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  1. How does one recover from not having a life purpose into their 30s? I actually feel as if I had a lot more direction and sense of purpose in my 20s, but with the introduction to the spiritual path, psychedelics, and the great disruptor that was the year 2020 I feel at the same time much more open to new possibilities and also stuck in a stage of dabbling around different lifestyles and paths without committing to one thing because I'm not sure where to go. I could go back to my old lifestyle but it doesn't inspire me as much now that I have experienced it already and now that I see the infinite number of possibilities that are now available.
  2. I did this for 6 years and traveled to 32+ countries in that time period. What I saw and learned was truly profound and life changing. My advice is to definitely not stick to the tourist activities and destinations. Immerse yourself in the culture as much as you can, perhaps volunteer or get a job in one of the countries you are traveling to, fall in love, try ceremonies with indigenous tribes, don't make a strict plan, just follow your feelings and intuition. I would argue that traveling even helps you along the path towards enlightenment. By putting yourself into a completely new culture you realize the conditioning that has been embedded into you from growing up with your own cultural background. You realize there are an infinite number of ways to live life and an infinite number of "truths" that can be created without actually having any grounding in Truth with a capital T. but that's just me rambling. but anyway your journey will no doubt be amazing and make you a better person upon return. Just know there will be difficulties along the way, but face each obstacle as if you were water, flowing fearlessness and unfazed as to the outcome. Have curiosity, try new things, meet cool people, and be present.
  3. I feel all over the place in life and in pursuit of Truth. I jump from one guru to the next, one research paper, astrology, psychedelic research, sparking new insights and glimpses into something that seems "bigger" and "more truthful" but only leads me further down an infinite rabbit hole. I stop. I laugh and enjoy life for a bit, I get bored. I come back and revisit myself in solitude and introversion. I also dabble into various spiritual practices, yogas, binaural audio, psychedelic trips, never finding an anchor in which to ground myself to, because from my understanding I am literally everything and I can't be grounded to one such character in the play. It is almost as though I've gone too far off and into the rabbit hole, losing touch with the physical world and not incorporating the two in a harmonic way. Feeling torn between being ambitious and just basking in the "be-ingness" of it all, not trying to achieve anything in particular as there is no differentiation between doing and not doing. Achieving and not achieving. Is there any reason to become ambitious and have a goal in the world? Aside from pleasing the ego
  4. Hi Leo! Hope you are reading this. I did 5MeO for the first time recently finally after a few years of following your videos. I got the message and I saw "god". And now I know. And I can see what you have created. You are using an "ego", the character of Leo Gura to guide people to it. You get a lot of hate and cause controversy because of the way you share your wisdom. You use strength, assertiveness, and you really drill the message out there on the internet that many people, especially those unfamiliar with psychedelic states find bothersome or "cult-like". Most gurus tend to stay low key and speak softly, which I understand makes it more difficult for those who need guidance to find. And since you are targeting the "Youtube" generation, those old school guru personalities just won't fly with these young lost seekers with short attention spans. It's really a genius move and I know that behind the character of "Leo Gura", you are one and the same as all whom guide us, and all who are guided. Thank you for your work.
  5. and honestly it wasn't as intense as I thought it would be. I smoked the natural bufo in a ceremony and it was overall just a really pleasant experience. It basically just felt like love. I was being embraced by love, like being held in a warm blanket and during the comedown was just such a comforting feeling. I must have had the biggest smile on my face. I can't remember much of the trip, but I remember it was very empty. I don't remember having any visuals, any sense of time, or having a self. I felt no fear. There was nothing there to feel, just love. And when I "came back" I just laughed. Like it was all just a big joke. It was so simple.... the answer is so simple. The 5meo experience was so simple. And now here I am, back to my ego self, still wondering what I should do with my life. I feel limitless, but choosing where to go is still difficult for me. There are just so many options now that everything is love, and everything I would normally worry about no longer worries me. I have nothing to fear, nothing to lose. So what do I do next? I feel like whatever I do, I might as well go big and bold, since there's nothing to lose anyway. peace and love y'all
  6. Why do the people who lead us have such a low level of spiritual development? Is there some sort of dynamic going on that leads politicians to develop that kind of thinking or some reason they are drawn towards those types of careers. (as compared to entrepreneurs, artists ect.. that often have a much better view on how the world should be and are at a higher level (on the spiral dynamics scale or similar categorization)
  7. I've heard that when they finally understand it they say they've made a complete loop, like everything turned back into itself. I'm getting somewhat of an image of it but haven't yet experienced it coming full circle. What must one do to get to this stage? How can I understand truth?
  8. Does anyone have advice on becoming location-independent? My intuition is telling me I should head in that direction but I'm not sure where to start.
  9. Do you feel a deeper knowledge of reality and the self gives a clearer prediction of what the future looks like? I have always found the idea fascinating but with the addition deep and meaningful insight/awakening experiences my thoughts on the future have even further expanded.
  10. I feel the exact way right now, but it wasn't always this way for me. I have been living with purpose for the past few years. I think the best attitude to go about this is to be truly "you". This often requires some radical life changes and decisions that you're family/friends will probably disprove of (e.g. moving to a new country, starting a business, walking across the USA, becoming a professional butterfly collector ect...) So just don't get brought down by dogma or let other people tell you what to do. And as @aurum says having a spiritual practice will definitely help you to find that purpose. At least it helped me.
  11. Particularly in the USA. Is anyone else feeling like their energy is way off? I'm finding it difficult to be happy, meditate, and find clarity this year particularly. I'm wondering if anyone else is feeling this and do you think it is related to our collective consciousness?
  12. I have some friends who were diagnosed bipolar. They often have grand visions about the world that are very similar to the ones I have had on psychedelics or when I am in an awakened state. I am not bipolar but are they just the same thing?
  13. Ever since I opened the rabbit whole I feel so alone. I can hardly relate to anyone anymore, including my own family. It's hard to form relationships since I feel so detached. I just go through the social motions and laugh a long but in the end I feel like I'm not really there.
  14. Has anyone dealt with unexplained health issues after experimenting with chakras and advanced forms of yoga/awakening. I have had a strange pain in my bladder for a while now and doctors say there is nothing wrong with me but I feel like there is something wrong. This pain came to me at a time when I was developing spiritually, experimenting with psychedelics and experiencing my kundalini energy for the first time. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem and if so how did you resolve it?
  15. Does anyone's sense of humor become increasingly more absurdist as they follow the path? I notice I gravitate towards certain shows like "The Eric Andre Show"and find the nonsense amusing and stimulating, much more so than the more mainstream entertainment I watched before psychedelics and getting into spirituality. Is there a connection with absurdism and higher levels of consciousness?