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  1. Man unable to imagine anything above himself, Should first know thyself, and than the foolish thought of being God will reveal itself.
  2. First off realize you are not God, and than you can let reality set in for a moment, afterwards you should have a more realistic point of view in how you can help.
  3. Many persons feel that a person who spends his time soul-searching is more holy than a merchant who Hawks his goods at the market. A highly spiritual person is actually one who has found a comfort zone that exist somewhere between the 2 extremes. Quote from Harold klemp
  4. The Astral plane: Land of lights, sound, and emotions. No where near a spiritual plane or should I say consciousness. In this twilight zone of a place, thoughts are movement from one scene to a next, other than some experience you get while on drugs, you are still millions of miles away from truth. Actually doing drugs and mixing your theory of spirituality in this world, can lead to irreversible emotional unbalance. This is the land where dreams dwell, all emotion.
  5. As a word of advice, this belief of yours we are all one, is a false belief and your mind is also rejecting this false belief. Everybody is me, is a false belief, and quite frankly who falls for such nonsense. Suggest you also get some mental help, to unwind this postulate you have wreak upon your mental well being.
  6. Walking up to a spider and thinking you created it, seems sort of not stable in the head.
  7. Short story: example, plus life is a reflection of heaven concept: 1) thought I have no clue how to be a aircraft mechanic, but that's what I want to be 2) Action Take classes at votech, graduate, take advance courses, watch videos, work on simpler engines, get jobs for further skills, years later with all the skills and education you land your dream job, not because you want to be a aircraft mechanic, because you are. Moral of the Story: Prepare yourself cause enlightenment comes like a thief in the night. And only if you qualify.
  8. 8 The last door one must go through before true enlightenment Vanity
  9. Vanity Glassdoor one must step through before true enlightenment and probably one of the hardest of all
  10. There is only one master, You are soul, a individual particle a awareness unit
  11. The master is God's chief executive officer one of his duties is to bring unenlightened souls to enlightenment... master has many duties but that is one of them.... Trying to communicate this concept to the people of his day Jesus said I can do nothing of my own it is only through the father
  12. God, holy Spirit and master. The trinity. God created the holy Spirit and the master. Out of the holy Spirit God created soul. Anything and everything is one form or another of the holy Spirit. In this world one of the forms r atoms and molecules particles protons neutrons electrons quarks. All consciousness resides in Soul In this world a mind is needed to communicate between soul and this world. An enlightened person is in communication with his soul conscience but still requires a mind to run the body. and unenlightened person is totally dependent on the mind and can catch glimpses of soul conscience. a totally enlightened person can never return to the dependent use of the mind only for communicating with soul because he is now with soul conscience as his main awareness unit. A truly enlightened person has sort of like 2 consciousness simultaneously, the mind staying in the background running things like his body and communicating with this world with his eyes ears nose and mouth and the dominant one the soul conscience that's in control of everything as far as his who he is now. God created the holy Spirit and out of the holy Spirit he created soul. The holy spirit is everything along with God and you can be everything but you can never be God all you can experience is everything that can be created out of the holy Spirit which is everything that is created.
  13. Meeting was semi boring and didn't capture your full attention
  14. Day 1, you've been created, which denotes a beginning ....Soul Day 10,000,000 You've come a long way and now as an experienced Soul you are ready to meet yourself, plus you have all this experience. Day 10,000,001 today is r.i.p day and being Soul and aware from this level instead of from a ego level, the system is set up so you no longer have to dwell with the ego world. Didn't make the rules of life, just read why it's impossible to return to a EGO world once Soul awareness is your view pt. now. can't confirm above is accurate, but liberated folks being born here are usually called Savior's for that particular period, and it appears folks here are trying to get liberated.