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  1. DPT looks unscheduled in Canada.
  2. YouTube dosent like turquoise because it is stuck in either stage orange or green.
  3. I guess i will stay stuck at stage yellow
  4. So when my ego dies and all there is left is the godhead or otherwise known as the formlessness will i not be attracted to girls anymore?
  5. I need a desire to be able to awaken my self. If i end the desire for freedom from all desire i would just burn down my ship before i have crossed the sea. This desire i have is just a tool. Once i end all desire this desire to end all desire would also fade away.
  6. I agree, but i want freedom from all desires more then i want to have sex. In the ten ox-herding pictures. The zen mester said that awakening can free yourself from desires and that it is the sweetest pleasure you can have in your life. I really want to have a tast of totall freedom one day.
  7. You have to transcend sex and the desire for opposite sex if you want to be very awake. If there are still cravings and desires for anything then you are not awake. awake = enlightenment
  8. You can transcend sexual desires. Many enlightened people and zen master has trenscended sexual desires.
  9. @Shin I mean that you dont have any desire for sex or a pretty girl. You basically are happy and fine with or without sex or a girlfriend.
  10. How did you manage to have a non-dual experience with marijuana for just doing it for the second time? Im still struggling to hve a non-dual experience with marijuana. Maybe i need to somke marijuana some few times before it happens.
  11. I have been doing the do-nothing technique for 50-40 min for 0,5 year. I feel the same before i started. Self inquiry is the only one i have gain some masive growth, but with the do-nothing nothing has changed. Leo said that he could see masive growth doing this technique for a month. Do i have to do it for some years before i see any results or is it that i cant even concentrate on something for a minute? I am really considering trying some different meditation technique for 6 month like Mindfulness Meditation or the one where i just let go of thoughts. What sould i do?
  12. If i just do a 30 days solo retreat for the first time in my life will there be dangers with jumping to far? Will i have a so big ego backlash that it knocks me permanent out of my spiritual path. What happens if i just push my self beyond my capability without any practice? Maybe i should try doing a solo retreat where i just push my self until i can't handel the pain anymore
  13. Doesn't 5 MeO-DMT change you. I dont know how many time you have tripped on 5 MeO-DMT, but im just gone quess you have done many times. Havent you gain some more equanimity after all that 5 MeO-DMT you have taken?
  14. The more time you putt into these practice the faster you awaken. I dont think 20 min meditation and 30 min self-inquiry is enough to produce any result. You should at least do 1 hour mediation and self-inquiry. You also should do at least a week solo retreat once a year. The more time you spend on each pratice the faster you awaken. zen-masters that awaken spend at least servel hours each day for years before they awaken.
  15. Leo said that becoming conscious that the now is eternal will require a lot of practice, but i have manage to become conscious of this eternal now or i at least think. This not something i just believe, i'm actually conscious of the eternal now right now. If i think of yesterday that memory is happening in the now so there the duality bettwen the present and the past breaks down. Leo said that the absolute is right here and there is no where to go. I'm also conscious of this too. Althought all the forms changes im conscious of a thing that exist there all the time, but it's completely empty. This constant is nothing. Time dosent make any sense for me anymore. I actually looked at a video that explains what time is. I'm really sceptical now becuse i cant have become conscious of this with only a half year with self inqiry and meditation. Maybe i'm just scratching the surface. Am i just deluding my self here?
  16. More powerful then 5 Meo-DMT?
  17. @Leo Gura Is it also possible to just use 5-Meo-DMT and ignore the other psychedelics or is that a bad idea?
  18. what is so special about this substance?
  19. I self inquired into my true nature for 50 minutes, with a silent mind. My intuition then told me to look at my feet and close my eyes and opened them again many times. After some few minutes with looking at my feet suddenly I realized that there were no one looking at my feet. Then i got overwhelmed by this emptiness all over me. My heart began to beat like crazy and it felt like dying. This was also my first panic attack. I failed to surrender to the emptiness unfortunately. I just ran away from the emptiness and watched youtube videos to calm my self down. This was my first enlightenment experience.
  20. I know at least were to go when i want some pilocybin
  21. let us say i have done a 3 dayes solo retreats and then my next solo retreat i just go straight for a 30 days solo retreat, with using pure self discipline. I just ignore my emotions and my monkey mind and keep going. Will this lead to a really strong ego backlash so strong ego backlash, that it will just knock me right off my spirtual journey permanently? Or will i just become so depressed that i will considere suicide? Do self discipline have limits or can i push it endless? Maybe i should try this out and see what happens. Maybe i will just go from 3 days solo retreat to 30 days and see how far i can push it.
  22. unfortunately these scientist are getting lost in the math.