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  1. Wow I could stare at this for quite a while. Look at those color, its really beautiful.
  2. @Prevailer i've never hear this kind of theory before, with those words. For what I can understand you said consciousness is divide in 2, one in autopilot, another in manual. And those just process information and there is no moral or judgment in the process.
  3. What are you talking about? Btw why we wearing clothes and the rest of the animal kingdom doesn't is a good question.
  4. nice
  5. @UnconsciousHuman you won't experience any remarcable progress without a week meditation retreat, at least!
  6. @Justincredible76 mmm I don't know too much about healing process or specifics instruction, but what i've research back ago Qigong is the real deal. So, buy a book of Qigong, one afordable for you, doesn't matter too much the author. Like, I'm currently now reading a book about Tantra, tiny book, pretty easy reading, with lots of great references (epic teachers, schools, big works, etc.) and I just pick the first book in the searching option. Once you get deep in the topic you go gonna find some good pearls.
  7. @Justincredible76 firts buy a cheap book, see the references in it. Any book includes a lot of references to other book theme related
  8. @Inder oh, I tried this once, ended up hating even more my job. Quit your job, find another. Do it for you, man.
  9. @EternalForest i see your point, but personally I just wanna transcend tier 1. Some ppl might have enough of 'doing' and just want that inner peace that comes from being. If you still want action and prefer doing, maybe you haven't yet pass and embody tier 1 fully, you just have a conceptual uderstandid of what it is.
  10. Things are automatically done so you can have energy to concentrate in your personal goals. Imagine being mindfull all the time will drawn your energies, cuz its takes a lot being conscious of one action every single second. If you interest in spirituality you can do this in small doses, for example by being mindfull while doing dishes. If you star doing this you are gonna lose your current life, little by little.
  11. @Cykaaaa its pretty normal for all. That's concentration skill rising up, but also a distraction.
  12. @Javfly33 do you even wonder if you friend had also some internal bullshit going on? Right now you just wrote a 200 words story about your personal experience with a friend in a mall. The practice you mention, like meditation, yoga, etc, will help you to decrease that number, let say in the first year by 20%, then gradually after 3 yrs to 70%. You then are left with just experience, and that internal dialogue of yours will by tiny, to tiny to even bother you. The resistence will be minor and wont affect your body reaction anymore. My advice is to keep practice, keep being aware of your toughts, specially in situations that you mention, wrote your thoughts and be conscious of them. Read them and say "my god, I have so much story going on, so much bs inside my head, its ridiculous. This has to stop". That's the beginning of change.
  13. @nowimhere can you recognized that inteligence in yourself aswell?