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  1. @vishnusavestheday Human spirituality has merit only for survival - most yoga and meditation are not used for awakening but for cleansing anxiety, improving focus, and other human survival matters. When used for seeking awakening, it becomes only reserved for the spiritual elites and gurus. Most questions go unanswered and the human games continue. Human Spirituality involves limited beliefs, conceptual systems, and groupthink -- it's all a survival cluster-f**k for ego and sometimes, corruption and greed. Once awakening/enlightenment is accomplished through the means of human spirituality, it takes years to achieve and a significant degree of personal sacrifice. Significant Sacrifice -> Limited Spiritual Attainment With human spirituality, It's also much easier to fall into the guru trap and "spiritual teacher" wanna-be. If a guru dares give his student just an ounce of DMT, more than half will leave the class. Psychedelics are so radical and profound, that spiritual teachers wouldn't dare sacrifice their income. Instead, demonizing is much better. Human spirituality creates echo chambers and spiritual figures that seem "awe-inspired" and "magical" - when in reality, they are just another LIMITED-human, teaching other LIMITED humans how to be more LIMITED. Because you cannot use LIMITING strategies to reach all aspects of INFINITY. These strategies, by their nature, will only get you so far with MUCH MORE to sacrifice than to GAIN. The whole idea behind a psychedelic is to attain TRUTH without the BULLSHIT. It's direct and straight to your FACE. You have nothing to lose besides your human self and much more to gain. Psychedelics are an amplifier to consciousness like TRT is an amplifier to testosterone. Yoga, meditation, spiritual books, and all human spiritual practices are amplifiers to the LIMITED. Psychedelics go straight to God without a book, a yoga pose, a meditation, a religion, or a person said or what a person has done. You can ignore all people and all human practices and still attain YOURSELF as GOD. It's TRUE SPIRITUAL LIBERATION, knowing that INFINITY can only TEACH ITSELF. YOU NEED NO OTHER. Nothing is reserved for X person or Y group. Nothing is reserved for X practices or Y ritual Nothing is reserved for X guru or Y spiritual teacher Nothing is reserved for X special person or Y special person No one needs to be quoted or read. There is no egotistical axis. Everyone can attain it anytime they want and unfortunately, it is much HARDER and much WORSE to do with yoga and meditation compared to psychedelics. Same with quoting predominately white-male spiritual teachers - which is much worse than a glass of ayahuasca mixed with 5-MEO-DMT. I rather have the latter than listen to echo chambers and "deeply spiritual" teachers in the LIMITED. None of these are by any means deep. They are spiritually LIMITED and rooted in mostly survival. Listening to humans instead of your GOD self is embarrassing, to say the least. But, you must have the courage to go at it on your own, with no one besides YOURSELF. And unfortunately, spiritual books give you the group think and hope you need for your own survival. People who reject the fastest attainable way to INFINITY are usually scared, fearful, and want other human validation such as books, listening to quotes, and videos. Pedestalizing other humans are a weak way of spirituality because it leads to ego-grooming, ego-validation, and attention-seeking. Human spirituality is weak, including all books you've read. You are imagining the humans you quote.
  2. I noticed the more fear you overcome, the more GOD is awaiting you. Now, I'm focused on destroying all fear and falsehoods.
  3. I fully agree - take it like a man. Usually, there is light at the end of the tunnel - I've went into eternal hell and came back far more respectful, openminded and understanding. Usually, there is a reason why you are having a bad trip - and most of it is out of disrespect and lack of understanding. In my case, disrespect, lack of understanding and not taking it serious.
  4. @Carl-Richard Same with 'psychonaut', which is equally and profoundly disrespectful to those using psychedelics for spiritual purposes. The pot calling the kettle black. But, I regress.
  5. Your score for primary psychopathy was higher than 64.41% of people who have taken this test. Your score for secondary psychopathy was higher than 20.5% of people who have taken this test. I've definitely improved as a person, I think it would have been much worse in the past.
  6. Take DMT and lets see what you are really about.
  7. @Jannes Those are fake bot profiles that are used for lead generation to webcam sites. Real women do not have bios like that and the ones that do are less slutty. And the woman I've encountered that had a sexual bio, blocked me for feeling too slutty.
  8. Psychedelics provides the whole thing * INFINITY. Everything is far inferior to get access to INFINITY compared to psychedelics currently. An intense desire for truth combined with psychedelics beats all human-spiritual practices. Including: all forms of Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, buddha, religion, chakra system, etc.. INFINITY bypasses all gurus, yogi's, spiritual teachers and religious figures, etc.. INFINITY is all you need. And unfortunately, sitting your your ass and meditating ain't enough. Any human-made system is useless and inferior.
  9. @Dumuzzi Sure. @vishnusavestheday Never said such.
  10. Demonic Energy is love - not a lack of love. Everything you know about demons are wrong.
  11. Datura devil's trumpet was made to rape you.
  12. Not anytime soon. Survival agenda will keep it demonized for a long-time, even if it was legalized - the deep spiritual perspectives that you can achieve will also be heavily demonized - since it questions the core of human existence.
  13. @Dumuzzi You know nothing about psychedelics, enlightenment, awakening, or spirituality. You are horrified, petrified, and fearful of psychedelics. You project that onto others and resort to demonizing, instead of having balls and facing your ultimate fears. Yoga, meditation, and being a book reader still haven't enlightened you - so why should I consider your perspective?
  14. @Dumuzzi Bullshit mumbo-jumbo. You know nothing about psychedelics if you think it's an accelerant and not a complete, total replacement.
  15. Take a non-man-made psychedelic to recalibrate and reintegrate what LSD have done. Experiment around, contemplate and then re-take LSD. Recommendations: mushrooms, DMT, Ayahuasca, LSA.
  16. You have to set your priorities straight. Are you doing psychedelics for INFINITY or to have a circle jerk with friends? If you are taking psychedelics to escape real life, you need to set life priorities straight and stay sober. Stop toying with psychedelics man.
  17. Psychedelics cannot be replaced with hypnosis. But, if hypnosis works for you, do it. Reason: Hypnosis is more geared towards your survival-agenda and not INFINITY.
  18. Psychedelics should be mcirodosed in cycles for best results. For example, you should micro dose for a week and take a break for a few days and do integration work. Do this until all of the psychedelics are gone and then recycle a few weeks or months later. The issue is doing psychedelics for just personal development, which can become a crutch for daily living. Psychedelics is meant purely for God realization, so anything other than that can wasteful - since you can accomplish plenty with other non-psychedelics chemicals, such as nootropics. On the other hand, microdosing psychedelics can help with personal development and other aspects of life. But, it's better if it's combined with strong spiritual interest and work. It's like using psychedelics to be more confident but having a bunch of ego-deaths - that shit doesn't go hand-and-hand. Microdosing psychedelics is not an issue, though - especially if your aim is spiritual gains. You won't be disrespecting the psychedelics in doing such - everyone who says other wise is full of shit.
  19. It was your ego that made it bad. Once you reduce your reliance on your ego, these experiences become more deeply profound. This was also just a taste - psychedelics always have more to show.
  20. Yes, took too much at a festival - while drunk. Great experience.
  21. Recommendations: Don't be broke and be a life coach. You will be charging all sorts of low rates and fighting for every piece of clientele. You need to know how to build up your personal brand and retain clients. This is where something like Youtube comes. And it's almost always better to build up a skill that is extremely valuable and offer consultation. Life Coaching gets iffy. As in, it has a low barrier to entry and too many bullshitters. Of course, if you set your mind to it, you can succeed. It'll take a tonne of work and effort. I recommend that you find a niche that has an extreme pain for life coaching. Otherwise, you can burn out.
  22. Ayahuasca cured 90% of my depression. But, that was a phase to the next stages of God Realization and spiritual insight. I would never use it for personal-use for lesser problems. Psychedelics are too powerful for such and will be greatly disrespectful to the substance. LSD should be kept for INFINITY and no other. Otherwise, you will be commingling a lesser problem with a grand-INFINITE-solution. Seek professional help instead. Keep psychedelics for INFINITY and traumas for professional humans. Here's some insight: Traumas are rooted like a tree. They are extremely difficult to pull up and can show up unexpectedly. If you decide to use LSD or any other substances for traumas, you may not know how to handle them. Instead, hiring a therapist or psychologist that specializes in child-hood traumas may do you best. Finding the right therapist can be difficult, but it's worthwhile. That way, you can keep psychedelics out of it. Please know that I'm not rejecting psychedelics as a healing property, as it can be VERY healing. But, human-problems can usually be solved by what's already available and historically proven over the last century. Lastly, pranayama-yoga can be a great way to releasing child-hood traumas, as well as shamanic breathing as an alternative. But, If you are very urged to using psychedelic for trauma - Morning Glory Seeds (SHERRY TEK) is very loving and can release trauma. You combine that with parana-yoga and you may get good results. Bu, I don't recommend - it has better uses P.S. Morning Glory has some history to releasing: trauma.