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  1. Do I need to get initiation for starting it leo? Or I can just start by myself ?
  2. Is hard for me to understand this can u explain a bit better pls ❤️
  3. I wish I can too but at my stage for now I’m about romantic love eheh ❤️ Ur beatiful soul Anna thank u for ur words and yes I need to take some action ❤️❤️ Thingh is even if I jump to the conclusion u explained to me I will still marry a woman for living together no ? Or I gonna transcend all and living alone with myself ? ❤️
  4. Working on it ❤️ Very practical tips I like thank you 🙏 ❤️Thank u for ur kind words. Yes u got my point I keep moving over and accept whatever happen in a positive way with love from what I learn and indeed is magnificent ❤️
  5. Instead of analyzed..makin criticism and blame just accept it as urself ❤️ Leo is full of love ❤️ We are blessed to be here and now ❤️
  6. Why do u jump to this conclusion? I can love my self in the same way and meanwhile looking for sharing my love with another soul ?
  7. First one hands down Ye totally i need to start appreciate more my life for sure ❤️ Loa is magnificent ❤️ I know I can show up as a man who’s craving and begging for a relationship but ideally I’m not like this just sometime I feel this deep urge after some tough day ❤️ ❤️❤️ Is just a moment I got yesterday was in a romantic mood but ye I do feel sometime this is counterproductive especially when neediness show up it doesn’t help in any way at all but we keep working and trust the process ❤️ I expressed my sentence wrong here,I’m already happy now girlfriend or not ❤️ I will edit my post
  8. I hope one day u will have one! U deserve it ❤️ U think this is the way of thinking ? Be completely free and happy alone ?
  9. I wish I would have a girlfriend,I wish I can one day be happy in love with a girl,I wish one day this is gonna Happen again..but yet it seems so distant..i trying to focus on my self and to keep going..I’m full of love and I wanna donate this to another soul and connect with her..there is something wrong on this ? Much love to everyone ❤️❤️
  10. A way to improve isn’t just direct action over and over until u master urself ? Like be less delusional and accept whatever rejection can happen? Instead of going crazy to improve and appear to be less authentic?
  11. This is a very good vide about thank u ❤️
  12. Hey did someone tried wim hof method ? I wonder if I’m doing it correct..also there is plenty of techniques out there,which one is the more effective for a beginner ?im doing basic cardiac coherence since 1 year..but didn’t go on advanced ones and I think they can help me to release more of my traumas and blockages from my past..I wanna release all the pain and substitute all of it with full love ❤️ ❤️❤️Love and nothing else ❤️
  13. U need to confront ur inner demons before everything,can take sometime to recover..u need to have a reason for staying present and forgive ur past..whatever happened is related to ur past,accepting and letting it go is the first step(u can start doing also some shadow work for confronting it by urself..it can be overwhelming so up to u for it )if u need to talk to him to get out all ur guilt and shame for that situation go ahead..but my advice would be just accept/let it go/and deeply love urself to recover fully meanwhile u stay totally present in the moment ❤️ U will have fantastic days! This past not gonna define u at all! I send u very very much love ❤️ ❤️❤️ And If u need to talk to someone just pm me
  14. Much love ❤️