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  1. Why are you watching his videos then ? And you don’t need a hero to be like - how about just appreciating his content. What have you got to give ?
  2. Leo, i have been following your Chanel for 6 years. Same as you I was looking for answers after a breakup. Since then your content to me is way way above and more researched than anything else anywhere. I feel I’m cheating by going straight to your content because you’ve already done the research that I used to do but not to your extent and intelligent analysis. But your research and unbelievable intelligence, interpretation, introduction and completed broad explanation to every topic mainly psychedelics for me and human nature is totally admirable, I really missed your weekly videos (although there was a time you didn’t do weekly Videos about 8 months ago then started again) . The desire to learn is not a common desire these days. People are more reactive than proactive and seem to be satisfied with one rule of someone telling them what’s right or wrong. Although Leo you do yourself mention what’s right for you to do in this last video. - (according to whom? I think we just question ourselves) I’m not happy not learning more about everything. I do have a query though - although you’ve explained your absence due to illness I actually believe it was timed just prior to the election. You posted a couple of conspiracy theory videos, political views etc. (with respect very subtly exposing your views) I’m glad you did post those at that time as you’re so smart that you knew if you posted anything after that in the last few months you could have been taken off or got a content warning. None of your loyal followers want that. Your content has changed my life and I am forever thankful for your honesty and exceptional interpretation of all belief systems and human behaviour. Especially with psychedelics. Being utterly selfish I really don’t want you to stop producing your content. Cos there’s no one else there condensing and analysing research like you do. I was addicted to your content. Then I realised I got lazy cos you did it all for me. However, one question - did you create your own illness? And if so, for what purpose? I think we create what we think we are capable of - so for some reason you’re scared of something. I think it may be that your afraid of the (success or failure) of your profound analysis of the world written in a book. It’s sooooo advanced the world isn’t ready for it and I think that’s what you’re worried about - because you are correct. I can’t even put a post on Facebook about sharing insights cos I feel I’ll get no response. My friends don’t want it, but I want to share it. I support you on Patreon it’s the least I can do. It’s a long paragraph - I learnt that from you - a sincere thank you for being the most influential intelligent person in my life. (Coming from what other people tell me is a privileged life) But .......... what is a privileged life??? Mine and very thank ful to everyone else! (I just want to be alive to read your book god dammm!!) lots of love Jules from Australia xxx
  3. Hi Leo, First time here, just joined forum. Over the past 6 years I have listened to every one of your videos. I enjoyed your series on Government, and your Specific Policy Proposals Conscious Politics - Part 4, which I discussed with my son, who sent me the book above and then the Government and Big Business by Peter Klein video. I am interested to know if you have read Intellectuals and Society by Thomas Sowell? Like to know your thoughts.