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  1. @Leo Gura Isn't it obvious that there are other dreaams being dreamed constantly in the form of other humans aliens etc? I'm wondering if there is a possibility of the continuity of experience after biological death. You die and maybe don't remember that you were here on earth and then find yourself in some other realm with a different set of physics. To my mind this wouldn't be possible and the ego must invent these kinds of afterlife type stories to cope. It's may be a fundamental rejection of oneness and the assumption that seperateness is the truth.
  2. @Alejandro12pte make as much money as you possibly can and use it to contribute to a high consciousness goal. Money is power, power sees it's holder's will done. Too few people with high consciousness seek power and that is a huge problem.
  3. grass fed meat. You really can't avoid glyphosate, no living creature on this planet can at this point in fact. Unfortunately Glyphosate is water soluble so it's pretty much a part of the hydrologic cycle now. Lobbyists and idiot regulators I guess. Of course there are dramatically varying degrees of the concentration you will be exposed to depending on where your food sources come from. But yeah, nothing more ecologically sustainable than raising ruminants on grass, no pesticides required
  4. thanks for looking into this @captainamerica. Would love to get your updates
  5. Digesting this book will grant you insight into the mind of a devil, understanding the tenets is a useful inoculation.
  6. @Leo Gura ok fair enough, youre right that I'm skittish but it's gotten me this far. From a business/monetary/investment perspective, how do you feel about the climate currently? I mean, I assume you'd prefer not to have a massive hit to your personal balance sheet. It's an unprecedented time in that things are getting exponentially better and worse simultaneously. If you study history you'll notice that the levers of power have never been so long and things have never been so complex. Mistakes have global consequences. Survival is survival, I'd rather not die in a silly way and money is inherently worthless, so how best to prepare?
  7. @Nahm hmmm good point. Makes me realize that what I'm really worried about is not being able to engage in the collective delusion that helps me to survive in society. @John Doe haha good strategy, thanks
  8. @Leo Gura Leo do you feel comfortable having purchased a home in the middle of a desert while society is crumbling? Arent you worried about getting thirsty? Do you feel safer having allocated your capital into real estate instead of retaining the liquidity? I guess a house is worth at least something in reality relative to digits in an account... I'm currently grabbing as much credit (funny money) as possible to make my escape somewhere self-sufficient and far far away. Make no mistake we ARE transitioning to green, but I'd rather watch from a distance, global debt deflation will destroy the entire world economy
  9. Take @Leo Gura for example, he's been in the most transcendent states of consciousness possible, understands the ultimate nature of reality fully and yet seems to have no issue returning to the normal every day 21st century beta brain wave dominant state of consciousness that allows him to go to the grocery store, run this forum, keep shooting videos, brush his teeth etc. It's not uncommon for people to totally lose their grip on reality when they get traumatized by things psychedelics aside never mind the total profundity of awakening. I'm just wondering if the issue is being dragged back into the "normal" state or maintaining the normal state after awakenings and intense psychedelic experiences. To me it seems that my consciousness is quite fragile, I dont know how I'm even able to write these sentences and fear that if I delve fully into awakening I may lose touch with the relative domain. My psychedelic experiences have permanently altered my perceptions and thought patterns in a radical way that at times has been difficult to cope with but the thing that keeps me grounded is acknowledging the dream, and treating it as real. It's a simple decision that at this point makes me feel like I can always be tethered to, no matter how conscious and detached I may become I can always treat reality as real and be fine. What prevents a crazy person from doing this? Where is the breaking point between insane and not insane, why cant they just snap out of it so to speak like I've been able to. I can access transcendence at any time but decide not to and it just works, is this enough of a tether to continue to delve deeper without fear of never coming back to survival consciousness?
  10. i live in china, maybe i can dig something up, im curious too
  11. @Mystica45why can't your relative perspective and the absolute be simultaneously true? Do they contradict somehow? I'm personally not seeing the conflict...
  12. @Michael569 super insightful stuff. This makes me realize that consciousness is one of the most important factors for people who want to delve into any unnatural enhancements, like modafinil, psychedelics nootropics etc. without going off the rails. You must be prepared for the lull and be able to mindfully tolerate it until things normalize again. imo the enhancements are worth the downsides
  13. @Michael569 Cheers! Always up for a friendly debate and information exchange. I love having my beliefs challenged and acknowledge them as beliefs and an approximation of what might be true, a solid useful model to filter decisions through is my goal ultimately. As soon as research starts getting fired back and forth it get's too involved i agree and in this context we can take each other at our words, i trust the information you provide is accurate although all perspectives are obviously partial. The article i sent you is quite unique in that the poor guy's c-peptide came back to normal which was thought to be impossible for a type 1. This in my opinion has broad implications for all autoimmune conditions. eager to see what you dig up on saturated fat