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  1. Hello Funny enough I have been actively working on my attachment style this past month too, and I am also a fellow fearful avoidant . Even thought I'm just working on the theories right now it has helped clear out so much headspace and emotions its crazy. Right now I am taking courses from the Personal Development School by Thais Gibson. It has honestly helped SO much. She also has a bunch of free videos on youtube you can check out . I really resonated with "core wounds of a Fearful Avoidant" but she has other free videos you might like. I also recommend Briana Macwilliam. She incorporates spiritual aspects into her attachment style work so it was an interesting perspective. But personally I found Thais Gibson's work to really hit the nail on the head. Hope this helps!
  2. Hey guys! I was reading Leo's blog about yoga and it caught my interest. Like he said, its important to find a good teacher and not just one that teaches yoga for its physical benefits. Have any suggestions (websites, youtube channels, etc) ? Thanks!
  3. @Seeker_of_truth @Dizzy Thanks I will definitely check them out! @Prabhaker Ah I see. In that case, would you mind listing a few teachers who teach for the physical benefits? I am just hoping to get a good start on yoga because I have never done it before. Thanks!
  4. @ajasatya When you mean come back, do you mean like focusing on your breath? And wouldn't that be considered doing something as well?
  5. @eskwire Yeah, that is something that I often forget but is so important. Compassion is for everyone, including myself. Definitely, assertiveness is something that I also strive for as well, being a low self-esteem person for a majority of my life. Now that you mention it, having assertiveness will be like killing two birds with one stone for me haha, in terms of both self-esteem and understanding authentic forgiveness. I think I'm going to start by dusting off the book "six pillars of self-esteem" in my cabinet and start cracking down on the book . And Yep! I gotchu
  6. @eskwire Yeah after thinking a bit about these posts, I guess at the end of the day I would rather be truthful to myself and not fully forgive someone than have the image that I am forgiving someone,yet deep inside I haven't, which leads to passive aggressiveness. Assertiveness huh? Can you go into a little more detail about that? The correlation doesn't seem to click for me haha And ya, sounds like a plan
  7. @eskwire Haha yeah, your post really resonated with what I was thinking so I thought it was directed towards me Just wondering though, how did you deal with your passive aggressiveness back then?
  8. @eskwire Ooops my b. Thought you were someone else that answered my question haha...awk
  9. @eskwire Thanks for the thoughtful response! That's definitely something i am going to keep in mind. I always saw forgiveness as "FULL"forgiveness, I never really saw it as something that could be worked on and maybe even forgotten over time. Also, how do you organize your insights? I'm curious because the way I am doing it right now seems inefficient :p. Thanks again
  10. Hi guys I am a high schooler and I am having a hard time practicing the part in the "awareness alone is curative" video when he said to continue doing the "bad" thing, for example watching T.V, even if you feel like manipulating the experience after you gain awareness. When I felt the manipulation to stop watching T.V, however, it made me feel like if I was to continue watching T.V I would be forcing myself to watch T.V. because it feels bad for me to continue doing watching it. So in the end, I just stop watching T.V instead of doing what Leo said, and continuing with what I would naturally do, keeping watching T.V. Sorry if my explanation was bad I was having a hard time describing my trouble
  11. @Saarah Ok sweet thanks! I appreciate all your help
  12. @Ayla @Flower What I realize is that what I think is forgiveness is actually just me overlooking the person's actions and just saying I forgive you because in my mind that is what a good person would do. But then I end up just being passive aggressive to them. How do I obtain true forgiveness and not this superficial one? Also, along my journey I realize how neurotic I am in my self improvement, and I was wondering if you guys have some good sources or links that would help me out (I've seen all of leo's vids on this subject). Thanks a lot guys. it means a lot
  13. @Martin123 Sweet, thanks bro
  14. @Martin123 Do you remember the video that had the visualization for that? Also kakashi > Minato hehe
  15. @Saarah Ah I see, so in a sense you are saying I should not worry because all of my failures are part of my path, and no matter how far I stray I will always come back. So i should really not see "watching T.V" as something to get rid of, but really sometime that is necessary for me, and maybe along the way of life I will get rid of it. But for now I should accept it. lol correct me if I'm wrong but that is how i interpreted it. Also if you don't mind, do you have any resources or links to information regarding information such as self-acceptance (I already saw all of Leo's vids on this) or other things that would help me with my questions on this thread? It would help a lot. And thank you for everything
  16. @Shin I think it's more of how I feel because of my thoughts. I always visualize myself as someone awesome and greater than who I usually am.
  17. @Shin Lol long time no see. And I've seen some of the videos from motivational grid, and its not specifically the videos but I guess how i interpret them. For example you would find vids like put in 100% and always strive to win or something like that. And what would happen is when I DON'T put in my A game I feel bad about myself because, well, it's like I haven't been trying my best and I kinda feel guilty about it. And i don't know, with my current adoption of Leo's awareness along is curative, I feel like these videos would be bad for my mindset because I am trying to be more accepting of my thoughts and to have a more loving approach to observe them rather than think "stop being a lil bitch and go win, or some other non-gentle thinking. I am interested in your opinion, I lowkey feel like I might've just answered my question or something but I'm not quite sure haha. Thanks! @Neo Thanks for your response, but to be real with you I did not understand it lol. Sorry I'm still kind of new to this whole field so forgive my ignorance. I mean I might have an idea of your second paragraph, are you saying watching motivational videos whether if it is good or bad is all necessary for me to grow, and I need it to develop myself?
  18. @Elton Whoa I've been thinking about the same thing. Since this is a sort of old post I was wondering if you found an answer or a realization? I'm confused as well because motivational videos make me feel great, but sometimes the words that are spoken puts me in a very judgmental state as well.
  19. @Saarah I see. Yeah, that's something I have been trying to work on. I realize that sometimes my "push" to fix things is from a place of narcissism and insecurity. Currently, I am trying to listen to Leo's guided meditation every day to practice letting go of this need to fix myself. I have a question though. I think i might have been doing some form of your switching technique. And after I do that I feel a sense of guilt for doing the lower conscious activities, is this how you feel too when you do it? And whenever I engage in low conscious activities, if I was aware in the beginning, I have an incredible sense of resistance because I know it is bad for me and I end up not even doing the activity. People have given me great responses to this question but I also wanted to hear your view on it. Thank you :). @Shin lmao thanks man hahaha
  20. @Shin Aight sweet. I think I'm going to incorporate that more then. Thanks for all your feedback, it means a lot .
  21. @Shin lol yeah it would be cool to be able to meditate with just my surroundings. In that case, do you think doing the "Do nothing" technique would work well then? Or maybe perhaps the guided meditation then follow that up with a 10 minute "Do nothing", so that I can slowly transition from guided to eventual non - guided meditation ? I would really enjoy your opinion on this. Thank you.
  22. @Shin Yeah I've been trying to develop a meditation habit. Have you seen Leo's guided mediation video? I really enjoy it. At the end, I'm left feeling less judgmental about my thoughts and more accepting. But for the efficiency of awareness should I attempt another mediation technique or just stick with my guided one? Thank you! @Leo Gura Ah I see. I guess I will try other easier things to be aware of for the time being, just to build up my awareness. But definitely my goal at the end is to able to sit through at least a 30 minute episode. Thanks for replying.
  23. @Consept@ULFBERHT Ahh ok, I think I kind of get it. So during the experience, for example watching T.V, if I am able to become aware and have the feeling of turning it off, I could just turn it off. But if I have the awareness of watching T.V and I still want to watch it, I should just allow it and let myself watch T.V while being aware. Then eventually my brain will realize that watching T.V, at least cartoons or something, isn't good for me and I will naturally let it go, instead of using brute force to stop myself. Is this somewhat correct or am I missing something? Thanks guys.
  24. Hey guys, I recently discovered releasing expectations and that there is no "good" or "bad" outcome. However, I am somewhat confused because visualizing, at least what I think, is thinking about all these positive images, which may lead to setting yourself up for an expectation if you keep on thinking about it. I may be thinking about it wrong but if you guys can help that would be great. I am just having a hard time distinguishing between visualization and setting yourself up with fantasies that will lead to expectations. Also, if you guys have any tips for healthy visualization that won't set up expectations that would be nice as well . Thanks peeps!
  25. @Wormon Blatburm Aight thanks man. Means alot!