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  1. Yea cause porn is so loving lol
  2. I have something similar just the knot moves around from throat, heart and recently it has started moving down to stomach. Sometimes it goes up in my head and my head feels like it's blown up with air. This got more intense after I was doing kriya yoga. I also have experienced lots of the burping belching especially while meditating and being aware of the knot. Feels like it releases a little bit or something. And also what you are saying about the emotions I can relate to. I try to sit with this knot and sometimes it changes and open more or turn into a different sensation. But it seem to always constrict back after a while. I have experienced this without any psychs.
  3. I love Batgap and I love Rick, he is a great interviewer because of the personality. Yes he talks a lot and repeat lots of the same stuff in interviews but I still think he is very humble and open minded. "awakening is an accident but spiritual practice makes you accident prone." "you are the ocean but also a wave, both at the same time" "we are all works in progress." Lol Rick says these in every interview but I still love him.
  4. Amazing book. One of the best I'd say.
  5. I was thinking of the discolouration, but it's hard to see thru the bag. Might be nothing. I see the white is just reflections now.
  6. When was it ever said heroin brings you closer to God? Your post seem like trolling, don't even seem to describe heroin.
  7. Yes, what is right is that everything is now, there only is the present. There only is being(source is what she calls it). But then she talks about individual souls. There is only one soul(being). Everything is soul. Where does this stuff about so and so many souls come from. Where does this numbers come from? And soulless beings? It implyes something is outside the one? Where is the truth in all this extra information? Is there any experience of this? I think she just made it up to make a following. You can find several of these theories online claiming to be truth. It's a cult/religion. Please search for the truth in your own experience, and don't get stuck in beliefs.
  8. This is a prime example of mixing some truth with a lot of bullshit. Cult stuff. Starting the video with asking for money, ending the video with asking for monthly payments lol. @sourcetruth Are you this woman?