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  1. Follow your heart
    Computer / Web Programming
    @Bojan What is your heart more excited to do, regardless of all the practical obstacles and limits? Assume for a moment that you can be equally wealthy and successful no matter which career on Earth you pick. Which would you pick?
    Do that!
    In order to determine this, you really have to be able to step outside your cultural programming and various pragmatic fears that will arise. The fear is clouding your judgment, drowning out your heart's inner guidance.
    The heart knows what it wants, but the ego is too scared to listen. The counter-intuitive move here is to listen to your heart despite the fear, trusting that there is a higher intelligence at work.
    The more seriously you listen to your fears vs your heart, the more miserable, depressed, and regretful you will be in life, no matter how much money or success you achieve. It could even end up destroying your mental and physical health in the long-run. So don't take this lightly.
    Dare to live life offensively rather than defensively. Especially if you're young.

  2. Midlife Crisis definition
    what advice would you give a 20-year old?
    Midlife crisis=
    1) Not knowing who you are (this has many many layers..upto the core existential layer/enlightenment)
    2) Not having clearly defined values
    3) Not having the necessary authentic drives to exercise those values because the mind is too weak with conflicted desires, beliefs, conditioning etc
    4) Even if someone neurotically accomplishes something, the inability to enjoy satisfaction from it and be grateful. It either becomes hollow or the next thing chases him down too quickly
    5) Not taking responsibility to get out of this standstill.
    6) Not facing oneself. Doing everything BUT that.
    7) Maybe intuiting all this but yet being unable to do anything to get out of this rut.
    8) Same old mechanical life that is squeezing every ounce of juice out of you, yet you can't stop.
    9) The world, future seems bleak, unsatisfying and not worth living
    The result of all this is bumming out and slipping into chronic neuroses day by day.
    So the advice is to face yourself in physical, psychological, emotional, existential levels as deep as you can in your youth. So that you enjoy your mature and old ages in peace and contentment. With no fear or tendency to run away from life and it's many many facets and challenges, because you've already cracked open the shit out of life and came out clean from the other side.
    Happy 20th birthday (in a few months)