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  1. I am having a hard time socializing with people. It is like the words won't come out of my youth without effort. It is like the opposite of what you call flaw state in socializing. I have social anxiety but still, this is something else I think. does someone have any experience with any of this?
  2. why would it be? I don't quite get the points you were making for the second question. Isn't God everything including ants?
  3. 2 questions: 1) Can God ever experience itself fully? 2) How important is the human experience for God to understand itself in comparison to, let's say, being an ant?
  4. how would that even happen? If you access really the non-dual, it will automatically involve the dual. Like looking at your hand, it is a hand but it is nothing. How would I be stuck in looking at it as only nothing? what does that even mean?
  5. Yeah totally, the first 1 hour, the second hour is just pure action. And it is called Apocalypto, sorry I misspelled it.
  6. @Juliano Zn Consciousness is just there since ever ( which is the eternal now ), it doesn't have a beginning and will not have an end. Consciousness doesn't have a cause. Consciousness is just there.
  7. simple one-sentence explanation. I know what it means but I need this short answer to clear everything up.
  8. When stage orange imagines success.
  9. ENJOY P.S: This is actually really good, lol.
  10. From my experience, They make sex/fapping feel shitty and especially when you ejaculate.
  11. Great video! I love your way of socializing with people, truly genuine and loving.
  12. What are they lacking exactly? What illusions they are still trapped in?
  13. We keep talking about spiral dynamics and keep discussing these things on the forum and I also personally engage in a lot of thinking about these things. But sometimes I say wait a minute, why am I even doing this? I got what I need, I do understand the idea of the spiral dynamics and do understand the Humans, so why do I keep thinking about these things?. I did a lot of mental effort in this field and maybe 10% of that mental effort was enough. I should have directed the rest of my effort on understanding the existential dilemma rather than getting engaged in this never-ending cycle of thoughts. So I think it is getting useless and creating a lot of distraction actually to keep thinking about spiral dynamics. I think this is some sort of a trap for us, especially the intellectually minded people.
  14. What's the connection between the two? Why being nothing makes you infinitely intelligence?
  15. @Valwyndir Is it your personal favorite psychedelic? ayahuasca?
  16. @Leo Gura No I understand nothingness quite well actually but maybe I am not getting what infinite intelligence really entails.
  17. The only value in saying things like this is to motivate us to go deeper and deeper and not stop at any certain stage. So guys, just stop of the silly denying theme and embrace that there is very deep states that we all can reach.
  18. Can you elaborate on this point?, I don't seem to get what you mean.
  19. Leo in his video, total awakening live, mentioned non-doership. What is it exactly? At the end of one deep trip, I was writing a post here on the forum and my hands were working automatically and writing was effortless. I was not writing, my hand was doing its work and my brain was not even thinking in anything. It was all automatic and was wonderful. Which leaves me with the question, What is it exactly. Is it a sort of dissociation or some other deep metaphysical pillar?
  20. I thought once you go nondual you automatically embrace the dual. like seeing your hand, you see it as a hand and as consciousness also. So what do you mean by him not embracing duality. Is he actually experiencing nothingness and nothingness only, like pure nothingness?