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  1. Thanx guys I read all the comments. Great advice and I'm gonna apply it asap. I really enjoyed my last presentation even though they did not buy. I asked for feedback at the end, they requested my business card too.
  2. You don't have to try. You need to learn to let go. Don't complicate life more than it is. Deep breath, love yourself. Start exercising, learn a simple yogic practice, read, express yourself in music,art, dance, talk, understand feeling why they are there what do they mean. Understood what the psyche is and how you formed and shaped yours, let go of concepts like good or bad. Like 9 is like you already know what caused your problems. If you had a choice now to feel very pleasant would you say yes? Like why go analyze what happened to you when you can just learn how to be and love yourself. And how much love you can give to yourself? Do you have a measure? So it's best to learn how to let go becose the moment you letgo you gonna find that the default state of your being is pure love. And you gonna die one day and life is challenging so what we have in control we should act accordingly. I hope this helps. I'm sure you gonna feel better soon and that feeling is going to go away. ?❤️
  3. @TripleFly great advice, thanks
  4. I would love to be around her ? crazy 90y old, tell her when are you going to ? Jk lol. Just show her love and like Nahm said if she's not hurting you that's good. Remember that you gonna be old too one day and just be with her. And ofc avoid her as much as possible if u can.
  5. @Natasha lol. My fav is this one.....Shankarai pillai....??????? If sadhguru says that I don't even have to listen further
  6. I wanna share some tips about meditation and motivation in general but english and speak ing skills are not my best and had hard time with videos. I already joined a Toastmaster like Leo suggest and I got an award for giving a 2m topic of the day speech as first time ever on first day ??
  7. Going to share you this story. Like 1 year was like 2am and I had no sleep so I was like let's do some laundry because I had some clothes in the basket. Went outside my appointment downstairs to the laundry room. While entering there I saw a lady on the corner shivering ?, I told her fuckk! You scared me ? I thought she was doing laundry but no, and I asked her what you doing here? She said her husband is working and she's afraid to go home because she thinks someone inside. I saw her shaking and I had a black hoodie gave it to her. She was so skinny. Then I was like you wanna come with me to eat something? I brought her in my car, put some hot ac and went to taco bell ? The moment she entered my car though she got lil bit uncomfortable and said I don't know if I did the right thing, I was all calm. Because even if your intention is helping someone (I realized she was on a flight or fight response, because even later when a car was approaching she was scared, and she told me she had ptsd later) or making them comfortable the moment you show agitation they perceive it as judgment this threat. I did something stupid and funny at the same time, I had a knife in my pocket a cheap one and said hey if you feel any threat from me or something around use this knife ? lol she was very comfortable though and she kept the knife. (Hope my fingerprints where not there ?) than after we driving and ate(she didn't eat at all) her boyfriend called and she emitted so much anger nvr seen someone emitt so much anger before!!! I felt bad for her and her emotional situation but at the same time I was like it's so interesting so much energy behind. After she hang up she turned at me all calm and said You ok? I said nvr felt better, are you? She said that's what's upp ? and at that moment when she expressed that anger and saw me treating the situation as normal she felt so much relief. Then we talked for 5h and she told everything from PTSD to being an alcoholic and how she's learning about plants to keep herself engaged with something. Hope she's doing fine. Anyway why am I sharing this story. 1 thing you could do to help yourself is find a intimate person and expressed how you feel in an articulate way, and if there emotions that you can't translate into words it's fine. I know your suffering but make an attempt to see it as a game to understand yourself. Don't judge yourself to what happened in the past, build yourself for the future. Read a book called Radical Honesty. Also go back to your father, I know it's hard and I don't know how he abused you but make an attempt to understand that he was weak or maybe his father was the same way, it's time for forgiveness my friend. And when you forgive someone you end up in tears trust me. Your mother too, that stage of your life it's over. My sister it's the same.she blames my parents for her success and everything, I was wise enough to understand that my parents did everything they could. One day you might be a father too or maybe you gonna be a monk who knows but hey man compassion. Cry. Not because something was done wrong to you, just cry of overwhelmess. Suffering is part of life and healing yourself it's in your hand. Hope this helps. I'm 100% sure that soon your fell more in tune with yourself..peace and love brother ?
  8. Found a job in sales, selling water treatment system. The product is good I love it. I had 3 appointments so far, no selling. It's like a 8000usd product, nvr done this job in my life. Any advice?
  9. How to spirituality deal with old age, importance of keeping a healthy regimen and what is means spiritualy. Ty
  10. @GreenWoods no sleep, I did it once I just want to do 24h at at a stretch. I have to find a comfortable position, become my cross leg posture doesn't allow it yet my leg will get numb.
  11. So I was attending sadhgurus satsang online and at the end when he gives the namaskar I had a very pleasant experience. Maybe nothing crazy like being on DMT but my awerness was so enhanced and felt like that moment was eternity. It's kinda I accepted that moment fully and I just merged with something I guess the gurus presence. It was very nice ? I wish I could be on that state at will ?
  12. Imaginary to whom? If there's something as imagining it's all reality and if there something that has to be true is god or as leo calls it infinity. Creation you can say is imagination but the source it's the realest thing you can touch.
  13. @Godishere I was watching a sadhguru video yesterday and he said what Leo says. He said something like I don't see anything or anyone other than myself I'm always always alone. I guess the oneness or Yoga that means union.
  14. @Godishere I kinda understand, but I guess there understanding that makes sense and that's a state of consciousness that you are there at will right?