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  1. If Biden goes down RFK jr. Beats trump in a landslide
  2. This from an American general corroborates what RFK jr. has been saying. The Americans have escalated this conflict every step of the way.
  3. Good thing that isn’t his position, Ive never heard him say he will not fund support to Ukraine and simply allow Putin to run roughshod. (Would like to see where he says that) In fact he said he supported military aid to Ukraine and that his son fought with the special forces in Kharkiv. It stands to reason that if the people in power in the u.s had shared his views there wouldn’t have been any conflict in Ukraine to begin with here’s his nuanced take on Ukraine, time stamped and until the end of the video. If you listen to it and come back and still genuinely believe he’s a “stupid progressive” that has no understanding of geopolitics I’ll send you a bitcoin. Very confident that you are maligning him once again and that you’ll come around sooner or later ?
  4. @Leo Gura you'll come around eventually, surprising you don't already get it
  5. the "protocol" is to simply eat meat. She will never achieve health without it and will be scrambling for "cures and protocols" the rest of her life
  6. timestamped, reminds me of something I've heard you say @Leo Gura
  7. I've never heard him say he'd "pull out" ala Biden out of Afghanistan damn the consequences, what I remember him saying was he'd "settle it" and that he supported the Minsk accords which was what Zelensky initially won election running on in an overwhelming majority. He's shown multidimensional consideration of the conflict and an awareness of the position Russia is in as a result of NATO expansion and the role the U.S had in setting the table for the conflict while still obviously condemning the illegal invasion. If China moved nuclear capable missiles into Mexico there would be an invasion of Mexico... specifically what? Avoiding nuclear war? Rigorous safety testing for pharmaceuticals? Upholding the bill of rights? Restoring ecosystems? Dismantling the military industrial complex? Ending the opioid crisis? stopping illegal immigration? it's been a month since he announced and he's already sitting at 19% in the dem primary despite being blackballed by the media and in a Rasmussen poll of the general electorate he's at 35% to Biden's 36%. His father did precisely this in 1968 under similar circumstances, inflation, war, civil unrest and the consensus is he would have gone on to win the white house had he not been assasinated.
  8. Is this not an example of conscious leadership?
  9. What is the paradigm that makes it impossible for an independent to win? Is it possible that paradigm shifted after the cataclysm of Trump and the anemia of Biden? Most people don't want either so I'm cautiously optimistic that this could be a unique moment where an independent with the bipartisan popularity of Kennedy can win. He has done many interviews on fox news and other right wing podcasts and media outlets and I have now read at least 15,000 comments under these videos on youtube and I can confidently say that less than half a percent of them were negative about RFK. The vast majority went something like "I'm a lifelong republican and Trump supporter but I would vote for RFK in a heartbeat" or "I don't agree with everything he says but I respect him and would be happy to see him in the white house" or "can't believe this man is a democrat, he's got my vote" This strikes me as something very unique and powerful, unprecedented in the post Reagan era but again, I don't have a deep understanding of why the two party system is so utterly dominant in american politics, so i hesitate to think he can win as an independent if it's impossible he gets the dem primary. The other avenue that there are rumors of is that they use RFK to kneecap biden so they can open up the field for a Gavin Newsom or some other dem candidate, recognizing that Trump can easily beat biden. They could quickly lose control of this tactic though...
  10. @Jodistrict His childhood experiences so close to the halls of power is interesting to me, how does that shape a young mind?
  11. Hard to argue with this if you're informed.
  12. I guess that's debatable, but he would have given people freedom to choose whether or not to take the vaccine or isolate themselves. If they died as a result (or didn't die) that would have been their choice. We're talking about the U.S here, and the Constitution does not make any special provisions for pandemics. If you listen to his announcement speech you would be hard pressed to come away believing he isn't a conscious leader.
  13. How familiar are you with his ideas and his career? Hard to say anyone else in the running has a background with more direct experience wrangling with these federal agency elites and their collective ego's as an environmental lawyer. His family background plays a part too, "he get's the joke but doesn't think it's funny". Your cynical take may be justified given that his father and uncle were murdered as a result of their conviction in higher consciousness ideals though, I'll give you that.