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  1. You could definitely make it, man. Why not? There is a variety of roles out there. Try some auditions and see for yourself... And then post a video of you losing an Oscar to Robert De Niro. :-)
  2. For a spiritiual development, maybe you could use it in "Marathon monks of mt. Hiei" style - you would do it with the fleshlight like 8 hours straight without stopping or taking a break. I think it could bring you into some sort of out of your body trance, maybe similar to tantric sex or tantric masturbation. With total concentration on the act and mastering your body reactions meanwhile. For that reason, you could use the mentioned Amazon plastic ass too, because the concepts are akin. But I imagine the ass would be more physically demanding in the long run. The OP raised an interesting question btw - would it be beneficiary to create a perfectly realistic robot intended solely for the purpose of sexual gratificiaton, entirely customizable? So you could for example create a perfect copy of your better half and do stuff with the robot you would not normally do with your significant other? Be it because your partner does not like it or you are much more sexual then him/her?
  3. It's impossible to know her honest thoughts and intentions (until she reveals them openly). You can only guess. All I would say is this: If you are romantically interested in her, invite her on a date (or, for a start, simply try to meet her in real life). If she will (directly or indirectly) reject you or won't respond at all, then forget about her (from a dating point of view) and move on.
  4. @Anon212 I would say that ultimately it doesn't matter if he can levitate, raise the dead, cure blindness or anything else "supernatural." It would be entertaining to see him doing some of these things, but the act itself won't make your life better (well in reality it could save you from death or make you see again, but it won't make you spiritualy better, wouldn't make you a better person per se). You could argue that by using of his yogic powers, he could do a lot of good in the world (like heal many people), but there are reasons why they shoud not be used (connected to principle of karma and other reasons). What is important is what he can offer you as a teacher. You said you'd like to visit his ashram for 7 months - would be very interesting if you could report here after you'll be back from there. :-)
  5. Thumb up for @LfcCharlie4
  6. @Tim R Unfortunately I don't have a link, but it was UFOs: The Lost Evidence, Season II, Episode 3. I watch this kind of shows casually because these shows are usually entertaining, but when I was watching this particular episode, I was like "Wow, this seems pretty convincing..." Also, to clarify for a discerning reader, there are several case studies in that episode and the Zeta Reticuli claim is specifically connected with the first case, not necessarily with the leg implants case, I believe.
  7. @Preety_India Well, basically don't let external situations rule your inner life. Easier said than done, but definitely can be done. And there is really no way around it, I'm afraid. If you can't stand your surroundings and can change it, then change it. Also, are you sure that really nobody wants you? It is unusual that your very own family does not want you. Why they act like that, do you have a clue?
  8. A considerable number of people with similar issues have started to do nofap (no porn and masturbation). Check nofap.com forums for success stories and experience. It might help you with making up your mind about what to do, you will get another perspective on this subject. Remember, live consciously.
  9. I hope they will be. Otherwise we could have problems :-D Stephen Hawking once said that they could behave somehow like conquistadors in South and Central America. On a side note, I have recently watched a documentary on alien abductions and I remember two things: they probably came from Zeta Reticuli and the evidence for the abductions seemed really hard! The abductees had implanted pieces of metals that are not naturally found on earth (only in meteorites). The pieces were sent to US research laboratories and the chirurgical removals were done by a real surgeon.
  10. @electroBeam I will give you (and anybody interested) my modest and brief view on the subject of semen retention and nofap. What inspired me to experiment with this discipline is precisely the views on semen retention proclaimed by famous spiritual masters. The claims about its powers and repeated argumentation about its necessity when following spiritual path was something that drew me to it. It made me want to experiment with it. Since I was curious, I also visited nofap forum and saw interesting posts there. The people there seem to have various opinions on various subjects connected to sexuality, including semen retention. Some preach it, some think it is not something to follow. I got an impression that what somehow unites the people in the community is a common view that porn and masturbation is bad for your life. That you should aim to have satisfactory real life sexual encounters and healthy social life overall. The community is very much based on an idea that porn is harmful for you and the community also provides a material for support of that argument. Some people in the community aim for (and maybe claim) superpowers, some report no noticable positive changes, some even negative experience (when practicing nofap). It's really variable. My assumption is that most of the people practicing nofap go for healing their sex life, not necessary for spiritual advancement. The semen retention practice is especially tied with spiritual path. Nofap to me is more about not warching porn and not masturbating. It resembles more a therapy than spiritual practice. I cannot really tell you much about precise energetic mechanisms of semen retention. I did not research it enough. To be honest, the attitude of great masters toward it is enough for me right know to experiment with it. Also my own experience with it so far has been positive enough to keep me going. There is a lot of information online for anybody who is interested. Keywords are semen retention/nofap/brahmacharya. Very good, brief overview video on semen retention:
  11. @Shiva99 Did you properly transmute your sexual energy or simply just did not release and otherwise lived the same? If you do not transmute the incredible energy which is connected with your sexual impulse/desire while on semen retention, the common view is that you will going to have problems.
  12. Post here again when you reach 30 days :-) Also, maybe pay a visit to a sexuologist, he might help you with that problem.
  13. @flowboy To be honest, it seems to me like the girls are just having some fun... I would not be so stiff about it. Give it some time, loosen up a little bit... Make fun of her too, but not in a gross way. Definitely don't "jump as she wishes." If I were you, I would tease her with some creative funny stuff
  14. @LfcCharlie4 Hi Charlie! I saw some videos of him talking about his experience some time ago (not many of them though). What I recall and what I made out of them is that he grew up in a devout Christian environment, but I think he was not that much into Christianity at the time. Then he encountered new age spirituality, mainly associated with his interest in the ancient aliens (or astronauts) hypothesis. He started online platform and started making a lot of money, bought an expensive car and basically started living in a kind of wanton way. Then he had some weird dream with reptilian/demonic entity and generally felt very bad of himself. One day, he had this spiritual breaktrough when he felt on his knees before God (Jesus Christ) - not sure if methaporically or literally - and had kind of awakening, renouncing his previous life at the instant. My assumptions are that his Christian upbringing, which uncounciously formed his thought patterns, combined with not being to able to cope with some negative thought and behavior patterns within the kind of spirituality he was practicing led him to the "breakdown", when he surrended himself and became at ease. Then he connected it (the peace of his mind) with Christian notions and concepts. I have followed a similar story on youtube, which was even more interesting... And no, Leo is not going to debate him, you do not have to even ask... :-D