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  1. Yes, what is right is that everything is now, there only is the present. There only is being(source is what she calls it). But then she talks about individual souls. There is only one soul(being). Everything is soul. Where does this stuff about so and so many souls come from. Where does this numbers come from? And soulless beings? It implyes something is outside the one? Where is the truth in all this extra information? Is there any experience of this? I think she just made it up to make a following. You can find several of these theories online claiming to be truth. It's a cult/religion. Please search for the truth in your own experience, and don't get stuck in beliefs.
  2. This is a prime example of mixing some truth with a lot of bullshit. Cult stuff. Starting the video with asking for money, ending the video with asking for monthly payments lol. @sourcetruth Are you this woman?
  3. this track tho 😛
  4. Is that right, my cats think I can turn off the rain and that every food I buy is for them.
  5. Wow just wow. I feel this forum is going a bit downhill sometimes.
  6. Not necessarily true, it's normal to not feel it the first time.
  7. A good read,. What book is this from?
  8. Haha yes.
  9. @AlphaAbundance @AlphaAbundance Yes start right now, give yourself love. I recommend reading "whatever arises love that" by Matt Kahn. Also look up loving kindness meditation. Yes heart chakra.