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  1. interesting take on reincarnation
  2. sup yall its been a while i have learned so much this past month and am still learning , i've had new experiences and done some testing. get in a meditative position and close your eyes. a friend of mine made a 10 step method to mind project or half project or what i like to call bilocation. the method is a combination of other methods. it's very easy and straightforward 0. get in a meditative position and close your eyes. 1. visualize yourself being in your kitchen. 2. now see a lemon there touch it. 3. what do you see ? 4. what does it feel like ? 5. smell it. 6. then see a knife cut the lemon in half. 7. lick the inside what does it taste like. 8. then visualize this cord or string made out of energy. 9. it connects to a friend of yours you decide who it connects to then follow the cord or use it as a zipline whatever resonates with you. 10.Then let your visualization do it's thing trust everything you see , every detail is important. we have tested this method with various members of my discord server about astral projection and lucid dreaming and so far we have had 5 plus more successful attempts. with bilocation you can be in two places at once , you can text while doing it anything that doesn't require too much physical effort. its like astral projection but instead you are projecting with your mental body. @GreenWoods @Leo Gura @Matt8800
  3. i agree i dont see why people are offended by a question like that . if anything the one getting offended is the one making assumptions.
  4. an article on out of body experience or astral projection
  5. here is the link soul travel course you should watch this as well its very informative
  6. from a book @GreenWoods MENTAL PROJECTION - As an exercise, assume a comfortable, relaxed position and do some deep, abdominal breathing. Imagine projecting your mental body out of your physical body so that it is hovering over and looking down on your relaxed body. Look at your clothes, hair, body position, etc. and feel totally comfortable. Now imagine you are zooming up through the ceiling and out of the building. Pause for a few seconds and look back at the areas surrounding the building, then project yourself onward. Speed by familiar parks, houses, stores and watch the traffic passing underneath you. Now proceed over to a friend's house. Go inside and view the different rooms and see if anybody is at home. Listen to the sounds of any animals or conversations. Take note of anything out of the ordinary -- new faces, items or happenings. Then exit the house and return to your own location. Look at your body briefly and then resume your normal occupancy. Write down or draw what you saw; then call your friend up to see how close you came.
  7. Post your opinions about the show
  8. is it just me or does life feel dreamy sometimes like nothing is real etc and then it hits you you start to remember your responsibility , like waking up from a dream then you feel a bit sad
  9. I been watching this underatted channel for quite a while especially for his highly effective binaural beats and spiritual wisdom i wanted to share this with you a new series he made. This is an intro to the series Il be posting one video each day just to make sure il do it since its a daily thing but if you are curious check out his channel. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  10. When did he say he was making a new course
  11. VID_24510907_131035_398.mp4
  12. Real telepathy
  13. SOUL TRAVEL A Field Guide To Unlocking Astral Gateways, Traversing The Planes, And Reuniting With The Source Of Consciousness Itself 1. Go Transdimensional The first step of soul travel is to transcend physicality, and awaken inter-dimensional awareness. 2. Ascend To The Godplane Inside this supreme plane, every ounce of your consciousness is undeniably overwhelmed with the conviction that you’ve accessed the Source of Consciousness itself. You just know you are at the summit of existence. When there, you’ll bathe in its omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence – able to create and destroy entire universes at will – and for the duration of your stay, you are truly a Living God. To undergo ascension to the Godplane, you’ll need to unlock specific astral gateways through the guidance of Ascended Masters. In Mastering Soul Travel, You’ll Learn: The true cosmology of the Astral, Mental, Causal, and God Planes… you cannot read this in any occult grimoire How to Soul Travel—no previous experience with astral projection is necessary Introductions to the ASCENDED MASTERS for apprenticeship… yes, even YOU The most powerful techniques for opening the Chakras, which enabled my Ascent faster than any other meditations How to enter communion with the Source of Consciousness, and retain the OMNIPRESENCE back in your physical life How to POSSESS the physical body of a human being Secret access into the Temples of Light on the Astral Plane Field guide to unlocking Astral Gateways… you’ll be pitifully lost without a map How to adeptly pilot your Spiritual Bodies, and avoid losing control of your travel How to read the Akashic Records to view past, present and future timelines Rituals of transdimensional shapeshifting How to build “critical mass” on the Astral Plane to manipulate the Physical Plane practice for raising an entire army of Astral Entities to carry out tasks.!NH5myaDY!4zmpcS0eEpFeTJSboNPuiQ
  14. ASTRAL COMBAT Do not attempt if you are an amatuer you could become spirituality or physically injured. DO NOT DABBLE! If you enter into spiritual warfare or astral combat unprepared you could become possesed or otherwise cause serious Harm to yourself or others. What is astral combat this refers to actually fighting evil spirits on their own plane of existence it can happen while meditating in a dream like state , while asleep or otherwise while astral projecting there are several types of astral combat while il cover. 1. Energy contest - an energy contest can happen between humans or human vs spirit it involves focusing your energy to overcome your oponent. If you can focus the energy of your own soul and aura, you can then project that energy and attempt to engulf an enemy in it. In these contests whomver has the strongest combination of energy , knowledge and force of will is most likely to win. Keep in mind since spirits live astrally 24/7 they always have greater knowledge with extremely few minor exeptions. 2. Projected weapon - this works similary to the energy contest , but the combatants form their spirit energy into weapons and weapon like forms and battle each other after the fashion of the physical world. Energy . Knowledge and force of will are again The main determining factors , but skills play a larger role than it does in a basic energy contest. Typical weapons are swords and dagger like bladed weapons. 3. Realistic battles - these appear to be normal battles as one would have in the physical realm , with some dream like qualities to it. It takes place in a pocket dimension in the spirit world that is constructed by thoughts , emotions and memories of the combatants. It could be appear to be in any time frame , but mostly common are the medieval settings. Opponets look human though they are often spirit Infact it is very rare for two human souls to battle this way. These can be so realistic , that upon awakening one might suffer physical symptoms similar those experienced during a panic attack ( rapid pulse, irrational fear, shaking inability to speak) . 4. Supernatural battles - these can appear almost exatly the same and have the same effects as the realistic battles. The diffrence is that they are more than minor dream qualities to it , spirits may appear in their true forms one might battle against monsters. Otherworldly weapons may be involved. These can be extremely strange , scary and possibly dangerous. It is the most dangerous form of astral combat a demon , in its true form could cause lasting damage , damage that wouldnt be possible in realistic battle in human form. You could expect to fight shadow monsters , wizards dragons or any number of other bizzare and deadly creatures here. AVOID if possible. If you realize you are in a astral battle you can easily flee to your body just like waking up from a lucid dream. SPECIFICS TYPE OF ASTRAL COMBAT AND THEIR USES. Energy contest - they are very basic and they happen all the time ever fight off an urge to do something you would not normally do ? If so you have fought an energy contest. It helps to picture your own energy aura , then try to find the energy trying to get through it. Picture how your aura moves and try to see the opposing one if you can. You can by concentrating , control how your aura moves and focus it upon the are being attracted. Concentrate your aura in any weak points it will seem to become thicker and darker less likely to get anything in . Shielding will be exceptionally Useful in this battle so use it if you know how. Once you determine where the attack is coming from focus your aura in that direction sending your energy to overcome it. If the other does not give up and leave your energy will strike it causing it to weaken until its forced away. Maintaing concetration is a key factor in succeful energy contest. @Matt8800
  15. Important videos to watch
  16. The astral planes
  17. Astral projection locations - This are places that you can visit in the astral realm created by others. This is one is called Astralscape. This is the location that you can use to meet others who are on this sub reddit within the astrals. How to get to the location? The sigil is the main thing needed to get to it, you'd use it like any other astral sigil. Memorize it to a point where you're able to visualize it when you're in the astral. This is one of the bigger locations. This one is called astral skyrim. This one is astral pulse island The objectives of the Astral Pulse, Astral Locale project include: The creation of a unique locale in the Astral plane where people can meet and share experiences A means by which people can learn and participate in Astral projection as a shared experience A place where gateways to other Astral locations and the spheres of elements can be accessed. More info How to Use a Sigil to take you to a location - Imagine the sigil of the place you would like to go and focus on going through it. This will take you to the intended location. This method works in both full and half projection.
  18. Tips to help project: •Camomile, Dopa Mucuna, or Mugwort tea •If you are in a summer break, or any long break actually, you can try sleeping 4 hours, and just 4 hours •Try not to be anxious •Keep a strong intention •The best position is usually sleeping on your back, it is not 100% needed but you will notice it is easier to maintain consciousness like this •It is good to let your mind wander but not too much or you will fall asleep •15 ml of Benadryl or any antihistamine can help greatly
  19. Full Projection Methods to Full Project Wbtb (Wake back to bed): This method is done in the morning (best done between 2-4am) and to do it correctly you should set your alarm and once you are awake you need to go back to sleep while grasping lucidity. This should get you to SP or a state where you can potentially hear a loud ringing noise or feel vibrations. *Things that usually go wrong: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not being tired enough: -For this, you should read a book or try to meditate until you feel tired, or lay by the side of your bed until you get sleepy again. Falling Asleep -For this, you will search a method for maintaining a bit of consciousness, like singing, counting, or repeating “I will AP” until you enter in SP or a hypnagogic state (I will call it “Grasp Consciousness) you can also recite a mantra or focus on your breathing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From a waking state: You should wake up normally and not move. Start grasping consciousness with any method of your preference. At night: The hardest one in my opinion. You have to combine a good consciousness grasp and breathing techniques. I would recommend doing meditation before trying this one or sleeping in abnormal intervals (Like 4 hours day and 4 at night) Breathing technique example: Maintain a 4-5-4 rhythm; 4 seconds inhale, 5 maintain, 4 exhale. From a Lucid Dream: Be in a LD and create or search for a mirror and enter it with the intention of going into a full projection. Another thing would be to make a Scape Sigil and enter it or “Melt” the dream and let the objective appear. Phasing Method: Wake up and refrain from getting up or opening your eyes much, then simply focus on any exit technique that you know of. Some exit techniques include rolling out of your body, swimming, or just falling. The trick is to get your body to fall asleep while focusing on these techniques which will bring you into a projection. Side note, don’t worry too much about not moving or opening your eyes, just concentrate on the exit and falling asleep.
  20. Tell us the results later