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  1. How you know nisargadatta sat to meditate 3 to 5 hours a day? Got a source?
  2. Could you describe what was experienced the moment the shift happened? And was there a deepening the following hours/days?
  3. This is what I mean. I don't care about all that. For me it's all about realizing ur true nature (end of suffering as buddha said) or not. And all that is done by practicing meditation.
  4. I know it's me. And that's why I practice abiding as awareness 24/7 until I realize my true nature. I am no interested in non-dual word games.
  5. You are liberated are you not? Why not say straight, yes there is no suffering after liberation? Why pretend otherwise? What are you hiding? All those great sages that "attained" self realization had no problem directly saying that.
  6. Read some michael langford description regarding that. For most PEOPLE it's very hard to abide as awareness.
  7. Are you in permanent peace? Did suffering completely stop? no more future worries, no more anxiety... no more fear? If something traumatic would happen to you would you feel emotional pain?
  8. What do you mean when you say you suffer but not for myself? Can you clarify on that? For example, can there still be emotional pain for you from future worries thoughts... All kinds of anxiety, depression?
  9. So... regarding breath meditation....did it end ur suffering in a permanent way and are you all the time peaceful? and if so, how long did it take you from the time you practiced breathing meditation?
  10. Did watching the breath awaken you? If so, are you in permanent peace and no suffering permanently?
  11. @highest Are you also in peace?
  12. Hi, On ur site there is a practice instruction on looking inward and finding the "I". So for example if what I think I am looking at (a sensation) I need to realize its not me because I am aware of it, so I need to find the I. What is the difference between that practice and between just passively holding the "IAM" feeling like nisaradatta did for 3 years until liberation?
  13. @foxfoxfox Are you self realized? Are you in permanent peace and did suffering end for you?