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  1. you might want to rethink that position
  2. The Energy Web Foundation is a stage yellow solution to this collective problem, truly mindblowing what they're doing.
  3. @Javfly33 I think what you're saying is that the content of experiences are always changing (according to language and thought) but the truth is that there is no actual distinction between one moment or experience to the next. (which I agree with)
  4. whoops deleted the post... @Leo Gura this is what he's actually doing lol
  5. @jimwell I don't see myself as a robinhood but I have given 100's of thousands of dollars to my friends and family unconditionally. Giving away what relatively small amount of money I have to charity doesn't strike me as being very effective on a global scale. I have plans to help humanity that I dare not speak of in a public forum because I want to try to limit the potential that I'd lose my freedom in the process, but rest assured someone somewhere (me) is doing what needs to be done. Essentially I am working on something extremely asymmetric and effective at the highest levels of the world's power structures, the consequences of my actions will reverberate for generations to come. It sounds grandiose/exaggerated but the sometimes hyperbole is just the proper descriptor. In any case, (I'm sure I'm the exception) my financial independence and total disregard for any kind of profit motive in the endeavor make it possible. It is interesting that markets have allocated resources to a person like me who would have had almost no other way to access significant amounts of capital. Perhaps they will have done some good in the end.
  6. @Leo GuraI agree, the action I'm taking to minimize it is to extract as much capacity from it as possible. Most people who want to be less game A-y make the mistake of not participating in it, punishing themselves and weakening the impact they can potentially have. If they really cared about subverting game A and bringing about the change they want to see they'd find a way to become as powerful and influential as possible in service of that. I think you've done a smashing job of this actually.
  7. @Leo Gura Does it make sense to put everyone to work making widgets, blogs and videogames that other people will pay for so they can generate enough value to deserve the money they receive? The reason why there is so much devilry, stock trading and scamming going on is that there is a survival need for money meanwhile there is a lack of opportunities to generate value that individuals or small collective ego's will value and pay for. The most important work on a collective level that will benefit everyone but no one in particular goes unfunded. The real thievery going on in the world right now is not wall street per se, it's that asset owners live in a world of hyperinflation, they then take that inflated money down to the real world and pay deflated prices for goods and services. It's too good to be true for asset owners, it's as if the citizens of Weimar Germany could take their wheelbarrows full of million mark bills to the neighboring country and pay 1 or 2 marks for a loaf of bread. The money supply increases faster than the amount of value in existence, but instead of being distributed equally to people it pools into the limited number of assets that exist causing hyperinflation but in a localized way. Whether people are aware of it or not everyone is a speculator in financial markets, similar to there being nothing outside of god, there is nothing outside of financial markets. You think you're just a regular old Joe with a job, but a job is not a job, it's a commodity arbitrage. The value of the commodity of labor has been steadily decreasing overtime while the value of technology as a commodity has increased. For example a secretary with a computer is capable of orders of magnitude more value creation vs a secretary from the 1950's but they are not payed orders of magnitude more now. Value/money accrues to those that OWN that which generates the most value, an employee is separated from this equation under the current paradigm, a paycheck is not a paycheck it's an ownership interest buyout. What's needed is a sophisticated structure that accurately assesses each person's contribution and remunerates accordingly. But even that does not solve the deep problem of Game A which is that you inevitably have grossly inequitable distributions of resources because it is in fact a zero sum game. In every transaction there is a winner and a loser, the game of musical chairs works for those that can win in more of these transactions than they lose. If you are personally solvent in this system you have stolen value from someone else by definition. It's fair to say though that I've stolen much more and contributed much less than someone who stole but at least contributed something in the process but it doesn't really change the ultimate dynamics at play. I also believe that given the size of the pie that even those who create no value should be able to have access to the necessities of life. Granted there is an illusion that it's not zero sum because the denominator has grown so much over the last hundred years or so, i.e the amount of value that exists has gotten much bigger, but shares of that pie at any given moment are finite and therefore zero-sum. The unfortunate thing about game A is that it tends to squelch those that don't actively participate in it, it's very much a "with us or against us" dynamic which drives its dominance. You are rewarded for participating and punished for not participating, there is no neutral stance to be taken. If you are not long the market you are short, holding cash is not abstaining it is an investment that you unconscioulsy believe offers a better return than anything else. Might makes right unfortunately so don't we need the most conscious people to have the most might? Isn't it ironic that the biggest devils are the ones who accrue the most wealth and power and the most conscious rarely do? The world would be a much better place if that script was flipped.
  8. How is it stealing when the person who bought my shares was willing to pay the price I sold them for? How is investing in stocks to avoid inflation not exactly the same as what I'm doing as a speculator? You're harvesting value from the market same as me, just less. Your point ultimately is that I get to control and spend money and in return receive actual tangible value, while I didn't create an equal amount of value. When you extrapolate this type of transaction out to a macro scale you quickly see that this is the same as one group trading nothing for something, or in other words stealing. So you see that if you "keep up with inflation" you're getting ahead of someone else, who worked for that money while you got it "for free" storing it in stocks. Of course it's not even exclusive to the stock market, a good example is that for a person to even have a job they must be by definition producing more value than they receive otherwise the boss wouldn't be able to make any money, duh. But of course that IS stealing... As a whole finacial markets are the main place where value is harvested in monetary form, not where it's created. Me as a participant feeds into the system but it would exist without me and as you always say Leo, survival is dirty.
  9. it is the same, just a less fun/lucrative version. Don't kid yourself
  10. I have made several million dollars trading stocks and cryptocurrencies exclusively started with $10,000 of savings from working at a restaurant for 6 years. I didn't need to engage in any devilry or manipulation of other people to do it either. I am now free to pursue things that WILL elevate mankind without the need to muddy my day to day consciousness and activities in the pursuit of money. I don't need to combine my life purpose with some kind of business or need for money to sustain myself. I hate to break it to people but getting rich quick is very possible, just go where the money is and then spend the rest of your time engaging in things that are more pure. I do in fact have plans in the works that will have a positive impact on every single person on this planet... Obviously I'm probably the exception but it's very possible to get your piece of the pie when there are trillions of dollars sloshing around everyday in financial markets. Especially if you use options and leverage. ?
  11. @Leo Gura So you think weed can be a consciousness expanding substance?
  12. bitcoin is hard money, own some, don't sell ever and sleep well at night
  13. Yeah the whole adding the two numbers of the sum together just seems totally arbitrary and ungrounded. Like saying poop o'clock + dairycow = 9. Am I wrong? How is this derived as significant??
  14. I get the sense that it's just arbitrary mental masturbation but not mathematically sophisticated enough to say that. Is there anything to this, if so what? The part about everything and nothing was intriguing for sure.