hurting him or making him relapse or any of those fears because you are more valuable then he is (to you) and hes a grown man and hes responsible for his own actions so you have to clean your own shadows and let him worry about his . I promise you you will feel like you were reborn afterwards I kid you not the amount of weight that's lifted off of you is unreal . And don't worry the scariest and hardest part is the moments oh hesitation before you tell him because the second you start to tell him you will start to feel free .
  7. I was going to say Lonnie but I can see him being a Leonard lol. I still hold fast to the theory that his first name and last name are completely fabricated for esoteric reasons
  8. @Nahm I believe what you're referring to is called sadness and not depression as Jordan Peterson says "if you sit down lay out all the facts write down all the reasons and when you're done you can't find any actual reason for sadness or for depression then as long as there's no reason for depression you might have depression but if there's a reason for your depression then that's called unfortunate circumstances and sadness".
  9. From what I remember it's actually then taken off the market here in America I managed to grab two bottles off of eBay about 5 years ago I tried taking it twice both times I puked my guts out until I had blood spots in my eyes. Very dangerous stuff I would never recommend it to anyone especially if they didn't know the exact heavy metals they're trying to get rid of because dmsa can make you a lot worse if you dont take it right
  10. The world is full of people destroying it but doing so in the name of peace love and safety. No guru truly helped another person not from a fundamental standpoint that is. All these concepts and rituals /practices just stroke the ego and make us satisfied temporarily but that's about all they do.
  11. That is just a concept you made up or heard and decided to agree with that is all because you cant know infinity because infinity is not observable or able to be experienced and consciousness is only found where things to be observed are therefore it is not beyond anything infact it is limited. Don't just regurgitate Leo forum epistemology on me I've heard it many times now if you have any concepts that you developed on your own then I'm more then glad to hear them and test them.
  12. This thread is like 50 Shades of Grey Guru Edition LOL. It's hilarious to see so many personal Concepts being thrown around like it's a game of frisbee golf while Leo is wearing his football gear stiff-arming everybody with his opinion when his opinion is no greater than the next. Or any more accurate for that matter. I'm sure people will disagree with me when I say this but I do believe the original concept of non dualism was that you can't make a concept whatever concept you have is wrong because if you have a concept that automatically makes your opinion different than anybody else's opinion there for that would be two opinions and that would be dualism so non-dualism would be if no one had any opinion concept or idea of reality but the second you do (which we all do ) you're in duality and that was the original meaning behind non-duality Secondly I'm not sure where you can see a manifestation or as I call them and Echo of the all creator in daily life that proves that the all Creator is this unlimited Fountain of consciousness. Firstly I still hold to the fact that you can talk around the idea of the all Creator but you can't actually directly talk about the all creator because it's too complex to put it simply but just to interject and throw a wrench in the concept bucket everybody seems to agree with the fact that the all Creator is consciousness however the echo I find in life is that the majority of life is unconscious and then and even closer example would be the human body see your conscious right now and aware and doing certain things but you can only consciously do maybe three things at the same time however unconsciously you're firing hundreds of thousands of muscle fibers pumping organs creating s*** digesting food in other words you're doing millions of times more things unconsciously than you are consciously and without that unconscious action you would die instantly so your body would cease to be so wouldn't that mean that the all creator would be unconsciousness and not consciousness because Consciousness is only where something is to be observed and the all Creator is before physicality and before anyting but how can Consciousness be before anything when Consciousness only exists to be conscious of something therefore the all creators not Consciousness if anything you could label it unconsciousness I prefer the term no-thing but definitely not consciousness because that's just a human ego trip right now.
  13. There is no "good bulking diet" because everyone responds differently to food and depending on your nationality you will respond good to some foods that others that are of a different nationality would respond terrible to so it takes some experimentation to find what works best but I recommend looking into blood dieting that will help you figure out a good starting point. Also a good general rule of thumb is take your lean body mass and for every 1LB you should consume 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per day so for example if you are 100LBM then you would need 150 to 200G of protein a day the amount of food you eat is very important because it doesn't matter how good your workout routine is your not going to build a bigger body if your body is only getting enough food to maintain it self. And lastly your hormones are the most important aspect to gaining weight so making sure that your eating healthy is so important because if your hormones are off you can kiss the gains goodbye . I speak from experience I was 149LB at 6% body fat fighting in the fether weight devion as a teenager and by 21 I wanted to get big so I got into bodybuilding and by the time I was 26 I weighed about 220LB at 8% Body fat so around 70LB of musel so it takes time as well but its obtainable. The hardest part for me was the amount of food I had to eat do to my metabolism being so high I had to eat 6000 calories per day its was miserable at times especially when my boss that was 15lb bigger then me only had to eat 3500calories a day but when it came time to get lean he was doing 1hr of cardio a day 7 days a week and is all I had to do was shorten my rest periods between sets and I still got shredded faster lol .
  14. Omg.... I may need to throw up that sandwich was new but must of been made with bad vegan tofu substitution meat patties