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  1. Im aware that there is this apparent moment. And I have these memories of supposed "other moments" that I cannot confirm happened because im not directly experiencing them. So here I am, it feels like every moment is fresh and memories are imported on the spot. The "past" for the most part feels unreal. It feels like theres nowhere else i could possibly be other than this moment and I have no idea how I even got here. My intuition or belief is that there are infinitely many moments that im not conscious of, each of them with different imported memories (multiverse). But how can a particular moment such as watching a car go by be an infinite moment if it appears to be a changing moment. How could I be watching it go by forever if theres apparent change happening?
  2. Just wanted to share this somewhat new "nootropic" from nootropics depot that is an extract of bacopa monnieri. I'm not too sure what was changed in this version of bacopa but you can learn about it on youtube. Theres a whole podcast video on how it was created with the chemist behind it. I do know it stimulates the 5ht2a receptor. For background, Ive developed an acquired sensitivity to psychedelics. Im extremely sensitive to lsd microdoses. I usually volumetrically dose around .3 mcg. And even modafinil at a 1/4 pill feels psychedelic. Effects: For me are very similar to microdoses of analogues of lsd or atleast 1cplsd and 1vlsd. Difference Ive noticed is drastic increase in sociability. I dosed 1 capsule or 100mg. Found that too strong. And have used 50mg for a max of 2 consecutive days. Results probably will vary. Some people notice nothing at all.
  3. @Asayake @Batman @tuku747 Thanks for the very detailed responses, I will give the sensation less importance and continue practices as usual (Not that i stopped). However it can be difficult when it is overwhelming but I found the sensation came down significantly by showering. My main practice has been Shambhavi Mahamudra. As well as a couple mantras. Going to learn Surya Kriya this weekend. Well see what effect this has.
  4. Over the past couple weeks ive been having some tingling or more accurately a restless leg type of sensation between the eyebrows. Not necessarily a good feeling id say. Its a slight discomfort actually. This has been happening more frequently after having done yoga more consistently and possibly due to some energetic transmission from Sadhguru in person. (See my last post for info.) I've never experienced it before. Today its been overwhelming at times and consistent . Anyone experienced this before? How long did it last or is it always there?
  5. Parts of what you say are part of most peoples progression. Feeling completely alien to life is normal after having glimpses. Communicating to others and just day to day human life in general is something Ive struggled with especially at first. You will find more and more that all of these imagined "problems" are are tainted with egoic fears. For me what helped is listening to meditations by Joe dispenza and creating positivie emotions on your own. Youtube Joe dispenza meditation on happiness. Its important to remind yourself your capable of positivity. Try it now. It will take practice. Ruminating in whatever negativity your perceiving is no help. Take action, and remember, others have been where you are and made it out. Keep going, this is part of your journey ?
  6. I thought this in the past. But keep in mind. You are probably just listening to purely his talks and highlights from talks or certain ceremonies that are made public. The yoga that he teaches is where the rubber meets the road. And this is not made public to the masses because you must be instructed properly and be under certain conditions. If you learn the yoga yo will see there isnt anything trying to be proved. You are given directions of how to move your body/breathe and thats it. I believe his approach is much different than a nondual teacher. And to reach a broad audience he doesnt speak in crazy nondual talk. His background is in yoga, the idea is by purifying mind, body etc. through keeping the body in certain ways, you will naturally begin to balance out and be able to tune into existence. I think he can come off as a know it all because hes confident in his answers. Leo has a similar vibe at times too. It can feel cocky but i dont think thats where it comes from.
  7. It was an event on his book called "Karma: A yogis guide to crafting your destiny". A 2 hr event in total. The event was just him talking about the subject of karma being your conscious action in the world for about a little over an hour. Then there was a 10 minute meditation (where I had this experience and a Q&A afterward for about 40 minutes. The 10 minute or so meditation had different parts to it. the majority 7 or so minutes was envisioning yourself in about 4 different scenarios, one by one. None of this meditation structure was known to us. We went in blind. One of the scenarios was to imagine as realistically as possible what it would be like to peacefully be standing in the middle of a lake and feeling the wind, water etc. Then suddenly the current begins to take you and you find yourself drowning. (I believe the point of this excercise was to show us that we can consciously choose to feel the way we want and the outside environment doesnt have to be a factor). Then we were told by him to gently inhale for about 2 seconds and exhale for about 4 seconds. We did this for about a minute as sadhguru did some seemingly random clapping and his famous whistle ? Then for about 2-3 minutes, sadhguru chanted in sanskrit. I believe the second or third word is when I felt the intensity of this energy. The energy was not constant in my experience. It really ramped up radically with a certain word. I was not the only one who was effected as my mom told me later. She opened her eyes worried for me when i began hysterically crying and moving about. She noticed many others in tears but not to my degree. All this stopped when he instructed us to open our eyes at the end. I was left profusely sweating and drenched in tears.
  8. I was in the same boat less than 24hrs ago. Be as radically openminded, and consistent and I think the universe will bring you what you need.
  9. Im not sure what he did really. And what do you mean im not his specific target, who is?
  10. Hes around frequently doing interviews. But as for a solo event like this, the website said it had been 3 years. The event was about his new book "Karma". I didnt even read it yet, but decided to go last minute ?
  11. I will continue to contemplate this. But I am baffled why this happened. It would be easy if certain thoughts came up or emotions. But it was like watching someone else go through it. No thoughts, essentialy felt like I was possessed. I feel I may try to add meaning to the experience if I contemplate why I cried. I think my best bet is to follow what sadhguru has said. Allow whatever happens during the meditation. Try not to get caught up in thoughts. I will follow his instructions. Why would I do otherwise he is the guru that even allowed it to happen. I have to trust here. And follow the instructions of someone that allowed me to have a profound experience. I dont want to mutilate the teaching. I think my integration is to continue doing yoga without expectation. In this case shambhavi mahamudra. And the yoga will do this cleansing.
  12. @Yarco personally I didnt consciously notice a presence from him before this happened. I thought youd have to be very sensitive or even delude yourself. What did i know? However, when he chanted I was profoundly hit by some energy. My mom who is a nurse, who i took with me has never heard of sadhguru. I really freaked her out when this energy took me over. She said she was ready to get help. But I did my best to assure her all was good by struggling to give a head nod.