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  1. Read "Letting Go" by Richard Dawkins
  2. I suggest you start doing some exercise like weight lifting, eat more heavy foods, work with your hands. Go barefoot in nature, to ground your energy more in the lower chakrad.
  3. Ridiculous. You misunderstanding should stop other peoples seeking? Come on man. If this stuff scares you so much just do something else with your life.
  4. Well this is it, it must be nothing as well. It is nothing and infinite simultaneously. It's a paradox yes.
  5. Yes, that is if you define infinity inside a space. There is no space. I'm talking infinity as in infinite potential, possibility.
  6. Truth. Locality is illusion. There is no locality in infinity.
  7. Being is infinity. Its conscept "whom" that is make belive. Infinity/nothing is imagining "whomness"
  8. Maybe just try to not know if it's real or not and just do the work and see for yourself. This stuff has a lot to do with dropping beliefs not creating them. It's not about "positive emotions". You don't have to believe in enlightenment. What do you really know about anything? There is no grounds to build any beliefs upon really. All you can know is that you don't know.
  9. No words can contain truth as they can only point towards it, the nature of langue fail to explain truth fully. Even tho there is nobody behind the scene doesn't make infinity less obvious tho, it's known in a way even tho nobody knows. Everything is and everything is not, it's all a paradox.
  10. Hehe yea. Let's skip the whole non dual game for this time, even tho it's funny😁
  11. @How to be wise yes, mind can be used in a couple of ways. Awareness would be a better word.
  12. It's infinite, mind is reality.