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  1. It's fine don't worry. If you decide to quit meditation or espressos it would be fine too
  2. yes In your next trip do it. JUST DO IT
  3. Bro that's only the start. Do a year of 16 hours a day meditation retreat and then stop the whole planet from rotating
  4. Okay, I was particularly down when I wrote the post above. During the quarantine, I also: Studied half a book about programming Read 8 books Started a mini streching routine after waking up Tripped 4 times on LSD That's it for now
  5. Can agree on understanding. I used to be addicted to gaming and I quit for 90 days after browsing through r/stopgaming When doing that, I faced the harsh reality of me having depression. I was just numbing myself with games. I think that's when my self-improvement journey started. I never became a "gamer" again. I sometimes play games but it's very hard for me to become fully immersed. When I was addicted to coffee that was caused by my lack of proper nutrition. I couldn't function properly without a coffee boost in the morning. And the high though...
  6. How would you proceed if someone told you one of your behaviors is bothering them? Replying ok?
  7. Can drama kings sign up? Eehhh, nevermind
  8. Yeah sorry man. That was my bullshit.
  9. Mental Health Being locked in my house was not in many ways good for my mental health... I don't talking with my friends much because I don't find texting pleasant or even enjoyable. So not much social contact. This is probably the case with many people so... idk (negative) Habits Currently using my smartphone and computer a lot Drinking alcohol more frequently than I am used to Fapping everyday. The urge is going down after quitting caffeine again but this is hard... I don't really want to give up this habit. It's serving a function right now Not washing the dishes. It's piling up pretty fast. Watching a fuckton of TV like nothing ever seen lol. 6+ hours daily Currently doing Meditating 30 minutes a day somewhat consistently Reading almost daily. Microdosing LSD every 2/3 days - in the first days this actually gave me some benefits. Now it's a mild benefit. Taking very little action overall. My vision for the future seems pretty weak now. Last month I got addicted to caffeine but I quit again. I started eating sugar but stopped again. Not really proud of my accomplishments... I don't know what to do really The things I wrote on my dreamboard seem pretty underwhelming right now. When I wrote they felt good. Maybe this apathy has been caused by caffeine withdrawal. Who knows? I'll discover in 2 weeks.
  10. 3 people I know (males) that care a lot about their hair are very judgmental about other people's hair. That may tell you something... Doesn't seem relevant to me I'm 19 and I shave my head because it's just easier.
  11. I probably won't even take it but I am curious too...
  12. Maybe a little tangencial but the exercises from the "How to be funny" video could be of some help to you. Specially the "speak one random sentence and then start the next with the last word of the first one". That will help you with your filters.
  13. The irony is that brain fog makes this process way harder
  14. 3 months is better if you want to be sure bro. MDMA isn't a shit you wanna not be on the safe side. Nice trips though!
  15. Can relate
  16. Stop hanging out with them, gradually.
  17. That's a deep analysis For some reason I always give up on that game
  18. Do you drink coffee or take any supplement/psychoactive substance daily?
  19. Try meditation Try expressing what you are feeling when people cross your boundaries. Not like "you doing x made me feel y" but "I dislike when x happens because z,x make me feel y" or "I value x so when y happens I feel q". No one can make you feel anything. You can choose that. By expressing what happens in you you'll increase people's awareness and your own. Eehhh, at least your own For the "slowness" part you need training. Talking with more people for more time will increase your fast-replying skills. Or just tell the person it would be good if you had some time to think about the issue.
  20. Get a rope and start jumping. For me it's fun! And it's easier to see your progress. 50/100/150/200/300/500 jumps...
  21. Are you talking about the world or USA? Or another country?
  22. I have the same shitty problem generally. Currently I'm doing fine. Some things that worked for me (I suggest you try the diet changes before trying supplements): Zero added/refined sugar(this is non-negotiable, the worst offender) No dairy (little amounts is fine, it's also a great offender though) Eating enough calories( I sometimes forget to eat enough and that fucks me up) Meditation Supplements: NAC Creatine (the most useful supplement for me overall. It kills my brain fog when coupled with any stimulant) Caffeine + l-theanine Microdosing LSD Doesn't work: Nofap