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  1. woah sounds really cool! will check it out thanks
  2. Not directly related to romantic love/heartbreak lyrics-wise, even though it's about a kind of "love story with anxiety". I thought it was worth a share though, as I find it beautiful, and it'll totally do it if you need a good cry
  3. Here's the description that can be found on his Youtube channel : "Craig Holliday is a Nondual Spiritual Teacher and therapist living in the mountains of Southwest Colorado. His work is dedicated to the discovery of our innate Divinity. He works in a way that addresses our everyday human suffering as a doorway to our inherent freedom. Craig offers Satsang, workshops, retreats and meets with individuals from around the world via Skype. His began teaching after a series of profound awakenings with Adyashanti and Jon Bernie. For more information about Craig visit:" I really like his approach to teaching, which puts an accent on fully embracing our emotional nature as a path to greater awakening. He is very heart-centered and down to earth imo, and listening to his weekly online satsangs has been very soothing and insightful. Here's the last one :
  4. Congrats for your work, very inspiring! Best wishes to you
  5. Thanks for your answers guys, really heartwarming! Felt realeasing to write this on here. @Bill W yes that's for sure! I sure do not plan to do any of that stuff again, at least not irresponsibly and in the near future, cause I now know how it can impact me. I definetly agree that people can respond in a myriad of ways to substances depending on a lot of factors, and I seem to be apart of the sensitive ones. I don't however discard the possibility of using psychedelics later in my life for further inquiry and understanding. Thanks for the video man, will check! And congrats for your work as well! @Surfingthewave thanks! Very refreshing perpective that you offer me here, I get what you're saying and really value your words. Although I probably have read this type of advice numerous times on the web, it definetly feels different when it's directed personally. @Nahm thank you so much, I really appreciate it Will do if/when I feel the need to.
  6. Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for quite a while now, and have gotten a lot ouf of it, especially from @Nahm's posts (thanks a lot). I decided that it was time to post because I think that I tend to delude myself into thinking that I woudn't profit from it, and wanted to connect with you all and see how sharing some stuff with you would make me feel. For the background story : Approx 2 years ago (I'm 24 now), I was diagnosed with psychosis after a period of smoking what was too much weed for me and taking some mdma - I think the substances only helped to make all the repressed emotions of my childhood/adolescence to come up and create a massive mess in my head... Anyway, I did not have major delusions, hallucinations, any of that - just very fast, disorganized and obsessive thinking, along with suicidal feelings. After doing nothing for a few months and getting on and off pills pretty fast, I gradually got the will and the courage to move and to start to build my life and got a job. So, for the last year and a half, I have taken a lot of action towards the things that I want (or at least thought that I wanted). I started to socialize more, did some pickup, started improv, got in toastmasters, tried some kinds of dance, started exercising again, and built a meditation habit of 30 min a day. All of that was lot of action for me - and I over time realized that I was doing it to get away from the "flawed" me -> I have dealt with social anxiety for my whole life up to this day, although it is lesser now, and have never been in a serious relationship - and although it seems to me now that those things are more symptoms of the emotional baggage I have, I had built a lot of insecurity around these issues over the years (hence my very "social" pursuits). I started to have glimpses of what letting go feels like, and gradually made an effort to let go of more and more control over my life. I now understand that I don't have to fix myself because I'm flawed, but that I have to get into myself more, while trying to cultivate what I really want and base the action taking on authentic desire. I have felt this and can understand it logically, but it feels like the letting go that I have to do is still huge, and I still think in a very neurotic way, and feel overwhelmed on a very regular basis. I tend to want to take a lot of action towards my goals and go way too fast for where I'm at, to then be pulled back into the reality of what I'm feeling, which I've discovered makes me very frustrated deep down. It feels scary to let go of control and to face life, and to trust that I don't have to hold on so strongly to the things I want to get them and be more free. So here I am now, about to start university in psychology next week, and with my life looking and feeling much better that it did 2 years ago. I know that I have tons of stuff to let go of, and will try to continue to grow more light-heartedly in the future. Writing this was a bit relieving, and feel free to ask me anything and/or share something if you want to! Thanks!