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  1. Any exercise that i can do for inner strenght ? @Raze right now in practing breathing meditation and some pranyama exercise , but i wanna go a bit deeper.
  2. Thank U so much ! ❤️ A lot of materials to explore
  3. hello, I am living in a particular period, I have these feelings of loneliness that pervade in me .. I arrive from an 8 year therapy under effexor that I have completely removed from a couple of months ... but now everything seems more difficult, I apply myself on meditation and pranyama for an hour a day, I go for a run to distract myself .. but it happened to me yesterday while I was on one of my walks, to meet a group of girls ... at the moment nothing that I continued on my way .. although it caused me a feeling of strong loneliness .. as if I needed a girl to improve my life, I know that all this seems very elementary but I'm trying to understand where this mechanism is triggered? I have no friends for almost 3 years, I started my path in spirituality and I found myself alone, by my choice because I was enough. Now without the support of antidepressants, I begin to experience it more intensely and feel my "isolation" more. Any advice on how to deal with this moment?
  4. I feel like anti depressant now can give me some big side effect on my emotive side ..like flat emotions and all this stuff..I’m thinking about removing it for fixing some problems I still have besides it..do u think I should keep them and going in terapy to fix my life ? I’m not sure but I keep meditating for the last 2 years..and I’m on a stage right now where I can’t go over is starting getting so deep emotional side..that is very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel ..
  5. Yes ur right,I feel like on antidepressant there is some big side effect..especially on the emotional side..u can’t live ur life to the fullest,I have this weird feeling what u think? ❤️
  6. Hey guys is 10 years basically I’m taking this antidepressant(Effexor)from getting diagnostic with major depressive disorder..but right now Is like more than 1 year I feel way better with all the practice I do..will my life improve if I get off from it? What can I expect from this very long time taking it and getting off all of a sudden ? much love ❤️ ❤️
  7. I don’t consider myself depressed,I’m not sad just stucked in my loop and believing that I’m enough and I don’t need friends..this lead me to a solitary life which I wanna improve but in the same time is hard for me now to see the light at the end of the tunnel ..I’m super positive about this and really wanna improve..my financial situation is not the best I can afford a therapist like every 15 days or something..but a terapist or a life coach ?
  8. Should I start to see a therapist than? I was trying to get over it alone by myself but seems I’m a stuck in a loop right now Well u think I can get benefit from it than ?
  9. I don’t know what happened but since 2 week I do lose my job,than I get a cold and I’m still at home yet not feeling that good..like I don’t know if meditate and doing practices I do will help me here..I do that for 1 year straight sperimented a lot of benefit for sure..❤️I enjoyed my self more I get to know myself better and I get in touch with my divine love which is immensely beatiful ❤️I feel lost in my life..i considered getting back to terapy or something what u think can be useful? Also I wanna mention is like months basically I don’t wanna socialize at all because I feel I’m happy alone and I don’t need anything and anyone ..is this normal ? much love to everyone of u ❤️
  10. Great question..1) I don’t do any shadow work should I ? 2) I keep extreme positivity and love in my life some subconscious trigger can be ?
  11. Much love ❤️ So true !! Ye like working on self esteem ?
  12. Ye sadly I am..u think? So u think I should be start with accept less and be more assertive ?
  13. I feel strange,in some sense every time I discover someone is hating on me or has some sort of conflict I take it a bit bad..I try every time to fix the situation with understanding the other point of view..but sometime with insuccess..why do I need this urge to not having any enemy and to stay in peace with everyone ? Every time I discover a new hater from whatever reason I feel vulnerable for a bit ..than I just let go and keep going for my way ..there is any sugggestion to go over this situation ? Is something related to my self esteem ? Much love ❤️❤️
  14. Sometime I feel like the law of attraction has some block and can’t come to realization..like I’m love..feeling the love so much but probably there is something related to my mindset which don’t let me be completely free and attractive..any work to do for improve this situation? ❤️❤️