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  1. Try primal scream therapy. Basically you scream out your blocked negative energies. This is great for transcending stage red angery. I do it once a month.
  2. Don't worry. Your level of consciousness will be upgrade in your next life. This is God words. Read the Baghavad Gita my friend, He talks a lot of this.
  3. I remember I watch the video and to me seemed a pretty good explanation of Islam, and then see the amout of dislikes and i wonder why is that so. Why people dislike leo's islam point of view.
  4. Your body and mind are no BS. what are you talking about? If you don´t like how your body reacts and how your mind works, then you have to improve them rather than neglect it. Do the hard work.
  5. Great work with the details.
  6. I love to draw women in general. Some realistic and some abstract too. Here is a surrealist I made time ago.
  7. Maybe can you simplified the desing. It has to be the clean as possible.
  8. Chilling in the bus after hard day work.
  9. @RickyBalboa Could you find a job and stick with it? I use to be unemployed and had some finances troubles too. You need money to buy books so you can study what you like, and maybe you need to sacrifice have a job you like, at least for a while.
  10. If that so, the guy who wrote the Bagavad Gita was on a 5meo dmt feast
  11. I´ve never seen Patrick judging other people or situations
  12. it´s a pretty relative topic. You have to research and then try by yourself for a couple of years.
  13. If you decide to do those 3 things, how would you do it? How would the schedule be?