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  1. My question about is how can I maximize my reading speed and comprehension without missing any important information. I saw years ago and even recently a lot of entrepeneurs, youtubers, etc. saying that they read several books a week, sometimes a day. And then they say that actually they didn't really read the entire book they just skimmed through it and got the essential.lol So you going to hear from them 60- 70 books in few months. But there's others like Ken Wilber who said in one of his books that he read 2-3 books a day when he really stared to study spirituality, but that was a really strong desire for a specific purpose and really I think he's really on a diffrent level then most humans. I think that reading one or few books a week is doable, I just never understood how can speed reading work for me so I didn't do it, I just read at a slow pace but it always takes a while till I get traction and in short time I get tired and lose interest. Does any of you have any 'ritual' before you start reading, you talk to yourself at a certain point when you read to focus more, you do a concentration practice, affirmation of intention or something like this? And regarding learning, I want to learn two languages and how to aquire their accents but everything that I tried doesn't seem to work... I forget words, I lose interest, at times is too overwhelming, reminds me of academia too much. Has any of you learned a language and mastered it, accent wise too, to the point that a native wouldn't even think that they're foreign. I learned english in a passive manner, I never thought that I could learn it, i didn't even noticed that I could speak it until I started to talk to myself in english(it was weird). I mostly learned from watching tv shows, movies, reading here and there, listening to music but never atually bothered to learn it in an active continous way words grammar etc reminded me of boring french classes. Also a lot of people all over internet recommend to stay away from grammar, you'll aquire it in time. And it's kinda true but it took me years with english, and I want to shorten the time of learning and actually have a deepre understanding of language. Thanks for your time ?❤️
  2. Exactly, I remember 5 years there was a study that was presented on tv where they said that res wine is in fact beneficail at least a glass a day. And even at that time I was thinking it is nuts that they actually put this in the news like they revealed that wine is actually a potion that helps us, lol.
  3. This is basically what I think too. I don't think it will affect your growth if you drink here and there, but I just don't want to identify with that, and also my body doesn't tolerate it much, I don't think is made for it. I'll probably have to drink for a long period of time to build up some tolerance and that i will not do.
  4. Wow! And you we're never tempted to drink at any event in any circumstance? For me the thing that bothers my mind is that i'll find a person or a group of people or a party in my life that have a certain vibe about them and make me think ,why bother with not drinking, so silly, like they having fun they're good right, why not start now?'
  5. And do you still drink now, how do people react when you explain yourself now? Must be harder for a girl, right? Guys can be persistent :). Yea, I was never really interested in drinking so for me it was and still is weird that people find it so necesarry in their life and nothing wrong about it. I don't think so, I knew few people who experience hangover that lasted for few days, still, they found reasons to drink again.
  6. I can handle it but rather just not do it althogheter for the rest of my life. Although who knows what awaits for them in life, if I can pull this off without in a natural way as I did till now i'd be at peace with myself.
  7. I wake up very early and have a lot of energy after a night of drinking, stange, and I personally dont have negative after-effect. I can't even remember having a strong lasting hangover, but I did notice that when I have a negative thought as i was drunk Iit would attach and stayed with me for a while and that made my experience shitty.
  8. Yea, I think all of us have some things that we use as a crutch or simply are more drawn to them then other things. For me is junk food and music. I remeber seeing few episodes of Brian's podcast 2 or 3 years ago, and I remember he talked about his struggle, I forgot about him, i'll rewatch to see what's new.
  9. I thought about it in this way too, but i just visualised myself getting too cozy with the substance and and use it too frequently. I drank probably 30 somenthing times just by myself listening too music, and I enjoyed more I guess or it was just different, it was more contemplative mind state I savour it in a different way. But I find that I can't do more than two glasses of anything expept beer, but I don't like it at all. I get very very sleepy.
  10. Thank you. This is what I think about it too. I understand the wavy feeling that you get especially if its accompanied by good music and good people, but I don't see it as something that i'll do on a constant basis or even occasionaly. It doesn't represent me.
  11. Hi, my question is, should I avoid alcohol my whole life. I'm 22 and i've drank around 50 times till now, it never appealed to me this drinking life let alone smoking cigarettes or weed, I simply never cared. But most people even open-minded ones, even my parents and they don't drink think that me not drinking at least at this age is odd. And there's been situations (parties or just specific people) that would almost make me rethink the whole thing. And most of the time is not persuasion per se, its just the vibe that kinda lures me into it. Sometimes I alomst feel bad, as if i'm missing someting that later in my life I can't experience not quite like when i'm in my twenties, but also i'm a sensible, romantic person and I can see how this can go south. I've seen what it does to people in the long run, even with moderate consumption, and they we're more grounded and logical minded then me and still they romanticized this substance and made it apart of their life. I don't know, maybe i'm wrong or something, I don't need an excuse to drink or something like that just a new perspective on it and a feedback on how I think about it. Thanks ??