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  1. I just discovered this essay written in Brazil in the 1950's. This thing is so buried. I'm not religious in any traditional sense and I always believed religious people are dogmatic and narrow-minded, but wow I was really impressed with the perspective of this essay.

    I especially recommend this to people like me who feel deep in their gut that the current direction society is headed is wrong but can't quite express it in a clear way. Overcome shame, fear and do not submit. I wish luck to ya'll.

  2. @Yog I agree with you that "intelligence" is a misleading concept. For example I was scored slightly above average "intelligence" once, and this was a clue that my talent lies in stuff like engineering or computer science. And it was right, I enjoy writing software and I was pretty good at it. But software engineering, IMO, is not nearly as important or meaningful as teaching children and young adults grades 1-9. Yet I get paid multiple times more what the teachers get because our society is so screwed up. And you don't need high IQ to teach children, I would probably suck at it. You would need wisdom, assertiveness, understanding, compassion, patience, integrity, etc. Much more demanding than writing code. But yeah teachers currently are pretty horrible and fail children and induce trauma and neuroticism.

  3. 14 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    But he seems to claim that whites have an inherently higher IQ and that this is an unchangeable fact.

    To me that's awfully close to white supremacy. And it will be taken by his audience as bolstering their racist views. It gives ammunition to racists for being racists while denying they are racists, because "science".

    You talk about this at length in this video:

    Racists and people who feel inferior to others need to be shown this truth. No attributes, external things, achievements, etc, makes you a better or a more valuable person, including how many points you score on a quiz. If they realized this they could direct their energy away from antagonism towards creation and finding a way to be in harmony. And this is such an easy truth to grasp compared to some more advanced stuff.

    3 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    Well, it is true that "The Establishment" will not be friendly to fringe

    But this is not a fringe issue, as you said it yourself

    On 7/2/2020 at 5:06 AM, Leo Gura said:

    roughly half the country agrees with it.

    And progressives blatantly refuse to acknowledge our grievances and this is what drives us to the extreme.

    edit: I can also see that conservatives don't understand the perspective of progressives, and this adds to the conflict as well.

  4. I appreciate you recognizing Molyneux's merit and not condemning him as a person for talking about IQ in one of his videos. You keep bringing up white superiority a lot, I don't think Molyneux beieves whites are superior to others, nor anyone serious on the conservative side believes that.

    5 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    This hinges on how deeply you realize that you are the entire horse race and every horse in the race. If your identity is limited to that of one particular horse, then you will only cheer for that horse.

    But it is possible to realize that you are the entire playing field -- that we are all ONE -- and that life does not have to be zero-sum game. By working harmoniously we can all profit.

    Conservatives identify with one horse.

    Progressives want every horse to do well.

    I like this analogy. The conservative horse is seeing that other horses are not being fair to him, the message is you have to lose so that others could win, but we want to win as well.

    edit: you see that conservatives develop these weird and complex ideologies. This is because conservatives are shamed and told what they want is unacceptable, so they develop these ideologies to mask what they want and to bypass the norms of acceptability. Conservatives basically share a desire for family oriented christian modest spiritual community, this is what unites us. It doesn't even have to be christian, but this is something we already share and is a good blueprint for spirituality, all the neuroticism of evangelicals, fundamentalists and other boomer christian cults can be grown out of.

  5. 5 hours ago, Peter-Andre said:

    @crab12 Do you have some examples of how progressives are ignorant?

    Edit: Sorry, I misread your comment, so do you have some examples of how progressives are intolerant?

    Banning Stefan Molyneux on Youtube.

    3 hours ago, tenta said:

    Why allow those subreddits on reddit? They were stupid and obnoxious, you could have tried arguing with them but it wouldn't have worked. Now that they're banned those communities will no longer be promoting bad ideas and hate against groups of people.

    I have visited r/The_Donald a couple of times and it was cringe. But these people still hold their beliefs, they still exist, where are they gonna turn to now?

    3 hours ago, Serotoninluv said:

    Uncle Tom was kicked out of Sally’s wedding. The people there were so intolerant!!! Poor Uncle Tom complained for weeks about how intolerant the people at the wedding were.

    Well, it turns out Uncle Tom came to the wedding drunk, pissed in the punch bowl, shouted racist slurs and started a fist fight. . . 

    All issues of intolerance are not equal. Be mindful of creating false equivalencies with blanket statements. 

    I don't think I am making a false blanket statement. There have been multiple wide-reaching purges of right-wing personalities on social media.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Peter-Andre said:

    Seems like you're maybe just getting caught up with one little news headline while losing sight of the bigger picture. You seem to be conflating this one particular decision with the entire "woke left". My guess is that you don't have a particularly nuanced view of the left and just group it all together. You also seem to be pretty eager to pick what you perceive as problematic elements of the left to build up your entire picture of the left.

    I struggle to grasp the opposite perspective all the time, it's difficult and nothing to be ashamed about. How does this fit into the bigger picture? What is the bigger picture that this kind of policy is trying bring about?

  7. 15 minutes ago, Serotoninluv said:

    This would be extremely difficult to do on a large scale. Here is just one challenge from within the Christian community: Methodists in my state are arguing over how to treat LGBTQ. Some Conservative Methodists are saying LGBTQ should not be allowed in the church community. Moderate Methodists are saying LGBTQ should be allowed in the church community, yet not allowed to be Pastors. Progressive Methodists want LGBTQ members to be allowed to become pastors. Each group is interpreting scripture differently and wants different rules. The Methodists are splitting up over this is my state. Imagine if my state was a full “Methodist State”. They have argued about this for years and will not compromise. They are now splitting up into different groups. Would they split into different Methodist states? And how would that work? They are all mixed together. Various Conservative, Moderate and Progressive Methodists have bought houses, work jobs, send their kids to school. They are all inter-twined. And who would get the nice parts of the states and who gets the crappier parts of the state? It would be super hard to segregate them all into three separate mini states. 

    I have no illusions over how difficult these negotiations are going to be. If we both come from a place of not wanting to screw each other over and we both genuinely want to reach a deal that is satisfactory to both of us, it can be done.

    it's better than fighting each other to the death.

    Also, it's kinda pointless to speculate over this, as most people on the conservative side want to keep the US as a whole as it is now, yet they are deeply unsatisfied with how things are developing and they really have no direction or idea how to proceed.

  8. Just now, Serotoninluv said:

    I can see that desire, yet I think it would be very difficult to do. Even if we created a Christian town, there is still interactions with public resources. It would be very difficult to have a fully autonomous town or state. Theoretically, it can somewhat be done on a small scale, such as Native American Indian reservations have a lot of autonomy, yet it would be very difficult to do on a large scale. The world is too inter-connected. 

    If we can work something out that is acceptable to us, we'll be on your side in this struggle. Indian reserves sounds extremely bad, but the general direction is right.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Serotoninluv said:

    This is the idea of private space. We have private space at home, churches and private colleges.

    Are you saying that you want public space to be converted into private space for Christians? For example, creating a town in which only Christians are allowed to live? And any non-Christian visitors would need to obey the Christian rules of the town? . If so, would this Christian town have autonomy from a federal government?

    Something like that, the details would have to be worked out. This is only a broad vision currently.

  10. @Serotoninluv I get what you saying about shared spaces. But currently everyone else demands their own space while we are seeing messages like this:

    And having Jesus destroyed in his current form and replaced with something else is not acceptable to us. Also having white statues destroyed is unacceptable to us, they are part of our identity, for better or for worse, and they are not doing any harm to no one anymore.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Serotoninluv said:

    For sure. I was raised in a conservative environment. That fear is not my default, yet I can access it if I want to. It’s almost like a language I learned as a child. I haven’t used it for 30 years, yet I can still remember.

    For example, I was watching a couple victory speeches of progressive black candidates that recently won primary contests in New York. My default resonance was that of inspiration and hope for a more just and equal future. Yet I can still tap in and experience the white conservative fear. The was one point in which he said “I’m going to congress and I’m going to be a problem to the status quo”. I was able to tap into remnants of my conservative conditioning. He was a black man gaining power that wanted to change the rules, change the influence of white people, take away white culture, my way of life. For about a minute, I experienced fear. He became the “other” against “me” and “my” culture’s way of life, a threat to the power we have in making and enforcing the rules. After about a minute, it dissolved. It was a peak into that mindset, perception and experience. I know what it’s like. It’s a very real, powerful thing. 

    Very interesting. For me it was the opposite. I grew up in a liberal household and took on conservative views after hitting 25 or so. yes, it's very much about losing my way of life, I don't want to live in the current modern society, modern society is cancer to me, I want traditional modest christian spiritual community, with several upgrades to christianity where in the churches actual spiritual topics are discussed, like here on this forum.

    Also feels good not to be met with the hostility I'm used to whenever I express my political opinions.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Serotoninluv said:

    This is a critical point. I can see how black people are deeply frustrated, fed up and want change. They are tired of empty promises and a system that refuses to change. I think a lot of people are waking up to underlying systemic biases and are becoming open to more substantive changes. Yet most of the public is not ready for a revolution, even if that revolution is peaceful. Bernie Sanders loss showed this. If progressives and blm push to hard, they are going to terrify conservatives and a lot of independents. Slogans like “defund the police”, “burn down the system” and “revolution” is terrible messaging. It scares half the people in the country. 


    19 minutes ago, abrakamowse said:

    They will lose their current status, and they don't want that. Of course...

    This is exactly the kind of vaguely threatening response that fuels this fear. We want to be treated as equals. We want our own space too and our own christian traditional modest community. We don't want to live in submission and in fear to you. We don't want to be indebted to you and we are so tired of being held as if we are indebted to you.

  13. 2 hours ago, Onemanwolfpac said:

    No. He outed the organisation as a terrorist group.

    Okay you are saying that BLM leader holds a fringe view which is not supported by the majority of the community. I don't live in the US, I wish someone could share insight on this. From my perspective it seems he has the support of the majority of black community.

    1 hour ago, abrakamowse said:

    They (BLM leaders) are using the second amendment that gives them the right to change the government if the government is a tyranny.

    But probably the right will never accept that, they will accept if the right is the one who tears down a democratic government, but not the other way around. If the left does that is treason, sedition and insurrection!



    I think it's fine for them to do that. It's just that the conservatives are scared they are going to fall under heavy oppression after the government falls. And judging by how they are currently treated, they are justified in their worries.

  14. 2 hours ago, Onemanwolfpac said:

    What you are preaching leads to Nazis and war. Its unacceptable.

    I meant being unapologetic, not threatening with violence. Being unapologetic does not lead to Nazism. But it is a necessary component of achieving a WIN-WIN resolve for this conflict. Unless both parties are fully satisfied with the resolve, the conflict will just keep growing and growing in the shadows and explode at one point. If you look at India's civil war the tensions accumulated over a period of time in a very similar fashion.

  15. I admire the way he's completely unapologetic about his agenda. That's exactly the way you should be defending your interests as well.

    The way these kinds of conflicts often play out is: destabilisation -> crisis -> civil war -> brutal totalitarianism.

    At this point, the relationship between the groups is damaged beyond repair, I think the outcome with the least death / violence would be a splitting up of the US, the way India split up as a solution to end civil war.

  16. 5 hours ago, Consept said:

    I see this point a lot that things were better for black people in the 50s, i think its come about from Trump and maga, but its a ridiculous statement, how could it be better for black people if there was segregation, redlining, no civil rights. You cant really have it both ways and assert that racism is better than before but then in the same breath say that we should go back to more racist times 

    33 minutes ago, Serotoninluv said:

    In the 1950s:

    Inter-racial marriage was illegal.

    Same-sex marriage was illegal.

    Children were segregated into different schools based on race.

    Do you think it’s a good idea to return to those aspects of the 1950s?

    The reason we like 1950s is because of the nuclear family and social cohesion, not because of segregation or lack of civil rights for blacks. I have suffered a lot and others suffer a lot because of dysfunctional / non-existing families, this is not a race thing. If you want what's best for your community, why don't you advocate for families as well? There's no arguing that intact families reduce suffering and hostility in the world.

    2 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    By that logic you would really love it in Saudi Arabia.

    It's easy to maintain a strong nuclear family with force and oppression. When a woman cannot even get a credit card or passport without her husband's approval, yeah, she will stay in the nuclear family. She has no viable alternative.

    No, we don't want Saudi tier oppression, just nuclear families. Anyway, working at a 9-5 office job blows and is a waste of life, and I think many women realize this.

  17. 5 hours ago, Consept said:

    By their nature conservatives main thing is to keep the status quo, so they are not for change unless it was to enhance their interests ie tax breaks for the rich, unregulated market 

    I think you are misunderstanding conservatives. Conservatives want a traditional christian society. You are talking about the people that are running your government aka neo-conservatives. Conservatives don't have any political power in America.