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  1. @herghly @Recursoinominado @Soullee @system @Consilience @Carl-Richard All great replies! I extracted alot of value from the words expressed here, i think moving forward I will make my transition towards making the marijuana experience more of a special event where I contemplate on it and treat it like a psychedelic. In doing so hopefully I can bridge the gap between feeling complete with the sober and the high state, and perhaps with that I will see much less desire to use it and my use comes down.
  2. Hey everyone, so ive been on and off smoking weed for the past two or three years now, typically during periods of use I find myself doing it everyday until I stop for a while. I feel that the way ive been using the substance has been relatively meager and hedonistic, and I’ve definitely grown an identity around it. With the direction that i want to take my consciousness, I see that my usage will have to change drastically or even stop to get to higher states of being, but thats largely In the future. Right now, I would like to take small but consistent steps towards growth; so I think consciously using this substance will play a very large factor in dictating the trajectory of my level of consciousness. Can any of you recommend some conscious ways to use the substance? I usually vaporize the stuff with a dry herb vape, which I think may be the healthiest option. But how about practices that would go well in tandem with it, perhaps like lung strengthening exercises or certain meditative practices that will allow me to extract the most out of the experience of taking that first hit? There is certainly a meditative quality I notice in the experience, I think that can be used for my benefit. There’s also possibilities of limiting my intake for better experiences. If you think you have an idea thatd help just let me know, thank you all .
  3. Hey everyone, i wanted to know if any of you occasionally vape dry herbs, legal ones specifically. If so are there any you recommend? If you could, anyone who is experienced with this, could you explain some of the reasons you do it and the benefits you get? Thanks!
  4. @Jonac i do want quality information and i suppose i cant speak to the quality of any randomly chosen book on amazon so do you have any books you might recommend?
  5. @Dutch guy @Dutch guy To elaborate on what I’m using it for, it’s just for my own personal understanding, Growth, and development. I’d like to be able to use the information to serve myself and others, the topic also sparks an interest in me.
  6. @Dutch guy i certainly want to go deep, i want to know how to heal myself and others. I want to use that knowledge to further empower my growth in service to love. I’m more familiar with the changes paradigm of explanation, do they differ vastly? And you would say that it is worth the money for someone who wants a very multifaceted understanding of the way the energies work? I have an interest in this subject and i would care to learn all that i can about the energies.
  7. @Dutch guy hmm, see now i would actually invest in that if i knew its information would serve me for its price. But i am not yet fully sure, but i guess thats with many things in life. Money is the main concern stopping me from investing in that textbook.
  8. I’m looking for the most detailed Precise and informative book on the entirety of the energy system. I’d like info that elaborates on the 114 chakras/ 7 chakras and just gives overall the most and highest quality information possible. If you know any such books in your experience that has helped your understanding, let me know thanks!
  9. I keep trying to put myself into the state of flow but i just keep continuing to have thoughts, judgements, negative attitudes etc appear in my mind. When i let go of one another instantly follows. It seems to never end, and when that recognition flows through me frustration always trails behind it. Ive been trying to access this state while doing activities like playing a game, so it tends to be difficult for me to get rid of feeling frustrated while playing and trying to access flow at the same time. It also seems when i meditate often thoughts will just come and come and come and distract me to a point where it feels like anything i do is a waste of time. It feels like i have to let go of an infinite amount of things that im forever holding on to; i let go of one them another comes back which i then let go of only for another to come back. Ive been using marijuana concentrates recently, im in the best state of flow when it just starts setting in im noticing. And i would say it probably isnt helping me to access a better state as the day goes on, but i feel that i also notice that when its not present i still come across the same struggle. When i use LSD my flow state is absolutely flawless. I feel so powerful and productive, capable of anything simply by sheer force of will. Ive never felt so complete on lsd, but as of this moment i feel pretty bleek... and feel unable to love as well. Its a sad existence right now. How can i access a state of flow right now? How can i manage these thoughts that diverge my attention from what i actually want to be focused on. How can i use my mind 100% into what im doing? I want every part of my body to be in sync with every other part, all in sync following wherever my determination lies. What are the best ways to achieve this right now? And hopefully have it last.
  10. When i vaporize my marijuana concentrate, for the first 40 minutes i experience a very excited cerebral high where i often can easily induce myself into meditative states. Its very entertaining but most of all its helpful. However, this effect ends for me around 40min-1hr after ingestion. What proceeds it is a drowsy feeling of sleepiness, lack of determination, laziness, hunger, and other lower vibrational states of consciousness. I am wondering how i can get rid of that. Do i even need to do anything? Or will it go away on its own if in very accepting of it? When i take a nap it usually disappears completely.
  11. @nowimhere a chromebook may be a good option for a laptop that functions as only a notebook and that only, but i was thinking of getting more versatility from my machine. Id like to have one that has the possibility to download different programs that may assist my endeavors, maybe have the possibility to play a game on it. Maybe i shouldn't have those available to me though, i don't know.
  12. @MaximilianIV what are the dangers of not having that macs security? Why not just use windows? In not too keen on the security aspect so these are actual questions, not an indication of a disagreeing position. Or what about linux? I have a mac now that i just found, its my mothers old laptop that ill just use for a while. Id like to upgrade the OS to either windows or linux, i might try linux but im not sure of how it compares to windows. I don't mind learning a new OS but to my knowledge windows has the most possibilities available to me. Also what are downsides to using cloud based storage? Just the money aspect? Or is there more? If there exist backup drives that can wirelessly connect and backup my device i can keep at home then i feel that would shift me towards using one over a cloud service.
  13. @supremeyingyang good information here thank you. Also i want to know, are there any features i would be losing switching to zim from onenote?
  14. @CreamCat I really haven't put that much thought into it, i just found a laptop with a keyboard i liked at my store. Hasnt taken up much of my time. Regardless i like your suggestions and ill probably get an external keyboard to bring with me wherever i go. Replaceable keyboard also sounds good. @Ingit surface seems like a good option, but if i get a surface pro i would probably only use an external keyboard; preferably id like to type on a cherry MX keyboard because those feel great to the touch. Leo says he uses a macbook air which seems like a good option but i feel i may be better off with a new model surface book if im spending that much. Im not exactly sure how they compare to the macbook air in terms of lightness and longevity though. Surfaces have front and back cameras, which are nice if i need to add a photo quickly. I can also turn the surface into a tablet which may be nice if i need to draw a diagram of some sort. Still open to whatever options though, im just listing some things i can off the top of my head. @ExodiaGearCEO I dont know alot about macs so im not sure of the advantages.
  15. Ive been looking for good laptops for a commonplace book, and one key feature i want is that i want the laptop to have a good keyboard. I now work at bestbuy and we have a lenovo thinkpad for around $850. I love the keyboard compared to how any of the other laptop keyboards feel, its very nice and smooth to type on. To those of you who have a commonplace book, what do you guys suggest using? Mostly need a comfortable keyboard and longevity, but feel free to suggest other features you enjoy!