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  1. I know this may sound egoic but I have a sense that since I've been following a lot of Leo's content for a while, had been on my own spiritual journey, consume a ton of this type of content and am an avid reader, dived deep into psychedelics, I feel as though I am "above" much of the world. The average American seems almost idiotic to me and most of the stuff pushed out by popular culture I can barely stomache anymore because I just feel it is so below me. BUT, I know we are all one. Everyone is a reflection of me. But idk, it just seems to me that much of the world is just absolutely oblivious to what is really going on here. But at the same time I don't feel like I've achieved any real success yet in life. Getting a high paying job is really hard for me. Starting a business is hard. Going to grad school is hard. Finding my purpose is hard. It's weird. Perhaps I am the idiot here. So what are we guys? Are we deep, intellectual seekers with an understanding of the deepest sacred knowledge or are we a bunch of loonies? Or are we perhaps both?
  2. I consider myself to have an abnormally high sex drive. Its annoying at times but it I find it really hard to control that urge and it really can dictate a lot of my life decisions. For example many of my decisions will be made by how it will help me in getting laid. This is a really deep feeling within me and I am always trying to deny this but to be honest it is the truth. It has been this way since Iwas 16 years old and I am realizing I lost a lot of potential in life because of this. I've been trying nofap and the longest I could go for was 2 weeks, but honestly I didn't feel much different. Is it worth pursuing nofap or is it just going to make me more sexually frustrated?
  3. Anyone have the experience of losing everything financially and having to start over from scratch in your 30s? In a way I feel this is actually a good opportunity, because this is going to force me to be really uncomfortable and struggle and it is helping me let go of attachments and limiting mindsets about money. Before I was living a more stable life slowly saving up money each month but I'm realizing that lifestyle was in a way a trap on its own. The issue now is that I'm just working back in a dead end entry-level job and am feeling a bit dead inside. Luckily I'm quitting next month and going to pursue some huge goals of mine of becoming a world traveling Youtuber. My intuition feels strongly about this new endevour, although of course this is going to be another huge risk financially. How do you manage risks in life? I feel like as I get older and more spiritual I'm really opening up to life but I'm not sure if this is just taking it to extreme.
  4. It's very difficult for me to imagine myself working a standard job i.e UI UX designer, teacher, programmer, police officer, salesman ect... I feel like I need to pusue a career that is completely outside of the standard job market. Something that doesn't really have a label. Basically I just want to do my ow thing. But I also don't want to be poor. Should I go for it?
  5. it's weird. Sometimes I see someone living an interesting life and I'll be like, yeah that can be me. And I'll just sorta jump back and forth feeling like I'm just an empty center waiting to be filled, and that I can become a new me. This is especially true when I'm in social situations and I just naturally adapt to the energy I'm in. I feel like there's no base of me anymore. It's very freeing, but also really weird and it's hard for me to decide what it is I actually want to do and who it is I want to be. I just want to be everything.
  6. This is somewhat sad but something I have realized is that if a family member were to die I wouldn't really feel much emotionally. I feel as though I've gotten so detatched from my feelings and emotions that I feel somewhat numb about everything. Does anyone else feel this way?
  7. I found that you have to actually set an intention to meet and date women and put yourself out there, otherwise you end up in a comfortable shell by yourself. Nobody will ever come into your life until you intentionally get out there and make bold moves.
  8. It's quite different, but porn can sometimes be better. It really depends on the person. If you can connect with the right person sex can be completely out of this world amazing experience.
  9. just out of curiosity I would like to hear some examples. So if you dont mind could you please share your career path so far, where you think it will go in the future, and your current financial situation. Any other details would be great too. I just find it easier to figure out my life when I get inspired by others
  10. I've been looking into ways of making money online recently, as I am finding it increasingly difficult to work in an office environment. One thing I have been doing is teaching online. The pay is garbage, but at least I feel like Im doing a good service. I have researched other ways like doing remote sales, starting a finance youtube channel, selling products online. The issue is my soul keeps feeling like it is dying everytime I make money the focus. I get a deep intuitive feeling that I should not be "evil" by trying to take money from people and I should instead focus on spiritual pursuits and love. Its making me feel very conflicted, as if I am stuck and cant move. Do I follow the money, or do I follow my gut? And if I follow my gut, is everything going to be ok?
  11. So far Ive got teaching online and I am working on building my Youtube channel. What are some other good sources of online income that are relatively unsaturated and would work with a spiritually creative INTP type personality. I dont mind hard work and putting in long hours. I just cant work in a office environment. It really drains my energy
  12. guys. I need help. I had a spiritual awakening in 2018. After that I recall my life was flowing quite smoothly with the universe. I felt like I wasn't putting much effort into anything but cool exciting things were happening. I was living life on my own terms. Things were manifesting. Life was good. These days I dont feel that flow as much anymore and its a little depressing. I feel someone numb, somewhat drained, and I feel like im putting in more effort but nothing is happening as a result of this effort. Perhaps it is my job, perhaps it is my relationship, but I just feel stuck and deeply alone now, unable to progress and I know the key element I am missing is a flow or divine connection with the universe. How can I get back there again? I miss it dearly
  13. I asked this question on reddit but generallly not a fan of reddit so thought i would get some higher quality answers here. And that is... How do you choose between living a practical life, and a magical one where you pursue your wild dreams? I've been a teacher for the past 7 years. It pays the bills, I can live somewhat comfortablely, I can go to school and whatnot to up my qualifications but it is not fulfilling. I dont enjoy the work and it isnt in alignment with my highest calling. What fills me with purpose and joy is creation. Online content, videos, editing, sharing spiritual insights on TikTok and whatnot lol. I know some people have success with this and can actually monetize it but im pretty much starting at zero. Its a wild dream but I love it. So the problem is. Im 31 years old. My attention is always split between wild content creator dreams and furthering my teaching career and making some money. This fight back and forth between the practical and the crazy dream vision is challenging, because I dont know where I should be focusing my attention. I know I can technically do both but I feel like my energy is not enough to pursue both things at the same time. I perform better when I have a single focus with a clear vision. What are your thoughts on this? Do you go all in on your dreams? Or do you come to terms with the matrix games we have to play in order to eat, sleep, pay the bills? How do you find your balance. I am interested to hear your thoughts.
  14. Wow. Not really sure what happened but I feel incredibly lost as of recently. I felt really in the zone from age 26-29, around the time I started dabbling in psychedelics and spirituality. I went very deep inwards, meditated daily, felt incredible, and as a result incredible things and opportunities came into my life. It honestly seems like a dream now. I was traveling the world for free, meeting incredible people, and undoubtedly living it up. I felt unstoppable. Recently did some traveling with my gf and I decided to let go and just be free, spending money freely and whatnot, just trying to be present. And now here I am. I am 30 years old. I have zero dollars in my bank account and I am living in my car doing Uber. I lost that "vision" and that drive and ambition. But to be fair I also have not been meditating as much recently and I haven't done any psychedelics in over a year. Do you think this is just a phase in the cycle that was inevitable, or is another trip in order to realign myself with a higher power once again? Maybe you guys don't have the answer, but I would appreciate some motivation.
  15. Hey guys, I've almost refined my life purpose. I think it has something to do with connecting cultures across the world together through the internet, interactive media, and video. I'm realizing my best skills and expertise are in cross-cultural communication and creative video editing/post-production. I want to combine these two aspects together and get immersed in various cultures, and what would help me a ton would be if I can find a remote gig that I can do from anywhere in the world. Are there any digital nomads out there on a similar trajectory that can offer some wisdom? Much appreciated.
  16. Hi everyone. I took 5-MeO DMT about 8 months ago and posted a video on youtube here about my experience. This was my second experience with it. It was incredible, but I find that integrating it into this world is so incredibly difficult. The shaman I was with said that setting an intention right before smoking it was very important, but really I guess my only intention was to see god. Maybe I need more specific intentions? But idk man, how does one go about living life after 5-MeO DMT? Or is this something that only I know the answer to?
  17. @Yali True, but then again the homelessness problem in the US is far worse than most of the third world countries I've traveled to. It seems like such a simple thing to fix. Just give everyone a home and a supply of food but everything just gets more difficult as societies develop. The housing prices go up and so begins the income inequality problem.
  18. @Yali I like that... the grind of survival. It really is. Really takes a lot of work just to reach a level of having enough food and shelter to live.
  19. Currently I can make a modest living remotely by teaching online. Does anyone have any other suggestions for remote work/passive income that has worked well for them? I'd like to get multiple streams of income and really get my life going so that I can find the freedom to follow my passion. I'm trying to start a Youtube channel but it seems to be a mountain of work I need to do first before I can monetize it.
  20. I feel all over the place in life and in pursuit of Truth. I jump from one guru to the next, one research paper, astrology, psychedelic research, sparking new insights and glimpses into something that seems "bigger" and "more truthful" but only leads me further down an infinite rabbit hole. I stop. I laugh and enjoy life for a bit, I get bored. I come back and revisit myself in solitude and introversion. I also dabble into various spiritual practices, yogas, binaural audio, psychedelic trips, never finding an anchor in which to ground myself to, because from my understanding I am literally everything and I can't be grounded to one such character in the play. It is almost as though I've gone too far off and into the rabbit hole, losing touch with the physical world and not incorporating the two in a harmonic way. Feeling torn between being ambitious and just basking in the "be-ingness" of it all, not trying to achieve anything in particular as there is no differentiation between doing and not doing. Achieving and not achieving. Is there any reason to become ambitious and have a goal in the world? Aside from pleasing the ego
  21. How does one recover from not having a life purpose into their 30s? I actually feel as if I had a lot more direction and sense of purpose in my 20s, but with the introduction to the spiritual path, psychedelics, and the great disruptor that was the year 2020 I feel at the same time much more open to new possibilities and also stuck in a stage of dabbling around different lifestyles and paths without committing to one thing because I'm not sure where to go. I could go back to my old lifestyle but it doesn't inspire me as much now that I have experienced it already and now that I see the infinite number of possibilities that are now available.
  22. I did this for 6 years and traveled to 32+ countries in that time period. What I saw and learned was truly profound and life changing. My advice is to definitely not stick to the tourist activities and destinations. Immerse yourself in the culture as much as you can, perhaps volunteer or get a job in one of the countries you are traveling to, fall in love, try ceremonies with indigenous tribes, don't make a strict plan, just follow your feelings and intuition. I would argue that traveling even helps you along the path towards enlightenment. By putting yourself into a completely new culture you realize the conditioning that has been embedded into you from growing up with your own cultural background. You realize there are an infinite number of ways to live life and an infinite number of "truths" that can be created without actually having any grounding in Truth with a capital T. but that's just me rambling. but anyway your journey will no doubt be amazing and make you a better person upon return. Just know there will be difficulties along the way, but face each obstacle as if you were water, flowing fearlessness and unfazed as to the outcome. Have curiosity, try new things, meet cool people, and be present.
  23. Hi Leo! Hope you are reading this. I did 5MeO for the first time recently finally after a few years of following your videos. I got the message and I saw "god". And now I know. And I can see what you have created. You are using an "ego", the character of Leo Gura to guide people to it. You get a lot of hate and cause controversy because of the way you share your wisdom. You use strength, assertiveness, and you really drill the message out there on the internet that many people, especially those unfamiliar with psychedelic states find bothersome or "cult-like". Most gurus tend to stay low key and speak softly, which I understand makes it more difficult for those who need guidance to find. And since you are targeting the "Youtube" generation, those old school guru personalities just won't fly with these young lost seekers with short attention spans. It's really a genius move and I know that behind the character of "Leo Gura", you are one and the same as all whom guide us, and all who are guided. Thank you for your work.
  24. and honestly it wasn't as intense as I thought it would be. I smoked the natural bufo in a ceremony and it was overall just a really pleasant experience. It basically just felt like love. I was being embraced by love, like being held in a warm blanket and during the comedown was just such a comforting feeling. I must have had the biggest smile on my face. I can't remember much of the trip, but I remember it was very empty. I don't remember having any visuals, any sense of time, or having a self. I felt no fear. There was nothing there to feel, just love. And when I "came back" I just laughed. Like it was all just a big joke. It was so simple.... the answer is so simple. The 5meo experience was so simple. And now here I am, back to my ego self, still wondering what I should do with my life. I feel limitless, but choosing where to go is still difficult for me. There are just so many options now that everything is love, and everything I would normally worry about no longer worries me. I have nothing to fear, nothing to lose. So what do I do next? I feel like whatever I do, I might as well go big and bold, since there's nothing to lose anyway. peace and love y'all
  25. Why do the people who lead us have such a low level of spiritual development? Is there some sort of dynamic going on that leads politicians to develop that kind of thinking or some reason they are drawn towards those types of careers. (as compared to entrepreneurs, artists ect.. that often have a much better view on how the world should be and are at a higher level (on the spiral dynamics scale or similar categorization)