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  1. Why these replies never seem to satisfied
  2. @Hansu you just make a good Mindfulness practice right there. You just have to noticing things, and observer how relates with the body as whole.
  3. @flume there's is a moment when you realize that nobody gives a shit
  4. Also we have invest a lot in the oil industry, we can't just turn into more friendly sources of energies that quick
  5. The same you would use if you do maths or reading a book. You need all your concentration on the process of inquiry.
  6. @passerby conciousness is stronger. Don't worry, we wont kill ourselves. We are already being aware of the damage done to the planet, is a star.
  7. Waiting for the satsang
  8. How exactly do you know that Mikheila is lying? I saw his yt channel yesterday. She seem pretty legit.
  9. I think she's amazing little girl. She will arribe in my country in december 2nd, I hope to see her.
  10. Also we would like to hear more from your experience. You could make a pdf or something, so we can download and read it.
  11. Cool. I like how you address the importance of traditional practices with psychedelics.
  12. Let it be. Just sit in your room and let the images in your mind do whatever they want. If it causes annoying, let it be. If causes sadness let it be. Relax your muscles. You are going to feel bad but there is no other way. Repressing it with concentration won't work. Believe me I tried many things to deal with this and nothig works but letting the feeling go.
  13. Go ahead. I wish you the best. The book Mastery has some cool insights about homeostasis that you gonna remember during the practices. Be careful of going full gas though, you may broke yourself.
  14. It's a mindfuck documentary. Also is like a movie, it builds climax to the end. Really enjoy watching this. Thanks.